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Game Changers: Episode 4 Recap and Edit Analysis

Oh boy, now is when we really start getting into some good stuff. Let’s go.

During the recap, Brad got credit for the Caleb vote out. 2,217 more words


Law Enforcement & Domestic Violence

I am a part of a lot of different Domestic Violence support groups on Facebook and I have been noticing a constant trend-lack of a relationship/trust with police. 888 more words


Should be a fun episode to watch this Wednesday.  What will be the blowback from JT’s actions at Tribal?  Will we see a confrontation between JT and Sandra as he tries to explain to his tribe what happened?   117 more words


Do Not Ignore

Do you know the feeling of goosebumps on your arm the moment a loving memory comes to mind or an old favorite song plays on the radio? 398 more words


The Game Changing In Survivor Continues

Last week on Survivor the big twist that I’ve been waiting to see is the double elimination. Who would get voted off? Which alliances would crumble and who would be on the hot seat? 1,377 more words


Player Recaps - Episode 3

Each week, friend and Survivor expert Scoofy will guest post his player recaps. In these recaps, Scoof will take a look at what we learned from the episode about each player through two different lenses: their gameplay and their narrative. 5,798 more words

Reality Tv

Contestants Who Lived In The Wild For A Year Return Home To Learn Their Reality Show Had Been Cancelled

Contestants on the Scottish reality show Eden spent a year in the wilderness and started a society from scratch.

They were completely cut off from the world around them. 226 more words