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BRCA 1 and 2 gene

BRCA 1 and 2

What does this mean?

BRCA 1 and 2 are genes that make proteins that play an important roll in cell repair. A mutation can affect the function of the gene and this can increase the chance of developing breast, ovarian or prostate cancer. 644 more words

Me Too

You have seen these two words circulate over the last week after a celebrity posting of it. I want to tell you these words were some of the hardest words to write on Facebook/Twitter. 1,450 more words

For You with the Silent "Me Too"

If you’ve been on social media for even five minutes in the last week, you’ve more than likely seen the flood of sexual harassment and assault stories along with the hashtag, #MeToo. 495 more words

From Bitch to Witch in just 48 short years!

You too can change in just 48 years, seriously it shouldn’t have taken that long, but I’m a wee bit stubborn and I don’t really listen well. 1,384 more words

Survivor Spotlight with Suzie White Korte

This journey for me all started inĀ 2005 when my back went out. I was literally in bed for two and a half months before they could get me in for surgery. 671 more words

Blood Clot Awareness-survivor Spotlight

Some Days Are Harder Than Others

Today is one of those days.

I feel fragile.

I feel like my spirit is broken.

My insides are shaken.

I feel weak.

My brain is stuck on repeat. 123 more words


A Surprise Change of Tribes Makes Survivor Worth Watching Again

The last three episodes of Season 35 of Survivor have been subpar. The tribal councils have been predictable, the situations have been boring, but this week changed all of that as soon as the three tribes had to switch teammates. 502 more words