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Tribal Council Autopsy: Survivor Palau Part 4/4

Episode 14, Elimination #17

Ian felt good about not being the #1 target, saying Tom was now under serious heat as the biggest threat.

Tom however, once again won individual immunity. 2,064 more words


Survivor Millennials Vs. Gen X Episode Two Recap: Splitting The Power Couple

By Mickie McLeod
CBS 62/CW50 Intern

Another week of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X!  As a millennial myself, I have to root for my Millennial tribe.  1,173 more words


3 yoga poses for clarity this Fall.

Hello Hanaq Prana Family,
When first joining the Hanaq Prana Yoga studio, I began by doing a karma exchange program. Cleaning the studio for free classes invited and opened my eyes to the sense of community around me. 305 more words


Tribal Council Autopsy: Survivor Palau Part 3/4

Episode 9, Elimination #12

Coby was annoyed with Tom and Ian, who in turn were annoyed with him.

Stephenie joined Koror.

Coby was increasingly annoyed with Tom. 1,094 more words


Compassion...it's Complicated.

Around 18 months ago, I joined a revolutionary blogging network called: “One Thousand Voices for Compassion”. We not only write about compassion, empathy and trying to make the world a better and more connected place, we try to take that out into the real world and translate these thoughts into action. 628 more words