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Accepting that I am enough has been one of my lifelong challenges. I have lived my life trying to please others and many times not being my authentic self. 669 more words


It's a Big Fat Struggle

Once again I am shattered, I was so close to my goal and again I have failed.

December 2012 on my birthday I decided that enough is enough with all this extra weight I am carrying and I put it all in there to reach my goal. 755 more words


PTSD Awareness Month Is Over

June, PTSD awareness month, is over, so now we can all go back to not having PTS…no…wait…never mind…


The Power Within

No person or power in the outside world can compare to the power you have within you.

Seek the power within as it knows the perfect way for you. 823 more words

Still Walking The Path

I’ve been ignoring you. My numbers are down, I haven’t written anything for a week, and you’ve likely forgotten I exist.


You deserve better, dearest reader. 451 more words



Türk televizyonlarında rating açısından en başarılı programlara kimin imza attığını uzun uzadıya düşünmeye hiç gerek yok. Bu sebeple İş ve TV dünyasının, son yıllarda başarılarını özellikle incelemesi gereken önemli bir isim var.

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İş Dünyası

Third and Last Day of The Quote Challenge

“This to shall pass”

Believed to originated in writings of the Medieval Persian Sufi Poets. 

The quote appeared in tales by the English Poet Edward Fitzgerald and in speech by Abraham Lincoln before becoming president. 232 more words