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Death and the high cost of still living

My dad died last spring. He was 91 and had been suffering with Dementia and a shopping list of life-threatening and life-hampering conditions for many years before that. 255 more words


The Memory That Started It All [TW]

For the last week, I have come and sat down at my computer. Looked at this blog, and have wanted to start writing, but I can’t seem to find the words. ¬† 458 more words

Self Care

And the Breast of the Story Is...

If you’ve read some of my posts or know me in real-time, you know I’ve had a rough couple years with breast cancer. You also know little else about it as I’ve kept it on the down low. 1,832 more words

Create Your Own Yes

People see me smile and don’t know. People hear my words and don’t know. They think I know about things because I like to read and educate myself, but what they really don’t know; that I still see him in front of me. 647 more words

Guest Blogs

80-year-old dad who survived Holocaust gets ultimate surprise by John McEnroe

When Les Held was 6 years old, he and his family were sent to a concentration camp. But each time the Nazis tried to kill him, he cheated death. 406 more words


Some Time Has Passed

The year anniversary of Sam’s death has passed.

I started an outpatient program to help deal with depression, and it was the catalyst that made it possible for me to start moving forward. 257 more words



OUR lives are like vividly written books, one chapter after another chronicling every detail of our existence into a fictitious narrative with an unforeseeable ending. For some people, these chapters contain details that would provide an enjoyable reading experience to anyone who chose to indulge themselves. 564 more words