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Appreciate The People In Your Life 6-20-17

“Appreciate the people in your life” was my mantra today. Often times we overlook the people that cross our paths on a daily basis. We see these people as insignificant and fail to recognize the blessing they are or the lesson we need to learn from them. 832 more words


Forget-me-nots are among my favourite flowers. Last years’ havoc wrought to the flower bed along the shed foundation didn’t faze these survivors. Seeing this hardiness added to my fondness for these delicate yet hardy plants. 8 more words


Tuesday Talks - How I couldn't run away from myself - Motivational Post

Tuesday Talks – How I couldn’t run away from my problems – Motivational Post

Hi Guys

I know quite a few of you have hit me up saying, I haven’t been as active, this month and the main reason for that is I was dealing with some personal issues and had to face that first, before moving on to anything else and I thought to touch on the importance of facing your problems head on, and dealing with them away from the world. 906 more words

You're the Ghost that Lurks

Dear rapist,

What were you thinking? I know you weren’t deaf. Tell me, how long were you planning this? How long did it take you to convince yourself that this needed to be done? 355 more words




What is hijab?

Is it merely a cover we have over our heads?

A representation of who we are?

I’ll tell you what hijab is not. 322 more words


Why did we go off grid?

A few years ago I was in a relationship that was almost the death of me. Surviving domestic violence does not end at the physical violence. 240 more words


The trouble with mental health

…is that whatever you’re fighting, it’s as strong as you are.