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her silences become her

she doesn’t volunteer
the facts

you have to
pull them from her

you have to learn
to use some tact

her silences
become her

she keeps her profile… 57 more words

Poem; Poetry

Crawling in my skin ...

Anxiety is like a parasite; Crawling through my skin.

Anxiety is like a parasite; eating away at my hope. Consuming my thoughts.

Anxiety is like a parasite; Overriding my brains function to survive. 108 more words

Saturday Show & Tell 10/21/16

Saturday Show and Tell – a showcase of things each week that lit up my brain and fired my imagination. Enjoy!

Contemporary Haibun Online

I spent some time this week learning new poetry forms. 196 more words

The Salesman

Why is it so hard for me to get him out of my consciousness.   I find that I am much better than when this all started in 2014, and that I am actually very proud of myself for doing as much as I have done.   200 more words

Tribal Council Autopsy: Survivor Micronesia Part 1/4

Survivor: Micronesia was the sixteenth season of US Survivor and took place in the Palau. This four part series will analyse each of the tribal councils from this season to find successful strategy as well as blunders committed. 1,075 more words


The Virtually Non-Existent Punishment in Sports for Domestic Violence

This picture is just one of dozens you can view after typing in simple search phrases regarding men, domestic violence and professional sports. While I’ve spoken out in the past about my own experiences as a survivor of domestic violence, I still keep an eye on this subject and am disgusted, as most people are when they hear about it. 649 more words

Living As A Domestic Violence Survivor


For anybody struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, hoplessness, anxiety, self acceptance, grief, etc., this poem is for you. It may not feel like it now, but know that one day you’ll come out of it, it will get better, don’t ever give up! 65 more words