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Not Only Is it Possible To Rise, It's Possible To Fly

Hi friends. Sorry. This isn’t Shauna. This is her friend, Michelle. You don’t know me, but I know you all, and more importantly, I know Shauna. 1,732 more words

Domestic Violence

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The Word




cares for







Allow the word to do for you what God intended it to do for you. 19 more words

Survivors. Never Victims

I was severely abused for 3 years. I still find it soo hard to say, but I am saying it. I was broke down in every possible way: physically, mentally, and psychiologically. 266 more words


Victim Blaming is Institutionalised in Criminal Court Sytem

There has been a lot of talk, gossip and judgements made, about victims of sexual assault. The charges against Bill Cosby  and the Jian Gomeshi trial have sparked much discussion about sexual violence and brought the reality of these crimes to the for-front of people’s minds. 1,104 more words

Zombicide: Survivors and Zombies

I finished painting my Zombies, after i have painted some Cryx Models i take a break andfinish a group of 6-9 Zombies and Survivors. Here i show you some of them i have already painted. 12 more words


Surviving and Communities of Support

Content Warning for Assault, Rape and Victim Blaming







As the Ghomeshi trial is taking place Social Media has turned into a mine field of misogyny, victim blaming and general vitrol. 339 more words


Survivors pulled out from building 2 days after Taiwan quake

TAINAN, Taiwan (AP) — At least four people, including an 8-year-old girl, were rescued Monday from a high-rise Taiwanese apartment building toppled by a powerful quake two days earlier, as frustration grew among families waiting for searchers to reach their buried loved ones. 614 more words