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Week Three: New Friends

Even with the moonlight filtering through the trees, it was dark. I could make out the silhouettes of the larger trees and some of the brush, but it was still challenging. 823 more words


28 February

Having stopped off near a small township, a few of us, including Adam who was going stir-crazy cooped up on that carriage, decided to see what items we could stock up on. 664 more words

Zombie Philes

Abuse is wrong!

I was leisurely perusing my social media messages when I came across this link. I READ IT, I VIEWED IT I was SHOCKED by it. A young 18 year old teenager thinks its OK for her boyfriend to beat her. 164 more words



Precious things, precious things…… yes, precious, precious things. One of the many Precious Things  I enjoy is a person named Kmaramarie. She actually writes a blog called… 807 more words


Atheist Blogging - A Tragic Event

My thoughts go out to this blogger and his family. No one should be killed for their opinion. Free will is a free life. Free will is a free mind. 8 more words


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OM from HarsH ReaLTy posted this and I had to share. I just can't understand why people are so threatened by those who disagree with them. If your faith in something is so strong, why do you have to kill to protect it?