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Kaiser's Department of "We Don't Do That!"

The latest episode in my ongoing resistance to Kaiser’s efforts to snuff me out with lethal neglect comes courtesy of my stupid belief that Kaiser would actually give me basic psychiatric services without a struggle. 974 more words

Robert Goldstein

Personal Invitation: Monday Morning Prayer Call

If we really take a moment an think about it our nation needs help. Some of us may be able to look out in their front yard and feel that everything is okay or in your house everything may be perfect but is it really. 482 more words

Random Thoughts


“…We moved at a crawl for another two hours, before our problems began.  The guys were north of me and had passed a clearing that was a notch between hills.  390 more words

Combat Veterans

A Theological Response to Matt Walsh (From a Survivor)

A Theological Response to Matt Walsh

I just got finished reading Matt Walsh’s latest piece concerning the scandal that has erupted within the Duggar family, particularly of Josh Duggar’s sexual misconduct towards women in his own family. 1,538 more words



Roads and Kingdoms — YEREVAN—

On the occasion of the Armenian Genocide’s centennial, the streets of Yerevan were flooded with the descendants of survivors, world dignitaries, and celebrities. 83 more words


it's all in his head

A quadriplegic man experiences independence he has missed for years thanks to the microchip implanted in his brain that allows him to move a robotic arm.   77 more words

Good News

Proposal: Survivors only site, and my reasoning behind it

I have been torn over this for a while. Much as I love MIA, I feel that we survivors need our own site. This would be written and managed by survivors but with content that a variety of readers, including nonsurvivors, might find interesting. 692 more words