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What we talk about when we talk about sexual violence

Online discussions of sexual violence can become spaces where folks abandon compassion, sensitivity, and patience in favor of discussions they see as rich for analysis. What we lose when we prioritize intellectual debate in academic discussions of sexual violence is the knowledge that survivors should structure those very conversations we’re having. 632 more words

Answers and more questions . . .

After a long wait, I’ve received a full report from Gene Dx, the lab that conducted my genetic tests. While my genetic counselor at UAB called me a couple of weeks ago with preliminary findings, she encouraged me to wait on the completed report for a better understanding of what was discovered. 225 more words


My Body is a Temple

In full disclosure I started this entry yesterday with a much different vibe. I was halfway to completing it at about three or four paragraphs in. 2,578 more words

Emotional Health

Five Years Later

It was exactly five years ago today that we took Shaun to the Emergency room at Mount Sinai Hospital with unbearable pain and nausea. The pain had actually started the night before, and after talking to my dad who’s a bit of an expert on the subject, we all agreed Shaun was having classic kidney stone symptoms and would have to ride it out. 1,199 more words

Testicular Cancer


About 6 1/2 months after my double mastectomy, my plastic surgeon informed me that I could start wearing real bras again (I had been sporting the athletic variety up until this point).  301 more words

Breast Cancer

travel during/after breast cancer

Looking back over the last 14 months, I have traveled a lot despite having breast cancer.  I got on a plane to Thailand less than a week after my diagnosis and since chemotherapy was completed in late May 2014, I have been on a plane once a month.  313 more words