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Meeting the needs of critical care patients after discharge home

With improved survival rates in critical care, increasing focus is being placed on survivorship and how best to support patients in returning to their former activity | Nursing in Critical Care… 224 more words

06 (June 2017)

Question ?

What do you say I start a journal about my everyday battle of what upset me or even what made me happy for the day? I see this vision in my head that I can bring to life with your support. 50 more words


To much past !

I always fought myself about the unknown, it was always scary, imagine going to a place that is dark and loud, then trying to give yourself a direction to find a exit. 87 more words


Now you see me Now you Don't !

What is an illusion? According to Webster’s dictionary, it is “a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses”. 320 more words


Outing Myself

My department is going through a period of expansion, so every couple of weeks I have a new colleague. I am long past the point in my recovery/survival where I need to talk about cancer all of the time, thankfully.   618 more words



New dietitian likes me.  Great start, it’s mutual.  New dietitian wants me to eat breakfast.   “They” train them to be authoritative I guess.  The new dietitian is promoting false hope to someone who has been around the block more years than what she’s been alive.   571 more words


What god is to me

The beautiful thing about life is that we can label ourselves to become anything we want to in life whether it’s Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, etc. However, in all religions, the term god doesn’t exist – yet, it is phrased as an object, thing, or something else – rather than just simply god. 272 more words