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On Resilience

Pretty much common sense really, yet I know I am not alone in needing the reminder that in order to not only survive but thrive one needs to regularly rest and recharge. 374 more words

How Will Numbers Be In The Future?

I joined a Facebook group for ovarian cancer survivors so I could read about the experiences of others to help put mine into some context. One of the first things I saw was a post sharing a… 350 more words

Caught between a rock and a hard drink

“Would you like a Diet Coke or some water? That’s all I keep in my office fridge,” I offer, smiling at my friend and colleague with whom I am having a brief organizational meeting. 635 more words


Fear is the Mind Killer

While I wait to hear back about survivorship support AND wait to see doctor about my current health issues, I’ve been exercising my Google Fu skills to find some help online. 302 more words

Life With Cancer | It's Probably Nothing, But...

There’s an ever so slight chance it’s something.

After my 10% chance it’s something became 100% it’s ovarian cancer, I haven’t had much trust in the simple reassurances you often hear when facing an unknown. 340 more words

Haiku | On Survivor Status

Today was pretty frustrating and I have so much I need to get out of my head and into words, but I don’t even know where to start. 340 more words

Ovarian Cancer

Must I always be nice?

I’m travelling a lot this fall, and while I enjoy visiting other cities, I am also running a little low on patience. I feel equal parts guilty and gratified about what I did in the airport a few weeks ago. 540 more words