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The Patient With PTSD Tries Again to Schedule a Colonoscopy

In light of the major press coverage about the rising rate of colorectal cancer in people under 50, as well as shudder-inducing recollections of what passed as “food” in my childhood home, my sense of self-preservation prevailed and I called yet again to try to have a colonoscopy scheduled. 475 more words


Days Like Today

The ride from the hospital to the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge is a short one…but I cried big, chemo-y, alligator tears the entire way there. 505 more words


Free to Breathe Survivor Spotlight: Susan Smedley Gerber

Cancer Hope Network is proud to partner with Free to Breathe to provide support for lung cancer patients and their caregivers. Each month, we feature a lung cancer survivor’s story.  1,099 more words

Doses Of Hope

Painting Hope

Looking for a way to pass the final few days of East Coast winter? Want a project to share with your loved one? Something to remind you of happier days?   647 more words


Gratitude & Homesickness Hold Hands

I slept through most of Blizzard Stella. As the storm’s fluffy snowflakes began to drift earthward, I let the pre-medications and chemotherapy take me away. I burrowed underneath my hospital blankets while my significant other stretched out in the recliner beside my bed. 642 more words

Skin & Nerves

Saturday I went running through town, down along the bike path, out to the pier and back.  When I returned, there was an angry red line on the edges of the nubby, knotty tissue that makes up my thyroidectomy scar, usually hidden in plain sight from all but the most adept and studious observers. 669 more words


Pharma’s Role in Cancer Survivorship

Although the cancer-cure revolution has yet to dawn upon us, research has made significant inroads into beating, or at least fighting, the disease. 580 more words

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