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Of Gloating, Stealth, and Maine Politics

There has been a lot of gloating and celebrating, both stateside and across the Nation, concerning the dismal poll numbers that Senator Susan Collins is facing should she choose to run for Governor of the state of Maine. 438 more words


Can bipartisanship keep Trump at bay?

Donald Trump has left the White House. For 17 days. For a vacation in New Jersey. Is it safe to come out?

Initially, I thought so.   491 more words

Tumultuous Week in TrumpTown

The esteemed fearless leader of these United States, our Cheeto Mussolini, had quite the week last week. From losing the vote on “Repeal & Replace,” to lying about the Boy Scouts, to weighing in with ‘fatherly wisdom’ on Don Jr.’s Russian cover-up story. 703 more words


Capital games

Yesterday I realised who might and probably should be the first female president of the United States: Lisa Murkowski. John McCain may have remembered last week that he had balls, but up until that moment the only two Republican Senators who’d had any were Murkowski from Alaska and Susan Collins from Maine. 730 more words


Perspective on President Trump, the RNC, Congress, Mueller & the Precipice.

If the RNC was worth a nickle they would help President Trump instead of just dangling from his coattails.

I would have 5 Democrat Senators switching to the GOP by now. 327 more words