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Why this particular episode of Desperate Housewives really made me cry!

I’ve enjoyed watching Desperate Housewives (all seasons), and I think the author did a great job. This particular episode that I watched was about death, furthermore it had me thinking about eternity. 302 more words

Life Through Faith

GOT HOOKED: Desperate Housewives

I refrained from illegal online downloading and buying the DVDs of three TV series (Revenge, Desperate Housewives and Mad Men)  because aside from thinking that it’s my own contribution to world peace (!), I also enjoyed the torture of being left hanging and waiting for what to happen next.  781 more words


Teri Hatcher's Drastic New 'Do!

Desperate Housewives star, Teri Hatcher has been spotted sporting a choppy bob hairstyle.

It’s a huge difference from the sleek, gorgeous locks we have become so accustomed to, over the years that Susan Delfino (Hatcher’s character in Desperate Housewives) was with us (i’m still in mourning!). 210 more words


12th June 2012

“But, I know if I’m ever cold and lonely, I can wrap myself up in all those memories and I will be content.”

Teri Hatcher as Susan Delfino, Desperate Housewives…

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~goodbye wisteria lane~ Part 1

Desperate housewives ~ one of my favorite series.

suke sangat dengan series DH ni..aku follow sejak dari season 1 lagi..macam berhantu tau..dah tengok satu episod, rase nak tengok lagi..dan lagi..dan lagi..sampai aku pernah beria2 nak beli set dvd cite DH ni (tapi tak beli pon..huhuhu)..time tu still student, duit tak bape nan hado..huhuhu..n skang ni kan sumenye bleh di donlod..hee..lagi puas bile kite ada complete set tuk satu2 season tu..bleh layan sampai lebam..eh, mak siyes ni tau! 1,368 more words


Reminiscing Through The Years of TV Series

Let me share an interesting story with my readers here.

A friend once asked me, why do I love those TV Series I dearly watch every day. 432 more words

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When and Who on Desperate Housewives Jumped the Shark?

The season finale of Desperate Housewives was a bigger bomb than Newt Gingrich’s and Rick Sanctorum’s campaigns, combined. The honey and syrup made my teeth ache and the way all the loose ends were tied up with pretty bows became boring half way through the first hour. 180 more words