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Penguin Moderns: 'Notes on "Camp"' by Susan Sontag **

Penguin Modern number 29 is Susan Sontag’s Notes on “Camp”, which is comprised of the title essay alongside ‘One Culture and the New Sensibility’.  These two essays, both of which can be found in  649 more words

Photography as both a torture device and a tool for justice

The use of photography as a method of torture in and of itself was something that had not occurred to me during my reading of the Sontag and the Abu Ghraib material. 305 more words


In “Regarding the Torture of Others,” Susan Sontag discusses photographs of abuse and torture from the Abu Ghraib scandal. The photographs become a subject of contention once released. 308 more words


The possession of a camera can inspire something akin to lust. (140)

Sontag argues that in a capitalist society, culture is based on the infinite production and consumption of images.

356 more words

Megan and Nadia: According to Sontag, photography on its own without any explanation or linguistic guidance, fails to deliver meaning. As with Sontag’s personal experience as a child, even though photographs themselves may evoke emotion (a shock), they can’t contextualize an event. 235 more words


Sontag's Argument

I somewhat disagree and agree with Sontag’s argument because some parts are true and some aren’t. She states that we can’t take every picture literally because we cannot understand a photo from just looking at it because that’s just judging.

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Digital Media and the Loss of Quality Information

To put matters in perspective before proceeding it is useful to remember that Socrates saw dangers in the printed word. He believed that knowledge needed to be resident in the brain and not on physical matter. 990 more words

Transactive Memory