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I no longer trust novels which fully satisfy my passion to understand.

-Susan Sontag, “Nathalie Sarraute and the Novel.”


On Photography by Susan Sontag

I don’t like being photographed. It’s not because I’m not photogenic, which I ‘m not. It just make me feel … not real, not authentic. However, I do let others, usually family and friends, take my picture. 505 more words


Notes on Susan Sontag’s “On Style”

There’s always a distance between the work of art itself and the reality it represents. This distance is “inhuman,” says Susan Sontag: it’s artificial, belonging to the… 200 more words


People who have written on the philosophy of photography

I’ve started googling around to find other people’s thoughts on the ‘philosophical’ aspects of photography and cinema.

Three notable examples out there seem to be: 740 more words

Typologies and Topographies​

Our course notes suggest for us to read Sontag, S (1979) On photography, London: Penguin, pp. 12-16 I have made some notes below:

I read On Photography by Susan Sontag for Identity and place… 198 more words