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Home Made Sushi Revisited - Some Hints & Tips

When we started out on this blog, one of my first posts, ‘Thank Sushi It’s Friday’ showed our readers that beautiful tasty sushi could be made at home and one could save a small fortune (on Sushi Meals in Japanese restaurants) in the process… 455 more words

Taste2taste Creation

Chawanmushi & Steak Don Dinner

i had some marinated miso salmon belly in the chiller for 2days. was thinking what to match for dinner & decided to do a don. 374 more words


Dini's divine chicken teriyaki sushi burger

Sometimes, well if I am honest quite often, I find recipes that I save and think “I have to make this”. I can almost taste the flavours when I read the recipe. 517 more words


Salmon avocado sushi

Among the perks of living in Sweden there is cheap salmon found at every grocery store. Maybe not as cheap as I used to find it on a regular basis in neighbouring Norway, but still shamefully cheap compared to other countries. 266 more words


"Sushi" (kind of) 

This is the closest I can get to sushi right now. I’m finishing phase 3 of my MRT/ LEAP diet for food sensitivities and healing the gut. 329 more words


Lunches with the boy 

For him: Vegan Patty Melt. For me: Steamed Purple Cabbage and Broccoli over organic white Sushi Rice and topped with a home made tomato basil salsa. 468 more words