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Re-imagining Basic Recipes

So much for my ‘break’. But I’ve been having a lot of fun and couldn’t resist sharing some pictures.

Taking a recipe and re-thinking some elements to come up with something new and exciting is important for the daily cook. 436 more words


Tuna Rice Bowl

Recently my husband went on a trip to Kentucky. He apparently ate one of his top 10 meals of all time at Chef Edward Lee’s 610 Magnolia in Louisville, Ky. 442 more words

The Little Rice Cooker That Could

I am begining to hate this new keyboard’s interface with WordPress. I appologize for the late post, I have been weeping over the demise of my beloved rice cooker. 261 more words

Food Thought

15. Sushi Rice

To me, great sushi is lightly vinegary, short grained, perfectly cooked rice. It’s warm and done in a way where the rice is separate yet can hold together. 242 more words


Japanese Trio

I’ve had a sushi craving for a while now, but the budget doesn’t allow for an outing as I’m saving up for b’day dim sum next weekend. 315 more words


Korean Calamari with sushi rice

This adventure in food included me:

  1. Trying a new recipe courtesy of Nigella Lawson’s cookbook, “Kitchen”
  2. Eating squid.  I LOVE SQUID
  3. Totally messing up the cooking of sushi rice and having to re-cook it…
  4. 458 more words