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Home Made Sushi featuring a Volcano Roll and a Red Dragon (sort of) Roll

I get periodic sushi cravings and try to shop appropriately for making it at home cause I’m trying to be financially responsible when it’s a choice between a tank of gas (or getting my grass cut) and going out for sushi. 512 more words


Karl's Furikake Onigiri

When I made mitsubi for Eilene, I had leftover sushi rice. While onigiri are usually made with plain, unseasoned rice, I decided to turn the remaining rice into small rice balls. 376 more words


Karl’s Spam Misubi

Spam Misubi is an Hawaiian-Japanese adaptation of a rice ball dating from WWII. Daughter Eilene loves them, but mother, Jan, will not allow Spam… 798 more words


Sushi Rice

Sushi starts with sushi rice.  I use Calrose medium grain rice.  The stores like to sell “sushi” rice, but don’t be fooled, it’s a medium grain in a fancy package.   270 more words


Bakudan Onigiri (Bomb Rice Balls)

ETA (08/23/2017) : Some additional notes on onigiri ideas added to bottom of post.

In these last couple of weeks, before school starts again, I’ve been in a frenzy of cooking. 615 more words


Seared Yellowfin Gulf Tuna on Sushi Rice with Spicy Green Bean Stir-fry

We love coming to the beach and the northwest part of Florida every year, and part of the allure is access to the amazing seafood. When the seafood is just that fresh, it is hard to go wrong. 22 more words


The Instant Pot: Sushi Rice

I think the thing I’m most impressed by with the Instant Pot is how flawlessly it cooks grains. Grains are hard to master, and I am no exception. 211 more words