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"Sushi" (kind of) 

This is the closest I can get to sushi right now. I’m finishing phase 3 of my MRT/ LEAP diet for food sensitivities and healing the gut. 329 more words

Lunches with the boy 

For him: Vegan Patty Melt. For me: Steamed Purple Cabbage and Broccoli over organic white Sushi Rice and topped with a home made tomato basil salsa. 468 more words

Chicken Katsu Curry Donburi

Earlier in the week, I had butterflied a couple of boneless, skinless chicken breasts and turned them into chicken fingers along with the tenders from 6 breasts. 659 more words


Asian Rolls Revisited Sushi and Summer

This post is a clearance of some rolls I threw together in June but didn’t feel like blogging about.

Sushi Rolls – (top row) asparagus, (middle 3 rows) surimi/fake crab decorated with capelin roe and (bottom row) breaded chicken cutlet… 258 more words



The name of this dish translates from Italian as “little oranges” because the puffs are golden yellow and round, resembling little oranges. You can make them as large as you wish, but the more they resemble oranges the more leaden they become. 609 more words


Chicken Teriyaki

On 19th June 2015, This was Dinner

I have a couple of Nigella recipes on the list this month. I’m trying my hardest to revisit some of my older books. 110 more words


Friendly Food - Let me see that Sushi Roll!

Today’s Friendly Food is brought to you by my good friends Sara & Jesse Arthur. I had the privilege of living next door to them for several months, those poor souls had no choice when it came to this project of mine, they were hosting whether they liked it or not, luckily they pretended they liked it. 328 more words

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