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Sushi Train Wreck

Perth, Western Australia became the last jurisdiction in the world to to regulate the maximum speed of its sushi trains. A decades long fight for control between the Ministry of Transport and the Health department, has seen the city’s 80 sushi trains restricted to a plodding 0.02 kilometres per hour – sushi trains in Japan frequently exceed 25 kilometres per hour. 145 more words


Conveyor Belt Sushi in Ueno


Sushi is one of Japan’s most well known dishes. One of my favourite ways enjoying and eating sushi is going to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, and one place I found was located in Ueno. 90 more words


When East meets West: Rice omelet sushi available for a limited time at Sushiro

If you’re looking to try a popular type of washoku, or traditional Japanese food, while in Japan, sushi would be at the top of the list for many.  283 more words


Sushi Hotaru

Hidden at the top of an escalator in the Mid Town Complex on Bourke Street and around the corner from Chinatown Cinema is Sushi Hotaru. I could not rave any more about this place. 294 more words


I scream, you scream, we all scream at "Soft Susheam"

If you’re thinking that one “would have to be out of their ever-lovin’ mind to mix sushi and soft serve ice cream,” then you’re not alone; that’s exactly what our reporter Nakano thought when he spotted an item called “ 334 more words


Interactive Sushi for Gaijins

A popular place that’s crowded with tourists is Genki Sushi in Shibuya. The quality of sushi is pretty decent and the selling point is that it has English in its e-menu, which is a touch screen. 100 more words