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An evening well spent in the company of three of my favourite ladies in Melbourne !  ❤️ 79 more words


Venus Clams Asari

The perfect venus clam named after the roman goddess whose functions encompassed love, fertility, prosperity, victory, and desire. These small size clams are served as is: made by a cooking with some ginger, shoyu and a dash of sake.

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White Truffles @ Hirame - video

Cleaveraly this chef microplanes the truffles and is generous with his pico magnatum. The white truffles and hirame is a superb combination and we begin to see chefs using it more and more. 16 more words


Zuke Akami

The subtly of a red tuna meat soaked in shoyu gives it an added dimension. This is a particular style is edomae (edo styled) when you see it more heavily browned on the exterior. 50 more words

Sushi Styles

Sushi Kuruma Shrimp

There are so many qualities of shrimp in Japan and each chef will claim to have a special quality. Cooked al la minute, once you taste the various varieties of shrimps at sushi counters you begin to understand what I mean. 25 more words

Sushi Styles

Aoyagi Sushi

These clams are desirable from winter to spring time and are superb. They are tender chewy and one of my favourite clams along with others such as awabi.

Sushi Styles

Shin Ika

Squids are newly born after the summer and are high-priced and delicious as the waters cool down and the fish begin to get ready for the long and chilly winter. 26 more words

Sushi Styles