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AMAZING! Carlos Erik Malpica Flores: Japanese Cuisine: Exotic and Tasty

Are you a fan of Japanese cuisine? Then this is going to make you feel very Japanese! Keep reading and know what Carlos Erik Malpica Flores… 294 more words

Carlos Erik Malpica Flores

Sushi 619

Mango sauce topped this beauty

Food Photography

“Food is for Eating, and Good food is to be Enjoyed… I think Food is, actually, very Beautiful in itself.” Delia Smith

Food Photography is a way of capturing the beauty of food in both its Natural and Cooked form.  30 more words

The Instant Pot: Sushi Rice

I think the thing I’m most impressed by with the Instant Pot is how flawlessly it cooks grains. Grains are hard to master, and I am no exception. 211 more words

Are you eating your stress?

We all have a comfort food, something we return to time and time again, a little pick-me-up when we’ve had a rough day. Sometimes our rough days don’t just last a day, they last weeks, months, even years. 720 more words

The Paletales Series

Our Japanese-language writers taste and compare sushi from around the world

Sushi has made its way around the world, from Cuba to Kenya, but what do our Japanese writers think of the international twists on their country’s signature food? 520 more words