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Now it's about stacks (new paper)

I’ve posted an updated version of a paper on the arXiv, Hodge theory of classifying stacks (initial version posted 10 March 2017). We compute the Hodge and de Rham cohomology of the classifying space BG (defined as sheaf cohomology on the algebraic stack BG) for reductive groups G over many fields, including fields of small characteristic. 259 more words


Our Last April Fools Day Together

About 2 weeks ago was our last April Fools Day here at ZW. Long time readers know that any post on April first should be taken very lightly (VERY lightly). 1,227 more words

Dorothy Price Hill

K is for Kitty and Susie

“Meow – my name’s Kitty. I’m a brown tabby.”

“And my name’s Susie. I’m a black and white cat. As you can see we are both very beautiful.” 109 more words


We are what we think – A CBT approach to reducing stress. By Susie Ferguson

I’m a big fan of CBT. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has been around in various forms since the 1950s, with Albert Ellis, Aaron Beck et al… 946 more words

Chatting and Connecting with Susie.

The first thing that drew my attention to Susie when I started blogging and during blogging 101 course which seems like eons ago is her consistent contribution and suggestions to a discussion. 1,698 more words


Blithe Blog

Dear Dolly has nominated me for another award!!     Thanks, Dolly!!      I love that woman- cat?    Wom-cat?    Wo-at??   Ca-man??        I <3 Dolly!!

Here’s her post, where she nominates me, and schools us on DaVinci. 539 more words