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Snapshots: The Lovely Bones Analysis

Quite frankly lengthy and rather overly-detailed analysis of the interlude between chapters 16 & 17.

~The Analysis (Sn.Shots)~

  • Susie’s obsession with the camera is ironic- she desired to “rescue the moment” of the photograph, to rescue the moment that “would now be gone forever except for a picture”- this is ironic since it was utterly unnecessary- when she died Susie could replay these moment and re-visit them.
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Dam it Susie

Ugh…..I don’t know if you could call it a dream or a nightmare. I am one who whole heartedly believes my dreams are telling me something so with the dream I had last night I had to do some investigating. 438 more words


Susie Perkowitz - Tips for Cooking Juicy, Flavorful Burgers

Cooking the perfect burger can be a challenge, one that Susie Perkowitz undertook over the summer. Juicy burgers are delicious but often get the bad rap for being unhealthy. 224 more words


Fake- To be or not to be

I pride myself in NEVER being fake. Of course that means that I will inevitably ruffle some feathers. Let me clarify. I am not the person who thinks that you as a person need to hear every opinion I have on every topic what I mean is I will not lie nor lead you on. 425 more words


Susie Perkowitz - What to Expect When Getting a Pet Rabbit

Rabbits make wonderful indoor pets, just ask Susie Perkowitz who rescued her pet rabbit from a no-kill rabbit shelter. Bunnies are adorable and full of personality. 251 more words


Susie Perkowitz - National Park Adventures Off the Beaten Path

There is something magical about entering a National Park, knowing that just beyond the gates, some of nature’s most awe-inspiring landscapes are waiting to be explored. 233 more words