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Happy 12th Birthday Susie

Happy 12th Birthday to my Susie Girl! I miss you so much and can’t wait to visit you! I love you so much sweetie pie! <3

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Thanks for visiting! This is the first of many posts here at TC & Co! We are happy to start our journey of sharing wonderful food with you all.

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Food scene design

For the animations, I designed one of the scenes to help my teammate Aoife. This was the result.


Susie Perkowitz - Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska offers many exciting opportunities for its adventurous visitors, like Susie Perkowitz. Home to forty glaciers, Kenai Fjords is living proof of climate change as the glaciers continue to shrink each year. 228 more words


Business Cards Design

With the same design of our own characters, we had the idea of designing our business cards to specify our role in the project, promote the website, and link other people to our online portfolios.


Team characters design

Based in our roles in this project, we came up with the idea of designing our personalised monsters. These characters are meant to be used in the section Meet the team on our website.


Infographic Design

We decided to show 3 posters for the exhibition, one of them is an infographic that shows the basic and most relevant information about EduMon, such as how the app was born, key features of the app, a brief description on what’s the app about, some stats, and the target market. 53 more words