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Hello Everyone!
SUSPENDERS: yea it is back with a bang in the fashion circuit and it is creating a wave while making a style statement of your own. 196 more words



When you finally finally delete The Difficult Guy off your phone but you don’t just delete him you block him from everything you can possibly block him from, then you give away everything he ever gave you and you hope The Homeless Guy enjoys the stockings, suspenders and French underwear but then goddammit that isn’t enough so you throw petrol bombs into his driveway and also set fire to his car and his house and also to him and whatever, you pray you never bump into him at the post office or the coffee shop or the fire station because really, he should’ve called you, he should’ve shown up , he should’ve made more of an effort. 16 more words


Two years on...

Logging into the blog account today, the notifications menu told me that I had reached my second anniversary.  I have plenty of other things to do today, but before I get on with whatever that is, and as I’d begun drafting a new blog entry, I thought I’d finish off the draft and post the final version up. 1,759 more words


Vintage Blossoms

Hello friends! Happy Hump Day! Before delving into today’s post, I want to thank you all for your amazing response to my last entry. You all responded really well here in the blog and all over my social media, and I really appreciate the nice comments and positive feedback. 1,720 more words


Monday Blues

Monday, oh Monday, why do you have to come after a Sunday?!?!

Monday, oh Monday, why do you have to make me cry?

I am dizzy and wobbly, and yes, it is the Monday morning! 495 more words

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