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Like a dog with a bone...

In my previous blog entries from the period when I was last crossdressing but somewhat unhappy with the way I was doing it, I wrote about ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ tendencies – an angel on one shoulder whispering words of encouragement, the devil on the other, urging me to go the other way. 1,423 more words


Something Different

Don’t you hate it when you see someone (or multiple someones) walking around in the same clothes as you. I think everyone likes to feel that they are unique- I certainly do. 202 more words


It's nice to be back.

Wow.  What a 24-hours.

I have had a Eureka moment.  Why I didn’t think about crossdessing but remaining off-line, I don’t know.  The fact that millions of webcam users (howsoever used) cannot use their devices following a Windows 10 upgrade means that I couldn’t get on-line even if I wanted to as launching the app leads to the blue screen reboot. 1,419 more words


Eye Candy

Over the course of the last few days, I found myself out with family and friends in an upmarket shopping centre.

Having taken advantage of the on-site car park, the exit led us straight onto part of the centre from which directly opposite was a branch of a well known international lingerie chain. 897 more words


Fabulous in the Face of White Supremacy | Wednesday, September 21, 2016

At the inaugural critical ethnic studies conference in 2011, the late queer scholar Jose Muñoz stood before us in an amazing outfit and said, “Well, what DOES one wear to the future of genocide?” I often think of that moment when I am overwhelmed by death and structural fuckery, and remember that we’ve been turning to fabulosity and resilience for fucking ever. 11 more words