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Suspension Training Exercises in Woods using a Stick for Some Exercises Works Great

I use a few angles here to show some exercises and stretches that I enjoy doing. Some of these exercises are fairly new as I never really used the closet pole before. 45 more words

How to buy suspended bodyweight training system online

Are you a fitness enthusiast and looking for the best exercise system so as to build strong muscles & accomplish your bodybuilding goals? Suspended bodyweight training system… 196 more words


Where to find home fitness training accessories in Florida

Are you in search of different home fitness training accessories in Florida? No need to worry at all! Read here and get acquainted with the best possible accessories that you can get. 179 more words


TRX Core Workout

This one is harder than it looks but gets easier the more you do it.

TRX cables are exceptionally awesome for so many workouts but especially the core. 152 more words


The £30 suspension trainer

I recently attended a course run by YMCA fit on suspension training, and in all honesty became completely enamoured with the concept of it. So much so in fact, that I have added exercises utilising it into my own weights sessions as a sort of “finisher” and also for my abdominal work. 398 more words

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Suspension Exercise Equipments to attain fitness at home

Exercises have a greater impact over our fitness and physique. Various kinds of exercises leave various impacts. For instance gym exercises will make you muscular or lean, running will make your calves and thighs stronger or yoga will make you flexible. 171 more words


9 Fitness Tips to Give You Fitness Surprise

The world has taken to fitness like never before. We come across new techniques and technologies that promise to give you a level of fitness that you desire in the best frame of time. 434 more words