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Horizontal Row


Before starting this exercise ensure that you visually inspect the straps for any signs of damage and adjust the height so the handles sit just about your waist height when hanging down vertically. 67 more words

Functional Workout

The What's and How's of TRX

Those black and yellow straps may look daunting, but fear not!  Here is an easy guide to help you approach TRX with confidence.  Total body workout at the end! 682 more words


Two Instructors Turning it Up for TRX

Following up on my last post, there are three TRX instructors at Turnstyle Cycle in Cambridge. I, however, have only taken classes with two instructors. Therefore, my commentary may not be an entire snapshot of all that Turnstyle has to offer for TRX, but hey two thirds of a review is better than nothing! 530 more words




Stand facing the anchor point with your hands in the suspension trainer straps and arms fully extended out in front of you. Walk your feet forwards so that your body is leaning back at a 45degree angle. 137 more words

Functional Workout

Ouch will I be able to feel my arms again?

“I think I need to go to Urgent Care,” I said to my boyfriend.

He begged to differ.

Turnstyle Cycle in Cambridge offers a TRX class. 543 more words


Knees to Chest Obliques


Let the suspension trainer hang straight down from the anchor point. Lie down on your front and then place your feet in the straps, toes pointing down. 106 more words

Functional Workout


So what have we learned today? I can be hungry and still function. I knew that already.

This is a dangerous game…

How to be in recovery and still loose weight, without using all the old tips and tricks? 100 more words