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We have officially made it through Christmas!!

One of ny favorite gifts I recieved was from my brother and is an addition to my home gym. 63 more words


Improve Your Practice With TRX Yoga

Once in a while you should consider streamlining your qi- body energy- without involving a lot of strenuous activities like cardio. To efficiently do this, you then need to do yoga. 31 more words

Suspension Training

TRX Certification Courses in Canada

TRX training courses are not only limited to the United States and are available in Canada too. If you are a Canadian fitness instructor and looking to expand your services, there are courses for you to become a TRX trainer. 25 more words

Suspension Training

TRX Courses in Rhode Island

Are you looking for TRX Training Courses in Rhode Island? We will go over how to find TRX Education training in your area. It is very simple to find out the schedule and location. 34 more words

Suspension Training

Train Your Upper Body With These 3 TRX Workouts

Today, we have an simple but excellent workout that you can do with your suspension trainer that targets the upper body. My favorite TRX expert Dan Long has created this exercise set that will give your upper body a good workout while focusing on your core. 19 more words

Suspension Training

Download TRX Workout Plan

Download this TRX Workout Plan so that you can:

  • Build your core strength
  • Target your muscles
  • Get fit and in shape
  • Over 191 unique exercises…
  • 11 more words
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TRX Workout PDF

Download the best TRX workout PDF to build muscle so that you can obtain a stronger core and a great looking body. Go read more about a TRX workout plan that is best for you here => www.suspensionrevolutionreview.org/trx-workout-plan

Suspension Training