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wild holly dr. open door. 522pm 12 10 16

1xx wild holly dr. open door in vacant house. 521pm 1210 16 #portorange police radio scanner.


ponce inlet suspicious female 127pm 12 10 16

4800 block of s atlantic #ponceinlet unit out with a suspicous female. 127pm 12 10 16 police radio scanner


suspicious. jeep with firearm , south daytona

2400 ridgewood ave. suspicious vehicle. old jeep military style with some kind of firearm attached to it. #southdaytona police radio scanner 1233pm 12 10 16


someone won't leave her bedroom. sd,1049am

10xx n green acres circle well being check. info is that someone won’t leave her  bed room. #southdaytona police radio scanner.  1049am, 12 1 16


Herritage Middle School: Possible Shooting

POLICE INFORMATION   Location:1001 Parnell Court, Deltona   Business Name: Herritage Middle School    ZONE:47  

(R1) Bronson, Adrian (Assistant Principal)
(O1) Addeo, Anthony (Teacher)

(R1) reported to deputies, one of his teachers(O1), was approached by an unknown Hispanic male, stating he overheard several students taking about a possible shooting, which might take place at the school. 28 more words


What is expired film?

Expired film is bad film. Or that’s what I hear a lot. And a great number of times that’s quite a true statement. But not because of the film. 241 more words

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