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I'm hoping that the Greens have chosen their new Brighton and Hove Cabinet wisely

The new Green Cabinet in Brighton and Hove contained a number of surprises – the number of newly elected councillors who have Cabinet positions. Of course, with so many new councillors, and just nine re-elected ones, at least one newly elected Green member had to end up in the Cabinet of ten. 381 more words

Council Elections 2011

Condemning the Greens for their bar chart but recognising the Greens are on the up

Imagine the scene – Warren Morgan reviewing this blog while having a sneaky second bowl of Sugar Puffs. Seeing the condemnation by Dr Faust of my failure to criticise the bar chart used in the latest Green leaflet, he is compelled to write: “Dr Faust – yes, still no defence of the Green ‘last citywide poll’ bar graph from 2009, funny that.” 372 more words

Council Elections 2011

The campaign in Queens Park is getting lively and turning nasty!

Labour’s Tom French alleges that Green Queens Park councillor Ben Duncan was “slated by member of public for not attending 6 Police Authority meetings”.  Really?  The public no less.  412 more words

Council Elections 2011

American Flag an Eyesore Around Richmond

By Yul

When Virginia makes national news, it’s usually over something embarrassingly stupid, and the current flagpole stink is no exception.

If you missed it, we have this 90-year-old Medal of Honor recipient named Colonel Barfoot who fought in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. 248 more words