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tuesday, 12 december 2017

-this is part of a series where i take the merriam-webster’s dictionary word of the day and incorporate or turn it into a poem-

sustain… 53 more words




Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day for December 12, 2017 is:

sustain • \suh-STAYN\ • verb

1 : to provide with nourishment

2 : keep up… 261 more words


The Neverending Job of a Secondary-Support

With Alexstrasza still fresh into the Nexus, I’ve found myself in and doing a lot of double Support comps. Though I bounce back and forth I’ve earnestly been trying to take up the Role of the Secondary Healer. 756 more words

Heroes Of The Storm

Even the deaf can listen.

Look closely.

It’s not a wallpaper worthy picture.

Do you remember how you felt when others treated you like you’re nothing, when it can’t be expressed how much you lived for them? 48 more words


 “Please get this done.”

The same instruction can both be initiated by 2 different parties; by others and by you.


You may have been paid or instructed, to execute a task that is attached with other people’s expectation. 820 more words