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As global temperatures rise, future of agriculture uncertain

Jenna Ladd | January 20, 2017

Without further action to curb greenhouse gas emissions, global temperatures are expected to rise as much as 6.1 degrees Fahrenheit above pre-industrial averages, which may meaningfully impact agricultural outputs. 237 more words


New research predicts the future of coral reefs

Jake Slobe | January 18, 2017

New climate model projections of the world’s coral reefs reveal which reefs will be hit by annual coral bleaching first. 542 more words



By Shaun Daniel, ENVST Program Research Associate.

As skiers hit the slopes this winter, they should pause to notice the careful forest conservation efforts that Alta Ski Area is undertaking with the U’s… 1,164 more words

University Of Utah

Inspirational kids who are making the world a better place

We really can all make a difference, some big, some small, some truly amazing. Check out these truly inspirational kids and then get your kids to check them out, too…. 503 more words


Concerns over first snow and common leopards found in same area

The first ever recorded video footage showing snow leopards and common leopards sharing the same habitat on the Tibetan plateau has caused concern among conservationists. They are worried about the future of the snow leopard’s habitat if common leopards begin to live at higher elevations in a warming climate. 95 more words


Effects of wildlife trade mapped

Global maps that show where the impact of consumer demand for wildlife is felt most strongly could help to guide conservation spending and priorities.

Daniel Moran at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim and Keiichiro Kanemoto at Shinshu University in Matsumoto, Japan, created the maps by combining data on where threatened species live with where the products made from them are eventually sold. 61 more words


Prince Charles co-authors climate change book

Prince Charles has co-authored a Ladybird book on the challenges and possible solutions to climate change. It is part of a series for adults written in the style of the well-known children’s books that aims to clearly explain complicated subjects. 129 more words