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A is for Ants and...

My first A-Z blog this year is going to be amazing facts about TWO animals beginning with the letter A.

First, Ants! There are 10,000 (at least) types of ants living all around the world. 236 more words


The Road to Car Safety

The automobile – long a symbol of freedom, status, and success – is at a crossroads. For more than a century, cars have enabled billions of people to travel farther, faster, and more efficiently than ever before. 778 more words


The political ecology of ecosystem services

In just the span of a decade or two, it seems that nearly all environmental management writing (whether scientific reports, public awareness brochures, or policy briefs) has come to call on the notion of “ecosystem services” to defend the importance of healthy, functioning “natural” systems. 1,644 more words


Cloud Poles

Google Earth and KML are useful tools for visualizing a varied range of datasets. A project which is well into extra time involves correlating the attenuation of solar irradiance with the cloud cover contained in the Metar reports used in aviation.   423 more words