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NPD Poem of the Day - Flow, by Alison Williams

A poem from Alison Williams:


my world is fluid

in a constant

state of flux

I am an ocean

who once spoke… 92 more words


National Poetry Day Poem of the Day - Thank You World

A Message Poem of the Day from Sandi Leibowitz:

Thank You, World

Thank you, Sky, for wind and cloud,

breezes quiet, thunder loud. 91 more words


Solar panels study reveals impact on Earth

Researchers have produced the first detailed study of the impact of solar parks on the environment, opening the door to smarter forms of farming and better land management. 125 more words


Exploring ways to 'coexist with wildlife'

Although protected areas such as national parks can play a crucial role in conserving wildlife, most species of large carnivores and large herbivores also depend on being able to occupy human-dominated landscapes. 206 more words


Cash for Containers in Queensland by 2018

Remember a time when we would buy a drink (usually in a glass bottle) at the local milk bar and drink it while hanging out the front with our friends so that we could go back in immediately and claim our bottle refund.  483 more words


Airports & Sustainability - A Vision For The Future

As the world nears a future with fewer resources and greater demand, creating a sustainable world that preserves and enhances the productivity of the world as a whole has become of paramount importance. 510 more words


We MUST green the deserts now.

If you look at all the climate models regarding global warming, you see a trend of desertification … but why is this? Just because it’s getting warmer? 1,210 more words

Why Open Empire?