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Oklahoma to Build World's Second Largest Wind Farm as France + UK Pledge to Ban Fossil Fuel Vehicles

If we’re going to effectively deal with climate change while maintaining economic prosperity, then it’s absolutely essential to rapidly transition fossil fuel based energy to non-carbon emitting energy.  712 more words

Climate Change

Community-based Natural Resource Management in the Sundarbans

Amrita Sen and Sarmistha Pattanaik of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai write:

There has been widespread assertion of the fact that traditional state laws on protected area conservation can pose a threat to the customary collective rights of local communities inhabiting these areas, inducing livelihood vulnerabilities. 116 more words


Wildfires become more common and intense as Earth warms up

Jenna Ladd| July 26, 2017

A wildfire as large as New York City is currently ripping across eastern Montana, and experts say climate change making fires like these larger and more common. 258 more words


Ten Steps to Better Sports Investment

Across the world, governments and sports fans continue to be enamoured of huge sporting events and the ambitious new infrastructure that goes with them. We all understand the health and wellbeing benefits and the value to local economies. 469 more words

Urban Design

Ecological underpinnings of rural poverty

A first-of-its-kind effort to examine the ecological drivers of rural poverty combines economic, ecological and epidemiological models. The lessons learned could inform interventions to lift people out of poverty. 227 more words


TMI with Timi: Menstrual Cups 101

I’ve been getting many questions about having a “greener” period, so I made a video all about it. Here’s everything you’ve been afraid to ask about the menstrual cup. 26 more words


Teaching sustainability through traditional wisdom: a conceptual framework for business studies

Ekta Sharma and Ruchi Tewari write in Current Science:

It is imperative to strive for sustainable ways of designing and managing businesses. The managers need to develop competence to usher the path of business sustainability by understanding the concept and developing suitable strategies that build the framework for business sustainability. 59 more words