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Sustainability Sunday #37

Reusable hydration is in!

The weather’s hotting up here in London and the ever-caring TFL have started releasing tannoy notifications on tubes and buses to make sure you always carry a bottle of water in the heat. 265 more words


Helping out the honeybees

Does the bee die-off freak you out? It should. Bees are essential pollinators and they’re a huge part of why we have fruits and vegetables to eat. 87 more words


UI professor works to make Iowa roads safer for cyclists

Jenna Ladd | May 26, 2017

Bicyclist deaths in the state of Iowa have risen by 260 percent in the last four years, and Dr. Cara Hamann of the University of Iowa is working to do something about it. 352 more words


The Future of Farming May Be Sky High

With a lack of horizontal space for farming in urban environments, vertical farming could be the only plausible solution to food scarcity. As Lauren Hepler of GreenBiz notes… 302 more words


Tesla introduces subtle solar roof option for homeowners

Jenna Ladd | May 23, 2017

The solar energy market experienced a 97 percent growth in 2016. In total, the U.S. has more than 42 gigawatts of solar energy capacity… 257 more words


Sustainability - Inspiring TED talk

“We can help create a sustainable world and make sustainability affordable for the many people not just a luxury for the few.”
– Steve Howard is Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA Group… 20 more words


Meritocracy versus social cohesion

My three children are currently studying feverishly for AS and A levels at local grammar schools. They are all predicted to do well. But, like Michael Rosen, I still cannot understand the government’s policy on grammar schools. 246 more words

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