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God needs faith badly

BGM: The Gensokyo the Gods Loved

To review: Gensokyo was created as a sanctuary for that which the Outside World has “forgotten”, in particular youkai and gods. 370 more words

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Towards Climate Change

It is becoming increasingly clear that climate change is having and will continue to have a profound effect on all aspects of human life. What is also becoming clearer is that these effects will be felt most deeply by those who are living in poverty and with social exclusion and inequality. 303 more words


Sustainable Designs

This week of class’ focus was on design ideas that will work as a solution to sustainability problems that we see in our world everyday. 485 more words

Sustainable Snacking: A Closer Look at Entomophagy

From reducing carbon emissions to limiting amounts of waste production, humans are taking various steps to adopt sustainable living practices. Our growing population demands that we also develop solutions to sustainably feed future generations. 1,291 more words

And We're Off

A good friend recently posted an article from the blog My Plastic-Free Life that detailed 100 Steps to a Plastic Free Life.  I have always been interested in eco-friendly living, so I read through the article. 195 more words


Smart Air, Smart City

By Dr. Vasileios Nasis, September 24th, 2017

Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider Netronix, Inc. and Airthinx, a leader of indoor air quality monitoring, will work together to provide cities around the world with a low cost cloud based solution designed to monitor air quality across schools, universities, hospitals and work spaces. 1,164 more words


Kristijan Krkač – Curriculum vitae and Bibliography (2017)

Kristijan Krkač – Curriculum vitae and Bibliography

“Philosopher” (Sculptor: Dijana Iva Sesartić, bust, 2014)




Name Kristijan Krkač

Address Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Jordanovac 110, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia (ZSEM) 11,170 more words