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Visual Flows

Have you seen this incredible work by Fernanda Viegas and Martin Wattenberg, found here?¬† You can see a real time wind map of the United States showing the… 118 more words


The ipocrite pedo-christian (im)morality of christianity, is the worse unsustainable liability for the west

In times of crises and human struggle, those churches of pedophile genocide mafioso misogynist racist xenophobic homophobic tax evaders ponzi skimmers predators, preserve all the (unwarranted) privileges granted in a middle age by ignorant gullible enslaved populations of empty brains serfs ? 282 more words


From Garbage to Gas

What was once the I-95 landfill near Lorton, Virginia, is now dozens of acres of rolling green fields dotted by more than 200 metal pipes emerging from the grass. 960 more words


The migration/immigration problem is used by the usual pedo-christian, econo-predator, bank-racket, political-mafioso establishment as a cow to milk

The situation would be “extremely” simple, in places where predominates rationality (but not in the pedo-christian US under piece of shit god, or not in the banking mafia wall street, with 8% of profits from money recycling of drugs and crimes, or not in the -pedo-catholic genocide christo-mafia southern europe, also under a not negotiable pedo-catholic piece of shit god and a vatican genocide pedophile state made at their image, or not in the nazi-banking-mafia pedo-christian europe of the scumbags chair warmers of merit, they say.) … 364 more words


Evolution of the Triangle

Minimalism became an important part of modern architecture, lifestyle and music. If you transfer this philosophy to politics, the idea is to reduce bureaucracy as much as possible. 231 more words

Patrick Henz

Volunteer experience

An article  by Claudia Castro, who volunteered with us for 5 weeks with her husband.

About changing the path

Six months ago we set out on the adventure of living with not having a home and, even sometimes not knowing where to go the next day. 808 more words


Art @ the Library | Werri Beach Art 2015

During the last school holidays Gerringong artists Penny Sadubin and Tim Rushby-Smith worked with a talented group of young people making ephemeral Beach Art on Werri Beach. 91 more words

Recognising The Value Of Cultural Arts