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How to Heal a Sick Chicken in a Laundry Room Infirmary

After a week or more of sub-zero temperatures I noticed about three days ago that Crystal, one of our Rhode Island Red chickens was not acting like herself. 1,379 more words

Small House Homestead

Planned Obsolescence: A Corporate Conspiracy

The Lightbulb Conspiracy

Directed by Cosima Dannoritzer (2010)

Film Review

The Lightbulb Conspiracy is about the history of planned obsolescence, ie deliberate strategies by multinational corporations to reduce the lifespan of common products to increase consumer demand. 235 more words


Initiate a New World

From the earth’s core nature gifts new continents,

A place to come together, Eden itself,

But we have become capricious children, ungrateful. Let’s us initiate a new world by understanding the foundation of our beliefs, within them seek a philosophical truth towards a glorious sustainability.

By Ori Aander

Worth for Something

I started thinking about the topic the other day when I was trying to comfort a friend suffering from university stress. To motivate her I told her to think of the time after her graduation, when she would have a lucrative job and a nice house. 411 more words


Brightmoor Detroit

Brightmoor, it’s time for me to leave you for now and move along to a new place but I will be back-next week in fact! Maybe not to stay for a while but to photograph your loveliness. 198 more words


Is Population Growth The True Evil of Our World?

I have recently been reading several papers looking at the idea of ‘Humans V Nature’ and the sustainable way we can sustain both and allow them to grow. 904 more words


Miriam Ribul and setting up the Mid-Term Show

Thursdays lecture was really interesting and different to any we have had before. I was really interested in the projects TED -Textiles Environment Design- have been doing and their research for sustainable design. 273 more words