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Simple Living vs Favourites Culture

Favourites, whether they be monthly, seasonally or yearly have become a common part of our social media culture. If you are trying to live a more simple, streamlined life then watching a favourites video on YouTube or clicking through pictures displaying a person’s favourite products on Instagram may feel like another form of marketing designed to encourage you to spend more on items you don’t really need. 262 more words

Happy new year

The last leaves are down and gathered in from the oaks and Norway maples, so as far as I’m concerned, fall chores are done. And that means that the gardening year has turned: we switch our focus from the current season to the one that’s to come. 550 more words


new books: sustainable landscapes and polyploidy for crop improvement

Polyploidy and hybridization for crop improvement, edited by A.S. Mason

SB106 I47 P59 2016, Parks Library Tier 1

Many of our current agricultural crops are natural or agricultural hybrids (between two or more species), or polyploids (containing more than one genome or set of chromosomes). 337 more words


Final Blog Reflection

In the beginning of this course I thought that sustainability was just recycling your waste when you’re done with it. I thought the main focus of sustainability was to reduce everyone’s carbon footprint as much as possible and then everything would be well. 685 more words

Sustainable Development Goals in Berkeley

How UC Berkeley Students are Actively Participating in the Sustainable Development Goals

by Noah Forougi

January 2016 marked the kick-off of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 617 more words

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Out of Order - call for sustainability?

As it was briefly mentioned in class, we cannot indubitably associate success and moral correctness. One example I learned of recently is as follows: Larry Summers was the Chief Economist of the World Bank, and later, he became the President of Harvard University. 437 more words

Landscaping and Gardening: What Practice Merits the “Green” Label?

The Architectural Association of Kenya’s annual convention held at Kwale early August this year voiced the concern and need to build sustainable and resilient buildings, cities and urban centers. 520 more words

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