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Why start a blog about books?

This is why, and I thank @coralsci for this:

I was watching a TED talk by Kristen Marhaver ( @coralsci) about growing baby coral to help replenish reefs. 133 more words

Environmental Education

Pivot Point in the Garden

Tomorrow’s 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby serves notice the race is on to finish spring garden planting.

Planting is never completely done.

What I mean is putting seeds in the ground and moving the 10 trays of seedlings from our bedroom to the garden soil by Memorial Day. 266 more words

Local Food

Natural Fibers and Dyes

Written for animaná’s facebook page, published on 6 May 2016:

Our supply chain begins with the sustainable breeding of the four types of South American camelids — two of them wild (guanaco and vicugna) and two domesticated (llama and alpaca). 514 more words


Weeks End Wrapup

My posts have been short and minimal this week but of course that doesn’t mean not much is happening. The week has been a fair bit of replication of the last few weeks which means there isn’t much new to say. 406 more words


Future Earth Australia workshop #FutureEarthOz

Since February, I’ve been spending time at the Australian Academy of Science as an intern in their Science Policy team. As part of this role I recently had the privilege of attending  the Future Earth Australia workshop. 1,420 more words


Tree week!

I’m a bit late to the party but it’s currently Canberra tree week. What could be more sustainable than trees? Here are some beauties that I saw on my mini mountain walk today: 102 more words


Sustainable sustainability

Major issues have arisen in the modern capitalist society and steadily infiltrate every aspect of our lives. Efficiency, sustainability and resource preservation have indeed become the mantras of our time. 381 more words