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Williams' F1 innovation to cut store refrigerator energy use

Williams Advanced Engineering, the division of Williams that commercialises Formula One derived technology and knowhow, has collaborated with UK start-up Aerofoil Energy to develop an aerodynamic device to cut the energy used by store refrigerators. 253 more words


Progressive Food Companies: Profitable Sustainability and Going GMO-Free

Thought sustainability and profit were mutually exclusive for businesses? Think again. Here’s an example from Stonyfield Farm of how creative, innovative approaches can result in more sustainable production AND cost savings to the tune of $31 million. 173 more words

Food Law

"Cradle to cradle" review

From what I learnt and understood of Sustainable and Eco design from “Agents of change”(Field project), This book has just taken it to the next level. 261 more words


The National Anthem, Me and Cleaner Production

I got into the “business of Cleaner Production” in 1989 courtesy my good old friend Fritz Balkau at the UNEP, Industry and Environment office in Paris. 1,515 more words


Renewing Leicester Energy

Being a University committed to sustainability means, among other things, supporting low carbon emission measures through the use of renewable energy. DMU Campus is based in the city of Leicester, which is committed in turn to these issues. 809 more words


Period Talk: Sustainable Options for Women

“The paper feminine hygiene industry has done a very good job of convincing women that their period is something should be out of sight and out of mind, something they shouldn’t talk about,” Zivku said.

116 more words
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The Brown Energy White Paper

Having just finished wading through the Australian Government Department of Industry and Commerce’s Energy White Paper (The White Paper) I can tell you it seems to have been written in a way to dissuade readers. 940 more words