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Japan Pitch Night

Fukushima Wheel is a bike-sharing technology company which wants to bring a commercial spin to these immense and oftentimes, struggling civic projects.

Jun Yamadera overcame the Fukushima nuclear disaster by becoming an entrepreneur. 49 more words

Startups And Technology

Body-heated buildings

Passive houses are built without conventional heating systems and are kept warm by the heat given off by their occupants and electrical appliances. The first passive house in Sweden was a townhouse completed in 2001. 134 more words


Goodbye 2008

Driving through ranch and mining country along Interstate 76, large square bales of hay are stacked four high as a windbreak around feedlots. The harvest is in and irrigation rigs idle. 375 more words


Terah Tidy preserving the environment and empowering women.

Social responsibility and consideration of the environment are becoming essential parts of any business. The founder of Madflower Malibu shares her journey to success.

Terah Tidy is the CEO and brains behind the Californian brand ‘Madflower Malibu’. 692 more words

Conscious Living

Wave Energy, a viable energy source or just a crash?

By Dean Ward

Since completing my dissertation on the viability of wave energy and design of a new wave energy converter, I have kept up-to-date on the progress made within the industry, and more specifically whether wave energy has a place in the market… 459 more words

Alien to me

If we use things instead of wasting and make the world a better, more beautiful and kinder place with those things, then the Earth is ours and we’re part of it, but if we just take for nothing, that’s alien to me.


The Source Bulk Foods

“Packaging production requires significant resources, including energy, water and oil, although recent industry moves towards lightweighting has gone some way to reducing this demand. Packaging is also one of the main components in litter.” 141 more words