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"Island" by Aldous Huxley

This was Aldous Huxley’s final novel, published in 1962, some 30 years after the satirical “Brave New World”. In “Island” he explores the creation of a society based on sustainable values and practices. 226 more words


West 57th, Manhattan

Architecture is no media darling. Despite its influence on our everyday happiness and hordes of loyal devotees, architecture is seldom discussed in the everyday news and media. 681 more words

On Speaking Truths and the Middle-Classes

Last Saturday, at the Mahara Gallery in Waikanae, surrounded by the provocative art of John Foster, I watched a panel discussion called ‘Speaking Truth to Power’. 1,487 more words


Building a " Social Fund" : Move beyond Corporate Social Responsibility!

Much distance has been covered in India to make corporates take some responsibility for the social cause. In fact many of the corporates have been at the forefront leading the cause of social development with much more force and vigour than the local governments. 457 more words

Therapeutic Cedar Rails

Not long ago we had to take down a big cedar in our yard. It had heart rot and had begun to split in two. Since it was a dangerous tree we had a professional take it down in 12 foot sections and planned to use it for posts in our chicken paddocks at the farm. 272 more words


Sustainability has more to it than continued aid money

Whenever the topic of sustainability in Afghan health projects is raised, the initial thought that comes to mind is financial sustainability.We usually forget that besides financial sustainability, there are other factors that are as important as finance, if not more. 542 more words

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