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Eat Well - Don't 'diet'

In Britain many of the population are already overweight or obese and many more are likely to become overweight in the years to come. Our current lifestyles make it easy for us to develop poor health or gain weight, with so much food available to us and little need for physical activity in our day-to-day lives. 777 more words

Healthier Choices

Next Level Recycler | Foam Facts

Recycling cans, glass and paper is great, but now it is time to take your recycling efforts to the next level!

An easy way to get started on your Next Level Recycler journey is by recycling a certain material that we all use: Polystyrene Foam.

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Yeah, Let's Talk JOBS: Solar Employs More Workers Than Coal, Oil and Natural Gas Combined

U.S. solar employs more workers than any other energy industry, including coal, oil and natural gas combined, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s second annual U.S.

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Renewable Energy

Wyoming Bill Would All But Outlaw Clean Energy by Preventing Utilities From Using It

A new measure submitted to the Wyoming legislature this week would forbid utilities from providing any electricity to the state that comes from large-scale wind or solar energy projects by 2019.

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The Swankety Snakes Symbolism

While many assumptions may be made about the symbolism of the Swankety Snakes, please be assured that they were created from intentional high vibration alchemy for all that is… 545 more words

Swankety Swank

Clean-Energy Jobs Surpass Oil Drilling for First Time in U.S. - Bloomberg

The number of U.S. jobs in solar energy overtook those in oil and natural gas extraction for the first time last year, helping drive a global surge in employment in the clean-energy business as fossil-fuel companies faltered.Employment in the U.S.

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