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Trending: New Fashion Innovations Include Textiles Made from Deadstock, Synthetic Spider Silk

by Hannah Furlong

A synthetic spider silk parka, luxury knitwear made from deadstock yarns, and one-of-a-kind pieces from unwanted locally sourced materials are the latest sustainable clothing options. 750 more words


Could Nanotechnology Dramatically Reduce Clothing's Environmental Impact?

by Kathleen Webber

If washing and drying clothes is a major culprit in the environmental waste wars, what if there were more natural fabrics that repelled stains, resulting in fewer washings? 712 more words


New Survey: Only 10% of Americans trust business to behave ethically.

96 percent of Americans believe it is important for companies to ensure their employees behave ethically but only 10 percent have trust and confidence in major companies to do what is right. 273 more words

Sustainable Brands

'There Are No Rules in Fashion But One: Recycle Your Clothes'

H&M Film Asserts, ‘There Are No Rules in Fashion But One: Recycle Your Clothes’

Image credit: H&M

H&M has released an inspiring film emphasizing that there is only one rule in fashion – to recycle your clothes! 365 more words


Profound Change, Creativity, Ego and Transformational Change

Maria and I had a very enjoyable week this week at Sustainable Brands Rio. This was our third Sustainable Brands event, having presented the opening plenary at Sustainable Brands London last year, and running our… 574 more words


Patagonia Out to Change the 'Filthy Business' of Denim

by Sustainable Brands

Knowing how conventional cotton is grown and denim is made, always-a-better-way outdoor apparel brand Patagonia has set out to change the industry. The company has partnered with chemical company… 353 more words


Keep voting responsibly with your wallet

The purchasing power of affluent countries has brought us a long way on the road to a fairer global marketplace.

After a quarter of a century of consumer activism, most major brands now have codes of conduct to protect manufacturing workers, applying American or European standards to all factories producing for those markets and improving local living standards through education and social projects. 834 more words