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Keep voting responsibly with your wallet

The purchasing power of affluent countries has brought us a long way on the road to a fairer global marketplace.

After a quarter of a century of consumer activism, most major brands now have codes of conduct to protect manufacturing workers, applying American or European standards to all factories producing for those markets and improving local living standards through education and social projects. 834 more words


Three Sustainability Trends That Have Companies on Their Toes

Listening to hundreds of other sustainability-focused leaders gathered at the 2015 Sustainable Brands Conference, some exciting trends are emerging. Here are my predictions about what we will see more of on the sustainability front: 432 more words

Clean Energy

Annaborgia Ready to Wear editorial

Yesterday on Annaborgia’s blog we published a few images from our shoot in Northern Italy a couple of weeks ago. Our friend Sara was wearing Annaborgia’s Bridesmaids Ariel Top to show how easy it is to transform it into a more casual look just styling it with a pair of jeans. 6 more words


Brynn McNally from Sustainable Brands interviews Maria and I about Holonomics

In the run up to Sustainable Brands San Diego earlier this year, Brynn McNally interviewed Maria and I about our work relating to Holonomics. A shorter version was published on the conference web site, and here is the full interview. 3,023 more words

Annaborgia Sneak Peek

Last thursday I got behind the camera again. A friend of mine agreed to help posing for me with a couple of Annaborgia‘s designs as I wanted to show how easy it is to re purpose Annaborgia’s bridesmaid attire into a casual look. 134 more words


It's Not Always Unicorns and Rainbows - Authentic Leadership and Sustainable Partnerships

Sometimes people need a little gentle reminder that within the sustainability area it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. People may try and paint a picture that it’s all hugs and love and one family, but the brutal truth, right now, is that humanity is still quite far from this. 1,060 more words

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