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Semaine no. 2: Tension and Transition

Week number two of in proximity entrepreneurship dawned sunnier and warmer than week number one. One of Malcolm’s first comments upon arriving in Arizona the week before was that he had not expected to be cold. 1,504 more words


Purposeful Politics for People and Planet

When did you last hear a good story? Who did you hear it from? A friend? A colleague? Your children? One group of people I bet you didn’t hear it from is politicians. 563 more words


Love Labour lost? Or how on earth did that happen?

And they’re off! The race to be next leader of the Labour Party is now truly underway. The starting pistol has been fired and the runners are approaching the first bend. 866 more words


Community Sourced Capital: Hot Winter Hot Sauce

Shaun Winter makes great hot sauce right here in Portland and he needs a small loan so his business, Hot Winter, can continue to source organic peppers from local organic farmers and sell his hot sauce in more stores.   220 more words

ComCap Oregon

Why energy reduction is good news for customers

Data centers play a key role in our global economy and understandably, security and continuity of service are usually top of the list of a customer’s core requirements. 378 more words

Those Loudbasstards: Why didn't I think of it first?

My favorite pastime is to think of business ideas. I am entrepreneurial and I have been since the beginning of MY time. I was raised by baby boomers so I’ve only recently mustered up the courage to leave the security of having a paycheck. 451 more words