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Awesome Stories 307

This week Awesome Stories brings you floating cities, peace, beautiful business, and music for change.

Floating Cities

Blue21 is a social design company that wants to help inspire and empower… 447 more words

Awesome Stories

The best way to die

Most of us live our lives in a wasteful way, which deeply effects the environment around us and our planet. More and more people are concerned with their carbon output, which has lead some to look at the way we die. 657 more words

Environmental Issues

Artificial meat will invade your dinner plates

Many people have become vegans or vegetarians either due to ecological or personal reasons. Animal cruelty and exploitation is a big part of today’s agriculture and many people actively decide not to take part in that and instead choose to live on a plant-based diet. 846 more words

Environmental Issues

Want a new plant? Buy a newspaper!

Once again Japan has done something remarkable. This time it is newspapers that grows plants.

The Mainichi Newspaper is one of the biggest newspapers in Japan and each day they deliver a morning and an evening edition. 416 more words

Environmental Issues

doing business in Uganda is getting easier - thanks to #HakunaMchezo

EVERY year we celebrate a little when the ‘Doing Business’ and ‘Global Entrepreneurship’ indexes and surveys are released, because Uganda gets favourable mentions.

Today on the… 1,525 more words

Entrepreneurship & Wealth Creation

Industrial strategy: where UK and US economic plans diverge

Theresa May recently launched the centrepiece of her domestic agenda: the UK’s industrial strategy. After six months of commentary on the parallels between the phenomena that led to the Brexit vote and US election result, it is useful to reflect on the differences that are starting to emerge. 924 more words

Green Economy

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Through our partnership with Bullfrog Power, Bullfrog injects clean, renewable electricity onto the grid to match the amount of energy our facilities use on an annual basis. 57 more words

Health & Wellness