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Fudge Brownies - Think Ouside the Box

This last year I was on the hunt for a good, moist, chocolaty, brownie recipe.  I tried many different recipes and finally found this Fudge Brownie Recipe.  485 more words


Thrive: Business for People, Communities & the Earth. ~ Peter Schaller

Although I don’t think there are any absolute truths in this life, there are a few things about which I have few doubts.

The majority of the environmental, economic, and social problems that we face in the world today are directly caused by greed. 1,226 more words

Contemporary Issues | Let's Talk

WashCycleLaundry lost my wedding dress

This is the story of how WashCycleLaundry lost my wedding dress and then sent me a ridiculous pittance of a check to try to appease me. 910 more words


Earning through Forest Restoration: Success Story in Kenya

So many times in my career path, I have received numerous questions from some of you whether carbon crediting really works and how you would earn from your planted trees. 1,001 more words

Inspirations And Success Stories

Costa Rica is now running completely on renewable energy

Have you heard the news? Costa Rica has managed to shift to 100% renewable energy! And they are not alone – more and more countries are following suit, and I hope you are part of a community and a country that is also moving in this direction. 72 more words


Solar power for Gwalior: why not make it happen?

It is impressive that countries where the Sun is in short supply are thinking big about this amazingly free and low-cost source of energy, and putting in so much efforts to make it a viable mode for those who cannot afford other expensive sources. 229 more words


How to Waste my time?

Who am I?

My name is Viviana Occhionorelli, I am Italian and live in Belgium, where I work as sustainability professional for an electronics manufacturer. I have  a background in political sciences, sustainable development, environmental management and I am currently studying (again?!) to get my MBA. 168 more words