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Here are the final 10 images. I’ve absolutely enjoyed the heck out of this module. At first I was really panicked because I didn’t think there was anything sustainable in this world. 377 more words

Sustainable Communities

Shoot 5

This shoot was probably to my surprise the most fun! The couple are super goofy and outgoing with each other and weren’t afraid to show me! 149 more words

Sustainable Communities

Shoot 4

This shoot was an interesting one for me as the couple was probably the least I knew much about and as individuals compared to the others. 353 more words

Sustainable Communities

Shoot 3

This shoot has been the most fun so far. The couple have not only been together for a few years, but have been friends for longer. 299 more words

Sustainable Communities

Shoot 2

The second shoot was smoother than the first, I had more control and felt more confident. The lighting I had specifically chosen to use was a rectangular soft box because this ensured lighting would covered from head to waist- if I wanted a hugging picture, lighting would hit all areas targeted. 173 more words

Sustainable Communities

Population Control?


An interesting topic conversation in the Independent where even David Attenborough comments on the troubles the human race is causing itself. Reproduction is having a massive hit on the environmental issues in the world. 150 more words

Sustainable Communities

Emmy's World

Hanne Van Der Woude

A photographer who’s long term project took a very interesting stance on one couple’s life. Emmy’s world is based on an ageing Dutch couple. 242 more words

Sustainable Communities