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Selecting the edit

Secondly, an edit that focuses mainly on the aesthetics of the images. It presents only produce and meat, but i know from previous test prints both the bottom meat images print very flat and grey, compared to the scans. 366 more words

Easter shoots

When i had processed the 4 rolls of 36 exposures, i noticed that one of the rolls was very dark. The negatives where almost white, meaning the images contain a high amount of black. 255 more words

Challenge and Support: The balance necessary for creating sustainable communities

It is my job to facilitate community for undergraduate teacher education majors at Appalachian State University. Working in the James Center for Appalachian Educators the word community gets tossed around a lot. 305 more words

Easter photography-shoots

Thursday 13th April

On Thursday i was concentrating on the Inflatable Theme Park and the Easter Trail at Over Farm Market. I arrived at around 10.30am and it was a sunny day with some cloud coverage, which was good as previously i had a lack of contrast in the sky in my images. 304 more words


The main variable of shooting for this project is the Weather. The weather determines the amount of people that will attend the events and the visit the farm, which will affect the shots that i get. 6 more words