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Paper Toning

Warm, neutral or cool tones on a print can create different aesthetic’s, and project different moods through the image. I have researched different ways of creating tones, including types of paper and toners. 615 more words

Sustainable Communities

Enlarging, FB Printing

When enlarging negatives, I found the magnify glass was really useful, and the key bit of equipment to ensure the image is going to be in focus. 499 more words

Over Farm Market Questions

  1. How sustainable do you think the farm is
  2. Process of getting food from the farm to the shop
  3. Does your own produce do as well as the other projects?
  4. 44 more words

New Brief

Over Farm Market

I will document Over Farm Market in all areas of their Sustainability, including economic, social and environmental. They meet all of these goals due to having activities at the farm shop to entice people to come, increasing the social element, such as the petting farm, and selling produce at the markets, bringing the local community to buy environmentally friendly produce, that is locally sourced or grown on their farm, helping the economic sustainability. 56 more words

Richard Kalvar. French Agriculture

Kalvar traveled to the small town of Pleben in the Brittany region of France in 2016, to spend time with local stockbreeders and veterinarians, documenting the issues around farming in France. 780 more words