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New research briefing on Unleashing Grassroots Innovations

A newly-published research briefing discusses how we can unleash the transformative power of grassroots innovations, looking in particular at community currencies.

Unleashing Grassroots Innovations: A Quest For Community Currency Growth… 31 more words

Transitions To Sustainability

Post-2015 resources round-up

Bringing the SDGs to life: real change for real people – This new animation, from the International Institute For Environment and Development, is designed to communicate what the SDGs are, why they are needed, and why we need to take collective action. 138 more words


The price of the blue jeans

The interesting German documentation “Der Preis der Blue-Jeans” elucidates the working conditions under which people in China produce our blue jeans, which we want to buy in a look as if they were worn for ages….but as we want to buy new jeans over and over again, lots of toxic and cancerogenic chemicals have to be used to please us. 270 more words

Sustainable Consumption

Does my consumption count ?

Does my consumption count ?.

I just entered the ‪#‎WorldEnvironmentDay2015‬ blog competitionto win a trip to Milan. What do you think of my article? Does my consumption count ?https://wp.me/p4Fwcb-9


Does my consumption count ?

Negative natural occurrences are attributed to a number of environmental issues: while some are largely beyond our control as humans, a good number of negative natural occurrences are avoidable and are within our control. 1,062 more words