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Behaviour Change - Why We Often Don't Walk the Talk

The following is likely going to make up a core part of my thesis… but I can’t find the article that inspired this train of thought! 1,027 more words

Sharing Economy

Plastic planet

Plastic planet

A couple of years ago the documentary Plastic Planet stroke me. It was shocking to see, how much plastic humans are using and how dangerous it is for us and the whole planet. 316 more words


Are black coffee drinkers more happy?

Recently, I was interested in the following question:

Do people who enjoy the purity and simplicity of a black coffee or espresso without any additives such as milk or sugar live a happier and more satisfied life?

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Sustainable phone

Sustainable phone

Yes, I also have one of these smartphones, with the fruit on the back. When I bought it no sustainable alternative was on the market. 358 more words


Monday Musings: A Duty To Protect Beauty

Earth’s beauty is undeniable yet a lot of people are too distracted to see how we are slowly killing it. I never understood people who would rather be on their phones instead of taking a few minutes to see the sun graciously setting over the horizon. 231 more words


Food is not Waste

My parents brought me up with a strong ecological sense of never wasting food, by filling my sensitive mind with images of starving Russian kids. Russia was a much more understandable context rather than Ethiopia or another developing country of which I certainly had never heard of as a young kid. 678 more words