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Food is not Waste

My parents brought me up with a strong ecological sense of never wasting food, by filling my sensitive mind with images of starving Russian kids. Russia was a much more understandable context rather than Ethiopia or another developing country of which I certainly had never heard of as a young kid. 678 more words


10 Ways To Start Eating Sustainably

Eat right! I’m sure you have heard of vegetarianism and how it helps the environment. But if you are not willing to give up your meat, should you just continue with your old ways? 1,408 more words


Standar LHK; Membangun Masyarakat Sustainable Consumption

Menjaga lingkungan bisa dilakukan dengan sederhana, tetapi harus terus menerus menjadi pola gaya hidup yang ramah lingkungan. Kegiatan sederhana yang sehari-hari kita lakukan, ternyata berdampak pada lingkungan dan alam semesta. 899 more words


Flexibility for flexitarians: thoughts about how to govern a reduction in meat consumption

One issue at the heart of the debate around sustainable consumption is the consumption of meat and other animal products. I recently read an article on the feasibility of the reduction of meat consumption by… 914 more words


Fish Box

The Fish Box scheme is a group of UK initiatives that brings sustainably caught, fresh fish right to your doorstep.  Fish comes straight from the landing site direct to your door and apart from having access to fresh fish, you also get to know the different landing sites and boats and are also assured that it is caught sustainably. 224 more words

Social-Ecological Seeds

Best educational hemp videos

Did you ever have the problem of explaining somebody why hemp is not (only) a drug but a very, very useful plant which can help us change our economy to be all bio-based (as it used to be for so long….)? 132 more words

Renewable Energy