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The Contradictions of Oil Exploration and Climate Policy

Last week, President Obama gave conditional approval to allow Shell Oil to start drilling for oil off the coast of Alaska, starting this summer. The decision represents a major victory for the petroleum industry which praises the economic benefits this will bring for the country, while it is a crushing defeat for the environmental community who sees this decision to drill for oil as a threat to surrounding marine ecosystem and exacerbating the issue of climate change. 993 more words

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Why focus on sustainable skills-building interventions for Africa

By day most of you may know that I am a professor, a community health professor with a focus on health in Africa. By night, well I am a style blogger, in a perfect world, I would combine both together, because it’s not one or the other, fashion is just as important as health for sustainable development in Africa. 519 more words


The “Sach-ing” Of America

By Edward Cline ~

There was the sack of Rome by Alaric and his Visigoths in 410 A.D. There was the sack of Rome by Charles I, Holy Roman Emperor, in 1527. 3,006 more words

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Sydney Opera House sails away on green energy

As part of Sydney’s VividSydney festival, the Sydney Opera House will literally go green to highlight its new carbon neutral status. 241 more words

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Superadobe Domes come to Las Vegas

Open Arms Domes

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Architect extraordinaire Erik Ven and Gaia Earthen Technologies are bringing recycled, energy-efficient residential Superadobe domes to Las Vegas.   341 more words

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Towards Sustainability: Emerging Systems for Informing Sustainable Development

If humanity is to live on this beautiful planet of ours indefinitely, we must design and innovate within the next generation or so, the means of creating a… 141 more words


L'Afrique, verre à moitié VIDE ou PLEIN?

J’ai commencé à me poser cette question il y’a bien plusieurs années, pourtant tous les jours ca me revient à l’esprit et toujours je n’ai pas de réponse fixe. 1,134 more words