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Hazardous Waste - Impact on health and Environment for sustainable development in India

From the Abstract: Development is the need for any country’s progress but not at the cost of livelihood of future generations, says the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development. 191 more words


A not-so-quiet repair revolution – repair “pop-up parties”

Getting on a sustainable pathway is a complicated effort that all of us must make. Christine Cole, Research Fellow, Architecture Design and the Built Environment and Alex Gnanapragasam, Research Fellow in Sustainable Consumer Behaviour, both from Nottingham Trent University have written a good article on innovative approaches to repair equipment instead of simply throwing them away. 882 more words

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development of a City: Systemic Approach

Today the concept of sustainable development has been adopted as a basis for promoting development at all levels of territorial organisation. While generally worked out for the global level, this conception has also attained a local dimension, after the local Agenda 21 had been drawn up at the Rio conference in 1992. 186 more words

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Sustainable Food Systems: The Role of the City

This book, by a leading expert in urban agriculture, offers a genuine solution to today’s global food crisis. By contributing more to feeding themselves, cities can allow breathing space for the rural sector to convert to more organic sustainable approaches. 101 more words

Urban Issues

Social Protection in Africa to "leave no one behind"

Photo: Dylan Lowthian/UNDP

Over the past two decades, African countries have achieved accelerated economic growth and noteworthy social and political achievements. However, there is a general agreement that such economic expansion has not been inclusive of the extremely poor and vulnerable. 354 more words


question: what does organic really mean?

The word organic is popping up everywhere. Organic milk, strawberries, and tomatoes. Organic cotton and organic pet food. These items are undoubtedly more expensive than their conventional counterparts and they are often stigmatized as being yuppie products or just another marketing scheme. 426 more words


Does your neighbour know about the Sustainable Development Goals?

By Felix Zimmermann, Coordinator, OECD Development Communication Network

I don’t really know my neighbour. What I do know is that she can get pretty grumpy when my kids are too noisy. 1,127 more words