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Development in Cuba

About the Course

As the borders open between the United States and Cuba, we are presented with an exciting and unprecedented opportunity to learn about Cuba. 281 more words

Shareholders are Acceptable People Too: 365ideas4change Number 14

I have a natural tendency to muse about esoteric things like “acceptability”. Rules exist for good reason – social functioning, law-keeping, prevention of total anarchy. However, as we in South Africa well know what is legal isn’t always ethical – apartheid being the most obvious case in point. 172 more words

Sustainable Development

Cooperatives for sustainable developement

Photo credit: UN News Centre

Members of the Cooperative Agriculture Maraicher for Boulbi, water and hoe their vegetable fields in Kieryaghin village, Burkina Faso. Photo: Dominic Chavez/World Bank… 211 more words


Electricity in Africa: Bleak situation but surely a better future

Norimitsu Onishi writes a very good article in the New York Times about the situation in Africa concerning electricity generation and distribution. EiD has had posts on this before but it is important that we take notice and provide whatever support possible. 1,488 more words

Sustainable Development

The defining challenge of our time: aka mediocrity forever?

One of the not particularly “inspiring” virtual conglomerates purporting “excellence” — and/or facsimiles thereof — is The Conversation. With a virtual presence in Australia, Africa and the U.S., their motto is “Academic rigor, journalistic flair”. 477 more words


Happily Ever After: 365ideas4change Number 10

I truly believe that self-awareness lies at the root of sustainability and happiness. One day it’ll be my doctoral thesis (note to self).

For now, there’s a lovely ‘fairy-tale’ that I’d like to share. 431 more words

Personal Development

A Variant of the 3C Economy: 365ideas4change Number 9

On the day when the “Yes” or “No” bailout vote for the Greek economy sent shock-waves around the financial world, I was reminded of part of a post I wrote a while ago. 311 more words

Sustainable Development