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Things you can donate

There are many good things about donating stuff. You can make other people happier and you get to contribute to a better environment.

Here is a list on a few suggestions of things you can donate, both old and new! 97 more words



Check out the new website… Specifier Review

Focussing on architecture, design and innovation, Specifier Review publishes the news and views from the built environment. Showcasing the latest architectural projects, product announcements, video presentations and informative articles by building product manufacturers and construction industry professionals.



Climate Change Impacts Food Safety & Health

“FAO Strategy on Climate Change. Rome, July 2017. Climate change affects food utilization primarily through its impacts on food safety and health.”


What does the FAO mean by food utilization? 328 more words

Change Leadership

Working with La Choza Chula in El Paredón

What is sustainable development?

This is the question we faced during our first workshop with La Choza Chula (LCC), a social enterprise founded in 2012 focused on sustainable education, business, and environmental programs in El Paredón, Guatemala. 294 more words


The one lesson Filipinos have yet to learn going forward

We thwart the one who’s leading us. We wilfully disobey. We insist that our way is the only way. We don’t take well to suggestion or correction. 417 more words

Change Management

مبادرة هوية وفرشاة

ينظم مركز السيق الثقافي وتريجري للتمنية المستدامة مباردة هوية وفرشاة، للرسم جداريات على جدران المدارس وبعض الأبنية السكنية في لواء البتراء، التي تقع على الشارع الرئيسي حيث توثق الهوية الخاصة بالمنطقة وتعبر عن …

Sustainable Development

Sustainable management of tourism destinations: challenges, goals and advantages

Since the concept of Sustainable development became popular in the mid 80’s with the celebration of the UN World Commission for the environment and development… 629 more words

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