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Sustainable Solutions in African Communities

My professor told an amazing story today, demonstrating just how effective simple solutions can be in solving sustainability issues.

Sub-Saharan Africa is currently facing a global crisis: water scarcity. 374 more words


The little coop

Alex Wyndham designed this really nice and well executed  structure/coop for a historical plot in Santa Barbara , California , United States. The couple who raises chickens are both teachers and maintain a large organic garden and fruit plantations on their property. 108 more words


The Paradox of Sustainability

The four pillars of sustainable practice are cultural vitality, environmental responsibility, social equity and economic prosperity. The intention is to provide for the needs, wants and aspirations of current populations without compromising the ability of future generations to at least benefit from a similar circumstance (Brundtland Report, 1987). 430 more words

Sustainable Development

Financing the Green Transformation

Many Asian countries have set ambitious targets for climate change mitigation. Governments all over the region are devising green growth strategies, aiming to reconcile economic growth with low carbon emissions as well as trying to limit other forms of environmental degradation such as soil, water, and air pollution. 990 more words


what is sustainability?

Sustainability is how organic life systems remain diverse and productive. Long lived and healthy wetlands and forests are examples of sustainable biological systems. in more general terms, sustainability is the strength of systems and processes. 29 more words

Jeffrey Sachs Views Development as a Responsibility

Today our Student Spotlight is from Emmie Mediate, a senior at Notre Dame studying Africana Studies, Medicine, and International Development. She has conducted a variety of research on international healthcare systems throughout her undergraduate career, with a particular interest in HIV/AIDS policy. 694 more words

Student Spotlight