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Electric planes and how they could transform aviation | Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy finds out about how innovation could transform aviation.

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To ethically mine crypto we need to use renewable energy

If you have access to the internet, have read a newspaper, or have even passed a television in your gym recently, you have inevitably encountered the claim that blockchain has the ability to drastically change the world. 1,408 more words

Live lightly in the kitchen - save energy

Cover image borrowed from Glou Glou. Get over there for an awesome glühwein recipe!

Whether at work, home or school, our minds are constantly challenged to innovate and pay attention. 734 more words

HD Live Map brings Dubai one step closer to driverless future

As part of the government’s latest efforts toward a smart and driverless future, Dubai has announced that it a new partnership that will see the development of a high-definition mapping technology for the emirate. 8 more words

Masdar City touts sustainable tech as part of Innovation Month

Masdar City, as part of UAE Innovation Month, with a programme of clean technology displays and engaging community activities, all hosted at Masdar Park this weekend. 8 more words

Hygrobots {vid}

These battery-less, bipolar bots have the potential to revolutionize the way we power movement. #nerdgasm

*I know the top image is way cooler than the actual robots in this video but c’mon, think of the possibilities. 11 more words

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The Biofuel Revolution

Despite the rising interest in biofuels, they are still the subject of some controversy…

This project, completed as an assignment for a visual journalism assignment in 2016, is a news segment about biofuels as a substitute for fossil fuels: the advantages, disadvantages, and where our technology is at right now.

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