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The world's only vertically integrated sustainable energy company

– Why Tesla buying SolarCity is a good thing

In late June of this year, Tesla, the electric vehicle company, made a $2.6bn bid (to be paid in shares) to buy… 497 more words


Black Rock Solar: Getting Clean Energy to Rural Communities

When people talk about Burning Man, they are generally talking about the festival where 70,000 journey to the desert of Nevada for a week of dust-filled celebration of fire and art. 312 more words


Latest update on sustainable energy finance

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) provides the August update on global developments in sustainable energy finance.

Sustainable Energy Finance Update: MDBs Offer Broad Energy Sector Support; Off-Grid, Transport, Industry Receive Boost… 1,398 more words


Great combination to promote sustainable energy: crowdfunding and education

Derek Markham has provided a good article on the CleanTechnica website about a team using the crowdfunding model to help bring about a revolution in clean energy investment and deployment. 590 more words

Sustainable Energy

Costa Rica Goes 76 Days Straight On Renewable Energy

Costa Rica is leading by example as it relates to limiting fossil fuel usage & replacing it with sustainable energy. Per sciencealert.com For the past two months the small Central American country has managed to  run completely on renewable energy for 76 straight days between June and August this year. 356 more words


How reclassifying wind farms expands government lands to wind power

The US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is considering changing the way it deals with land allocation. The US government has two methods for dealing with private leasing of public land: (1) a first-come, first-served method, (2) and competitive bidding. 271 more words

Green Energy

Sri Lanka Wind & Solar Plants to Supply 70% Electricity by 2030

Sri Lankan Cabinet of Ministers has approved a ‘Battle for Solar Energy’ program which aims to boost the sustainable power generation in the country.

The ‘Battle for Solar Energy’ program aims to encourage small consumers to install solar panels on their rooftops, and consumers will be paid for any excess energy exported to the grid… 118 more words