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Important funding strategy for energy activities in Africa

The African Development Bank Group is taking a significant step forward by approving a multi-year strategy for a new deal on energy in Africa. The new deal includes supporting the transition to green growth that includes an emphasis on energy efficiency and scaling up energy access. 678 more words


New multilateral support in Turkey for transition to low carbon economy

The Turkish Daily News welcomed new financial support from the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank to support sustainable energy initiatives. EiD has a confession because we work a lot in Turkey on energy efficiency issues and we are certain this support will have good impact. 351 more words



The power of people lies in how easily accessible information is.

Helen Hu Enterprises Inc. is an organization whose chief purpose is to identify, develop, and promote business opportunity related to sustainable energy and community infrastructure development.

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Why you should read ELON MUSK

Beyond the media hype on his revolutionary achievements in the automotive, energy and space industries, I wanted to extract the lessons for myself how he pulled the feat by diving into Musk world, through reading Ashlee Vance’s 392 page study of the subject in the first week of May 2016. 280 more words


We Got a New HVAC System (and Yes This Counts as Ministry)

While attempting to Walk the Walk of Environmental Stewardship, my family recently signed up for a home energy audit offered by TVA.  A nice man driving a Prius pulled up and made an inspection of our home, then sat down with us to offer some suggestions for improvement.  783 more words

2016: Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Other Things

“Driving down the demand for oil as renewable energy sources are becoming less expensive.”

By Dr. John J. Hidore

Earth Day was a True Global Success for Climate Change… 810 more words

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