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Eating bugs: Recipes, pictures and a review of cricket powder, crickets and mealworms!

Trust me, eating crickets and mealworms was not on my radar 3 weeks ago. Sure, I’d forced down a chocolate coated cricket years ago at a bug exhibit at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, but that was the end of my bug eating. 2,205 more words

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"Demain", to build a better world

The strength of “Demain” remain in the fact they are focusing more on solutions than on problems. We are all aware of Climate Change and the damages it causes, but few of us are aware of solutions to help¬†other than cutting water while we are brushing our teeth and privileging showers over baths. 492 more words

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1 step closer

Thursday night (14th April, 2016) one of our goats gave birth to THREE kids. And although they are all boys – not ideal – the good news is they are all healthy. 253 more words

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Vegetarians V Meat Eaters: Here's The Truth

If you eat meat and non-meat foods then of course you’re an omnivore. If you don’t eat any meat then you’re a herbivore and therefore a vegetarian (although I suppose technically you’re still a herbivore unless you consider yourself vegan but what’s in a word anyway?). 2,102 more words

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Sustainable Food for the Globe

The new gardening season begins.  This is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. Here in the midwest the days are getting longer, sunnier and warmer. 64 more words

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Spicy Citrus Scramble

Spring is one of my favorite seasons that I’m not sure I would experience its full annual force if I lived anywhere outside of the Midwest. 140 more words

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