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Bee's Wrap Sheets - a sustainable food wrapping

Striving to be sustainable I often come upon the problem of making too much waste, especially when food is involved. For this reason, I usually like to store my food in different containers, but too often I tend to go for a plastic wrap or foil wrap. 236 more words


Limited special offer | Superfood breakfast + Yoga just 50Q at Hummingbird - happy new year!

A fresh new year is here (hooray!) and like many others here around our beloved Lake Atitlan, we’re determined to begin it with a good, healthy start. 304 more words


Review | Bambu Guesthouse Restaurant

If you’re visiting Lake Atitlan, fancy a day out exploring Tzununá and love fresh-from-the-garden, organic produce then we’d highly recommend a trip to the charming Bambu Guest House Restaurant. 1,080 more words


The Grub Kitchen-

We don’t normally go out for Sunday lunch. I’m a bit of a tight wad, and can’t bear the idea of spending money on something I feel I can do perfectly well myself. 995 more words


A Look Inside Hopkins House

Eliana Gevelber ’19 and Ariana Banks ’18, students in ENV 311 Interpreting and Communicating Environmental Information, write about Hopkins House.

The Hopkins House cooperative is a Smith house where students cook and do chores together. 337 more words


Governments, grassroots, and the struggle for local food systems: containing, coopting, contesting and collaborating


Local sustainable food systems have captured the popular imagination as a progressive, if not radical, pillar of a sustainable food future. Yet these grassroots innovations are embedded in a dominant food regime that reflects productivist, industrial, and neoliberal policies and institutions. 282 more words

Hummingbird Menu | Local food, freshly sourced each day

Care about the environment? Recognise the value of wholesome, locally sourced fruit and vegetables? Well so do we!

We buy most of our fresh produce from our neighbour, Marcos, the indigenous farmer who lives next door. 159 more words