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It's just something very magical

[Green Renaissance]

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • My love affair for mushrooms started when I had to walk
  • It has developed into basically growing my own Shiitake Mushrooms out of logs…
  • 253 more words

A Harvest Of Love. 

A farmer has so many roles. Many people think of farmers as growers, but there is so much more.

Faith and nurturing are two more values needed by a farmer. 147 more words

Andrea Crawford

Andrea Crawford got her start growing greens in the early 80’s for Chez Panisse. Today she operates Kenter Canyon Farms, selling mostly wholesale greens, including 20,000 pounds of oregano per year to Chipotle. 237 more words


Quick, quick, ahh!...easy and healthy meals on the go!

Hands up, if you work long hours!

Eating healthy on the quick IS NOT quick!!

Literally have NO clue where to start?

Alright, note to self, enough with the whining already! 426 more words

Beans, peas and sprouts. Eating raw just got simpler.

I didn’t ever consider that growing sprouts could be so easy. My first mistake was with quantity.  I used about a half cup of dried lentils when a tablespoon would have been more than enough.  234 more words


The Trials, Tribulations and Successes in Gluten Free Baking

I have always had a habit of baking at random hours of the night and end up being accused of trying to fatten up my family with offerings of cakes and treats. 531 more words

The Quesadilla Idea

Sometimes you just get a craving for a food. It can take over your mind for days until you finally get that food and you can move on. 473 more words