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The Trials, Tribulations and Successes in Gluten Free Baking

I have always had a habit of baking at random hours of the night and end up being accused of trying to fatten up my family with offerings of cakes and treats. 531 more words

The Quesadilla Idea

Sometimes you just get a craving for a food. It can take over your mind for days until you finally get that food and you can move on. 473 more words

A Tiny Chirp

With each new person that finds out about the limitations of my diet comes the exact same response; ‘why don’t you just start eating meat again?’.¬† 572 more words

So Many Choices... So Few Options

We human beings do like to mess about with everything don’t we? We just can’t seem to leave well enough alone. Everything we touch needs to be enhanced, upgraded, fortified, enriched, updated or – heaven help us all – ‘reimagined.’ No, I’m not talking about a movie franchise or old television show (A reboot of… 855 more words

Processed Foods

Get your bean on in 2016! It's the International Year of Pulses

2016 is the International Year of Pulses. Read on to find out more about pulses, preparation and recipe ideas to embrace these healthy, affordable and sustainable foods. 1,254 more words


London Eats?

An international taste of place? Delicious street food in the bone-chilling weather at Burrough Market yesterday, filled with fabulous artisan foods from the region, and all over the world, with international eaters peaking at each other’s finds to see what to have for lunch. 698 more words


CSA All the Way

Hi there! It’s been a very busy summer, I feel like I blinked and it was over. For this summer, I decided to do something a little different from my typical weekly food shops and signed up for a CSA. 1,124 more words