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Gluten-free & Egg-free

Wheat provides about twenty per cent of the world’s calories and more nourishment than any other source of food over the course of human civilization, yet more and more people in in the last few years are coming out as gluten sensitive and moving towards gluten-free alternatives. 42 more words

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All About the Food

It is hard to believe I have already been in Rome for 11 days! It still feels like a vacation stage. I don’t think it has hit me that I will get to be in this city for another 3 months. 456 more words

Greenhouses: How they work

Greenhouses are prefect for someone wishing to grow plants year around. But how do they work? Greenhouses are usually made of glass or plastic. Why? Because greenhouses use solar radiation to trap heat inside and the glass/plastic allows heat to enter easily into the building structure. 275 more words

Gundersen Health System

Gundersen Health System and the Farm2School Program

Gundersen Health System is an active member of the Farm2School Program. What is this program? The Farm2School program helps to build and establish partnerships between K-5th grade schools and local farmers to encourage healthy eating and proper nutrition among students and their families. 317 more words

Gundersen Health System


  THE EATING LEAVES PROJECT is an exploration of cruelty free food. Reflecting on the progression of sustainable foods, vegetarian and vegan cooking.

Exploring by creating a documentation of my research, as I continue to create and learn about cruelty free and sustainable food.

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Love jam? Make it at home!

Do you purchase jam from the store? If you do, perhaps it’s time to consider making your own. Many people avoid making homemade jam because it is time consuming and sometimes expensive. 324 more words

Gundersen Health System

Seafood for the Future raises sustainable fish consciousness in Long Beach

Ninety-one percent of seafood consumed in the U.S. comes from other countries, due to the low and unstable yields from American waters. Seafood for the Future, a non-profit seafood advisory program, has made a goal of promoting healthy and responsible seafood choices. 34 more words