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Mid-winter harvest (and how a permaculture garden survives six weeks of neglect)

We’re back from a long trip and I come home to a garden that is pumping food (and some weeds too!). During that time we’ve been away, I believe the garden survived on its own, fed by the diverse organic matter and soil biota which I have lovingly helped establish and by the occasional rain. 523 more words


what's growing in the Herb Garden this year

Here’s the Herb Garden in its second year.  I also took a picture from a ladder so you could see everything better:

Across the back are my husband’s potatoes, which we are just about to start harvesting. 109 more words

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Reasons why you should start your urban farming project

Reasons why you should start your urban farming project.

Urban farming projects are both rewarding and very exciting. Not only can urban farming projects provide affordable, fresh and organic vegetables, but also provide fruit, vegetables and herbs right to your doorstep! 66 more words

Sustainable Gardening

It's Mid-July. What's Blooming in Your Garden?

We are halfway through meteorological summer and halfway through the “Dog Days.” How does your garden look?

It’s okay if you said “tired,” “dry,” burned up”  or some such thing. 434 more words

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"I'm strong to the finish, 'cause I eats me Spinach"

Who doesn’t love spinach? Well, many kids for one; yours truly included. I remember hearing, “Popeye likes spinach. Just try it. You’ll like it too.” Of course, I don’t remember it being fresh sautéed spinach. 579 more words

Biochar: The Oldest New Thing You've Never Heard Of

Here’s a great video on biochar by Wae Nelson at TEDxOrlando  that shows what a difference biochar makes to plants, people and the planet!

Wae Nelson was employed as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace and defense industries for many years, working both as a designer and as a manager in manufacturing. 31 more words

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Why Buy Organic?

Is the Higher Price Worth It?

While shopping in your grocery store’s produce section, you may notice the organically grown apples are pocked and not as big and perfectly round as the conventional produce, but they are more expensive. 247 more words