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Sweet Earth on the radio!

I had set an intention for myself that during 2017 I would ‘step outside of my comfort zone’.  How I was going to achieve that I did not yet know.   129 more words

Slow Flowers

...Perfect for the home gardener!

Home gardening tips and tricks are in no short supply these days. Whether you are doing a simple google search for ‘how to grow vegetables successfully’ or you visit the garden shop for a packet of seeds and you end up leaving with a variety of stuff (soil mix, soil treatment, plant booster and fertilizer) and so much advice that you wish you had a notebook! 376 more words

Do It Yourself

Keeping the soil food web alive

It took me six years of gardening to come to the conclusion that my garden watering schedule was detrimental to my soils.

I saw “watering” the garden as a mean to “provide moisture to the plants”.

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A Voice of Reason

Thanksgiving for those of us in the United States will occur in 3 days. Perhaps our Canadian neighbors have gotten it correct in holding it earlier, in October. 538 more words

Sustainable Gardening

Wordless Wednesday--Hibernation?

I always talk about leaving leaf litter and brush piles so insects can over-winter.

We recently installed a new garage door opener and it has a keypad on the outside of the door. 32 more words

Wordless Wednesdays

Wearable Succulents? Are They Kidding?!

So all of a sudden, the “trend” in succulents seems to be plastering them to things and wearing them.

Remember, I am the person who doesn’t like succulents to begin with because they get “untidy” so it’s not as if I am naturally going to embrace any kind of trend that exploits long trails of succulents hanging off fingernails (“Google”it–I don’t want to post photos because I don’t want to violate anyone’s copyrights–or worse yet, insult anyone’s creativity any more so than I am already doing). 317 more words


Mid Spring garden

Raspberries and welsh onion



Tomatoes, clay pots and salad greens





Garden helpers

Landing platform for garden helpers!

Some late comers in the cabbage family… 11 more words