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Houzz Article Features Good Overview of Earth Friendly Gardens

Benjamin Vogt of Monarch Gardens contributed a well written article that presented features to consider and benefits of earth friendly gardens.  My favorite, was his use of swales. 17 more words

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You Don't Do What??!!

Happy Earth Day!

No matter what I am lecturing on, the topic inevitably comes around to fertilizing. And the question, or questions are something like “What do you feed your plants?” or “How often do you feed your plants?” or some variation on that theme. 403 more words

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Wordless Wednesday--Photos from the Freedom Lawn

A little over 2 weeks ago I talked about my “Freedom Lawn.” That post had no photos because we were still having snow!

It has since warmed up enough for things to green up and start blooming so I thought I would post lots of photos so folks could see what I meant by this concept–and either be horrified or not. 395 more words

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Make Shift Chicken Bed

I needed a quick and affordable way to house my chickens at night.  I got wire cages from a pet store, put them up on tables under the eaves of my home, wrapped them with bubble wrap insulation, and clamped on a roof.  86 more words

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Meet Frick and Frack

Meet Frick and Frack, two new “Farm Hands” in my back yard “farm”.  Frick has the white belly and Frack has the black belly.  Both are Marans recruited from the  … 84 more words

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Eco-engineering with floating wetlands

Solving South Africa’s devastating water issues, compounded by drought and destruction of wetlands, has fallen to a new generation of engineers who work ecologically with nature, in many cases mimicking natural phenomena like floating wetlands. 1,108 more words


Sustainable natural pools and ponds

Not all Natural Pools and Ponds are sustainable. Natural Pools and Ponds biomimics natural ecosystems. If constructed correctly, your natural pool and pond will be in a state of ecological balance. 181 more words

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