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garden (with house attached) for sale!

I can’t believe I’m saying this but my garden – and house – are for sale! We’re in a great location in Glamorgan, quiet street within walking distance to Mount Royal University, shopping and major bus routes to downtown, University of Calgary, and more. 78 more words

Deer Proofing?

It’s been awhile since my backyard has looked like this! And at this point, I might even welcome the snow (yes in August!) because it would be welcome relief from the drought! 483 more words

Backyard Wildlife

Wise Watering in the Heat

As we move into the hot summer months, typically there are periods of drought and wind. This can be stressful on our gardens, and we need to take extra care to water regularly. 392 more words

Sustainable Gardening

Grow Green Guide Offers Plant Suggestions and Sustainable Landscaping Options to Local Gardeners

Spending less time mowing and watering? What’s not to like about that? With the expert gardening advice and creative landscaping suggestions featured in Metro Vancouver’s new Grow Green Guide, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a great outdoor space that reduces water demand, supports pollinators, and looks great too! 868 more words

Design from patterns to details

We come from families of farmers and gardeners and they are, like everybody else, growing old.

They’ve always managed their gardens the same, traditional, way ; carting in wheelbarrow-full of composts and manures to enrich the soil, ploughing with a rotary hoe, planting densely, weeding by hand, etc. 486 more words


Mid-winter harvest (and how a permaculture garden survives six weeks of neglect)

We’re back from a long trip and I come home to a garden that is pumping food (and some weeds too!). During that time we’ve been away, I believe the garden survived on its own, fed by the diverse organic matter and soil biota which I have lovingly helped establish and by the occasional rain. 523 more words


what's growing in the Herb Garden this year

Here’s the Herb Garden in its second year.  I also took a picture from a ladder so you could see everything better:

Across the back are my husband’s potatoes, which we are just about to start harvesting. 109 more words

Plant Calendar