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The Squash Harvest: a case study on the benefits of organic gardening

Recently, we harvested our butternut squash from our backyard urban garden. The two plants had sprawled themselves out across the rain garden and looped around the blueberry bushes in this kind of beautiful ground cover. 584 more words

Sustainable Gardening

The Incredible Edible National Heirloom Exhibition 2016

For years I had been wanting to go to the National Heirloom Exhibition! However, I rarely think about this event, until I’d be driving past the fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California, during my annual visit there. 429 more words


Perennial leeks for the subtropical garden

From twelve little ‘leeklets’ planted two years ago, I now grow our year-worth supply of leek for our family.

Unlike annual leek that are slow growing, grown from seeds and intolerant of subtropical heat, perennial leek grows a bit smaller and thinner, with more green than white part, and they remain unfazed by our summer heat. 170 more words


Preparing the Garden for Winter--or Not

This time of year I get requests for my lecture on Preparing the Garden for Winter. I also get requests for a description. And what I always say is that there are at least two ways to prepare the garden, the “traditional” way, which consists of cutting everything back and bagging up or blowing away all the leaves, and the newer way, which leaves a good bit of clean-up until the spring, perhaps mulches at least some of the leaves, etc. 237 more words

Sustainable Living

Enrich Systems Brief

Enrich is a program intended to educate people of the benefits to themselves and the environment that comes from sustainable gardening by providing them with the knowledge and tools to accomplish this, as well as building communities around the concept and creation of sustainable gardens. 572 more words

Insect hotel for habitat and resilience

We recently hosted a small party of permaculture aficionados who came to spend a few hours with us here, share a meal, tools, skills, conversations, friendship and fun… 413 more words


garden (with house attached) for sale!

I can’t believe I’m saying this but my garden – and house – are for sale! We’re in a great location in Glamorgan, quiet street within walking distance to Mount Royal University, shopping and major bus routes to downtown, University of Calgary, and more. 78 more words