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Friday Follows - Sustainable Vegetable Gardening Tips For Homesteaders and Preppers

If you are looking to become more self-sufficient and reduce your footprint on the planet; then there is no better way than having your own Vege garden to help feed yourself and your family. 249 more words


Don't Kill A Plant With Kindness

I’ve been doing a bit of lecturing lately and I will be doing a lot more as spring begins. Some years, I am so busy lecturing, I can barely find time to get into the garden (isn’t that a happy problem to have?) 551 more words

Sustainable Living

Leafy Greens, Yes Please!

For a busy family, growing food in the backyard seems so simple and essential when the crops are blooming. From March to November last year, the garden produced so much silverbeet, lettuce, cabbage and parsley, as well as several crops of butter beans and green beans – enough to fulfil most of our ‘greens’ needs. 68 more words

Beware of the Harlequin Beetle

Navigating the World of Gardening

I consider myself a novice gardener. For the past 2 years, from the spring through the fall, my fiancée and I have rented a plot in our town’s community garden, a nice 10×10 space that offers the opportunity to plant various fruit and vegetable seeds with the hope that with enough weeding, just the right amount of water, and a little bit of luck, we’ll have some local farm-to-table foods. 765 more words


Looking forward to 2018

‘Touch the earth lightly, Use the earth gently’* as we enter 2018.

Most of us are happiest when surrounded by people who share our values and think in similar ways.  1,459 more words

Tikorangi: The Jury Garden

Need A Winter Container Indoors?

As you plan for winter arrangements, scavenge in your yard for some foliage.

I don’t live in the Pacific Northwest so I don’t have a lot of those wonderful cedars with cones that you see in the professional arrangements. 153 more words

Backyard Wildlife

SE Essex Organic Gardeners meeting – Monday 15 January

With more people growing their own food either in their garden, on an allotment or in a community garden, it’s important to do so in a way that doesn’t have an adverse environmental impact. 95 more words