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In The Garden, North Is South

I just noticed that the north side of my house is the south side of my neighbor’s house. Duh.

Up until now, I’ve been locating and growing plants under the assumption that plants on the south side of the house get full, blazing, hot sun, while plants on the north side of the house get full, hot, dry shade. 194 more words

Sarah Shah

Carrot Conceit

Here is a picture of some carrots that came out of my garden this morning. A woman showing these would say: “Here are some carrots I grew this year. 342 more words


The Pollinator--or Wildlife--Garden

Ten days ago, I showed a bunch of plants in pots and said that I was replanting a portion of my garden for the pollinators. I thought you all might want to see how that came out, particularly since its so colorful right now, and it can be difficult to get color in the garden in mid-summer. 280 more words

Backyard Wildlife

Ten ways to acquire plants for free (or almost free)

If there are a few gaps in your flower patch and no cash in your pocket to go out and buy some flowery treats to pop in for instant gratification, do not despair. 936 more words

Hints And Tips

The Twenty-First Century American Garden: My View

Anyone not sleep-walking through life is aware that Planet Earth is metamorphosing into a world never seen by humanity before. Rapid urbanization, consequent deforestation and habitat destruction, invading animals and plants, epic levels of environmental pollution – all are driven largely by human population growth that most experts believe is already well beyond sustainable levels. 3,861 more words

Piedmont Gardening

My native plants

One of my priorities for my home was creating sustainable landscaping. I’ve added as many native plants as possible to meet the needs of the Central Piedmont climate and to provide resources for native wildlife. 204 more words


Water Wars and Woes?

A week or so ago I was talking to a colleague about climate change and drought. I said that one of my experiences with drought and how poorly the climate scientists model drought and how long it takes to recover from drought I had witnessed first hand in Colorado. 285 more words

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