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Fall Myths About Leaves

I was reading another blog the other day (I won’t post a link to it because my purpose it not to embarrass other people) and I came upon this piece of gardening “advice” about fall leaves: it went something like “don’t leave “thick” layers of leaves in the garden because you’ll kill things.” 248 more words

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the Adventure Garden, summer 2015

It has been such a busy summer that this garden has really had to take care of itself all season.  Fortunately, I designed it to do just that!   198 more words

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the Front Welcome Garden in September

I did a thorough weeding and re-mulching of this garden this summer. ¬†Normally I prefer a darker-coloured mulch but this was leftover from our spruce tree take-down… 74 more words

The Front Welcome Garden

"Weathering In" Your Compost

On Monday I talked a little bit about just spading compost around the garden in the fall and letting “weather” do the rest for you. This is actually part of a sustainable practice of gardening called “no-till” gardening. 382 more words

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Drought or Deluge, The Remedy is the Same

What are you looking at? It’s my most badly stressed container plant, a Spanish lavender. I’m not in really bad shape this summer, luckily.

But a tweet from @Proven_Winners awhile back about how much of the country was experiencing flooding rains (not a problem I’m having) and if the gardens were getting washed out, it was time to fertilize made me think that container plants in summer could be having the same issues. 374 more words

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A Great Tool For Weeding and More

This tool recently made the Monrovia newsletter for a great tool for weeding. As you can tell by the slightly rusty hinge on ours and the weathered handle, we were ahead on the curve–we’re into our second or third year of use already. 350 more words

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Connecting Community with Food and Gardening

Pat Bears was raised by an English grandmother who fussed over flowers. When she was growing up, special occasions were marked by gifts of peonies. The rambling Dorothy Perkins roses grown by her grandmother continue to be one of her favorites. 772 more words

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