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Something New from Canada's National Parks

Something old, something new

Perhaps I should have said “something revered, something preserved,” because the system of national parks in Canada, which was mandated by law to protect and preserve both the natural and cultural heritage of this nation, is in essence a collective recognition by the people of Canada and their governments that these prodigious natural areas are critical to a Canadian sense of place. 776 more words

Historical And Heritage Travel

Climate Change and the Art of Jeroen Bechtold

Art and travel

In the world of travel and tourism, the arts are the principal reason why many people travel. To some extent, however, travel can be risky business. 242 more words

Global Issues

Talking to Roy, the Florida Radio Guy ... About Martinique

To listen to this radio interview, click on the link below.


For a number of years I had the privilege of working with Roy Lowey: pilot, retired airline executive, owner-operator of his own airlines, radio host ( 96 more words

Historical And Heritage Travel

The Mythological Landscape of Western Newfoundland

As the helicopter rises gently above the Humber Valley, we look down on a tapestry of subtle colours, imposing granite mountains, meandering rivers, and placid lakes whose shores are unblemished by impertinent human structures. 927 more words

Historical And Heritage Travel

The Regenerative Cause and Effect of Oxnard, California

… with Bonnie Neely

Resource-based tourism

Increasingly human beings on the Planet Earth are becoming more and more aware of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all life forms in what may be a limitless but fragile universe. 592 more words

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Zen Skiing at Sun Peaks, with Senator Nancy Greene

… Chatting with Nancy Greene

Skiing as an environmental activity

In many ways every sport is both a private-personal and public activity. However even though we may be engaged in a physical activity that we love, surrounded by kindred spirits, we are still very much in our own space. 766 more words