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Japanese Toad Liliy

Tricyrtis miyazaki is on display in the shade gardens at the moment. Yesterday, I even pulled my intern off the shingling job she was working on to sit and take a closer look at these fascinating blooms. 65 more words

Life At Fernwood

Slaughter Sunday is Back

My dog eats meat. The ducks had five years free-ranging in the pear garden. They had pretty much stopped laying eggs. We decided that a quick, quiet, unexpected death before the cold of winter sets in was for the best. 88 more words


Kyu Che's Lifepod

Lifepod is an experimental lightweight, nomadic, environmentally low-impact capsule dwelling unit conceptually based on the Mongolian ger utilizing aerospace, and automotive RV technologies. Conceived in 1997 with ongoing research. 157 more words

Greening Your Wardrobe

By Sarah “Steve” Mosko

What typically comes to mind when contemplating our personal environmental footprint is the energy efficiency of the car we drive, how religiously we recycle, and maybe whether or not we have a water thirsty lawn. 1,886 more words

Sustainable Living

Zero Waste Living

As a student, this is definitely a subject that interests me. I’m always looking for little hacks and ways to save money or reuse items! 363 more words


Life with no trees is no life at all

 The tree of life, a commonly used phrase or image that people around the world use to describe families, or what all living things come from…. 847 more words

The Environment

Climate Change: Why We Care

The Landerholmstead’s main purpose is to provide self-sufficient, sustainable housing communities for people in need. Our dream is to design a site where crops and livestock are in abundance, where the soil is fertile, and the people who live on it have access to healthy, clean food and water. 435 more words

Sustainable Living