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Vacation Diaries 2: Pooping in a Bucket Changed My Life

It’s just after dawn. I know this because Kak’s chickens are starting to rustle their feathers in the coop nearby, letting out quiet little clucks as the sun rises from behind me. 1,470 more words


The Great Harvest

Now is when the vegetable harvest floods the kitchen. Buckets, baskets, and wooden crates filled to the brim with tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, and more. Let’s not even mention the cucumbers. 187 more words

Life At Fernwood

Warm and Wooly Homes

Sheep’s wool has long been proclaimed as one of nature’s best insulators, and San Francisco startup Havelock Wool, LLC has taken advantage of this property of wool to use it as a sustainable insulation product to meet the growing demand of higher efficiency buildings and homes.  377 more words


Natural and Herbal Face Washes: Herbal Home Remedies and Tips

Washing your face seems simple, well you have been doing it all your life and if your face is still there, so you have to have got it right, correct? 487 more words

Natural Mantra

Killing my pigs

I had a big, somewhat emotional day on the farm the other day. We had Rob, the friendly local mobile butcher come in to kill and butcher 2 of my 3 pigs. 360 more words


From Big to Tiny

Redoing the rafters – May 2016

Tiny Cabin – End of summer 2016

A lot of people have asked if the cabin is going to be a vacation home or a permanent residence. 491 more words

Tiny Cabin

Meat eaters guide to fighthing climate change

When the subject is individual actions to fight climate change, we all know the basics: trade the car for a bike and public transport (or an electric car if possible).  157 more words

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