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Increasing the Clickthrough Rate of Your Sustainability Tweets

Clickable tweets are key to driving traffic to your site. This article posted on HubSpot went over 14 ways to increase your clickthrough rate (CTR) on Twitter. 315 more words


Go Green : The New Success Mantra in Marketing

Green is the new buzzword in the marketing. The world is going Green and so are the companies and the governments. Now going green has become the new success mantra in marketing to differentiate the products and services from their competition. 1,527 more words

TripAdvisor GreenLeaders: navigating the website maze and hotels hype

By Nicholas Phoon on 4th May 2015

Green minded and planning to stay at a sustainability certified hotel? The GreenLeaders program from TripAdvisor is promising but be prepared for some frustration. 975 more words


How Sustainability Plays a Key Role in GETTING IT RIGHT!

What are twenty-first century marketers getting wrong? In this article, marketing expert Seth Godin discusses what companies are doing wrong in the marketing environment, and shares his strategies to promote change. 556 more words


Creating Effective Sustainability Content

I’m a firm believer that every time a business posts online, the content should be well thought out and relevant. This article on excellent content writing brings up a very valid point, if you don’t have a system in place to regularly create and market your writing, it will not be very effective and respected. 354 more words


Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable marketing is defined as “socially and environmentally responsible marketing that meets the present needs of consumers and businesses while also preserving or enhancing the ability of future generations to meet their needs” (Kotler & Armstrong, 658). 196 more words

Sustainable Marketing

Business ethics and Sustainability

Ethics are defined as moral standards that govern actions and decisions, which, in essence is good business practice. Marketing ethics ensure that organisations market their products in a socially responsible manner.   687 more words

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