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Sustainable business?

I work in a research institution, where sustainability is an important overarching theme in research. Consequently sustainability comes up in water cooler discussions quite regularly. One occasionally revisited topic or a problem is that why don’t more people shop more sustainably, i.e. 675 more words


Reusable Food Wrap

One of the first things we did after starting our journey was to order some reusable food wrap. There are two major companies I found that make basically the same thing: a natural cloth coated in beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. 156 more words

Reducing Waste

Welcome to EcKris

Warm welcome to our blog! This is our first official post and we are excited to start this journey. We hope to become a helpful tool for all those fashionistas out there hungry for fashion, trends and style, but also interested to learn about the environmental footprint attached to it. 219 more words

Sustainable Fashion Industry

Supporting high quality sustainable wood products produced in the UK

KWES is a big supporter of using sustainable wood products that are high quality and made in the United Kingdom. Cheap imports of inferior quality products made of materials such as bamboo led to the general demise of many of the “traditional skills” such as coppicing that had worked in harmony with the environment for centuries.   218 more words

Ancient Woodland

The Dirty Secret You Didn't Know You Had...

I don’t know how to tell you this, but you and I have been killing orangutans. I know what you’re thinking…what has that Ambien been making me do in my sleep?! 363 more words

What Does Innovation Mean to You?

Innovation. It’s one of those funny words like strategy that loses meaning everyday through misuse and misunderstanding. I have a simple definition for innovation, which is “doing something different”. 272 more words

Concept Phase

Why everyone should start "Thinking Dirty" ;) #yourturnchallenge

Have you heard of the “Think Dirty” app? I’ve been using it for a few months and it has totally opened my eyes to the harmful ingredients lurking in my everyday personal care and beauty products. 438 more words