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Fair Trade Coffee

We’ve told you about all the wonders of our Cold Brew Coffee, and (even if you come into the shop), we’ll happily talk to you about it until the cows come home. 156 more words


Beginning the Plant-Based Journey

After a couple friends contacted me about the whole-food-plant-based diet I decided to write up a beginner guide. This is all information I’ve learned from studying plant based doctors for over a year. 670 more words

Social Discussion

Observations on the Road: Making Sense of My Place in the Modern World


I used to have a recurring dream after I graduated college. It would be the end of the semester, and I would have a final exam to take for a class that I had never attended. 1,179 more words

Personal Reflections

Practical Tips for a Sustainable Home

Living in a sustainable home has many advantages in our daily life. It does not only cut or reduce our carbon footprint but it also give us the opportunity to save costs, increase the quality of our environment, healthier lifestyle and strengthens our local community. 714 more words


Kent Vegan Festival

Vegan or curious about becoming vegan?  Next weekend,  Saturday 7th May, at Canterbury’s Westgate Hall there is the Kent Vegan Festival.

There will be chefs and a wide range of food but while we’re sure it’ll be great it’s not just about the food.  188 more words


Chickens: A tale from field to table

Disclaimer: I will be talking about, and posting picture of chicken and duck processing. This includes the butchering of chickens and ducks. I’m posting pictures because I believe that knowing where your food comes from is important and too often ignored. 1,356 more words


Flores nacionales del mundo - América


Sabías que cada país tiene una flor nacional? Descubre cuál es la flor nacional de tu país en este post que mezcla la biodiversidad de cada país junto con la cultura. 196 more words