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Turning Recyclables Into Wearables

It is nearly impossible to completely avoid the use of plastic in this day and age. Almost every product we buy is wrapped in plastic or uses plastic in some way, shape or form. 180 more words

Sustainable Living

Down to the Wire

It’s that time of year — everyone’s semester is ending, and everyone is thinking abut the infinite possibilities that this summer can bring. Some are off to internships in new cities, others are back home in their old cities, and if you’re like me, you’ll be indulging in the freedom that this one American life that we have gives us. 307 more words


Derby and Nottingham to work together

Last year I wrote a blog outlining the Nottingham/Derby (or should that be Derby/Nottingham?) metro strategy. Following a consultation, a strategy with 4 key themes -Metro Enterprise, Metro Talent, Connected Metro and Metro Living – has been drafted and recognises that ” … if we are to fully achieve the ambitions set out within the strategy, a wider group of stakeholders will need to work together – many of these have indicated a commitment to be involved through the consultation, and key relationships are being strengthened.” 299 more words



As part of my work with Kalunba Ltd., the official implementing partner of the RCH’s Unit for Refugee Integration, I update and refresh the website. 138 more words


as part of my work with kalunba ltd., the official implementing partner of the RCH’s unit for refugee integration, i update and refresh the website. 138 more words

Produce Delivery, Thursday 4/27

Apples, Fuji — Washington State
Apples, Opal — Washington State
Asparagus — USA/Mexico
Avocados, Hass — California
Bananas, Fair Trade — Ecuador/Mexico/Peru 109 more words

Produce Delivery Announcements

Forest Berry Smoothie.

Last smoothie I promise. This is a super refreshing summer smoothie with berries and cucumbers. Perfect for a patio date or tricking your kids or husband into eating more greens. 75 more words

Dairy Free