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Small Changes I've made for the Environment

We are all extremely aware now about what we are doing to the environment
and the steps we need to take to change it.
Me and my family have been slowly making changes that have been very easy, 1,056 more words


"But if you're vegan, like, how do you get your protein?"

Same way as you boo, through choosing high protein foods, duh.

Okay sass aside, if you’re vegan or veggie the likelihood is that you will be asked this at least once. 757 more words

The One Shoe, Shoe Collection


Willow Smith is the new poster child for the Adidas green movement. This company is partnering with Parley for the Oceans to create a renewable running shoe made out of plastic. 78 more words

Our Planet and What You Can Do To Help

With climate change and the state of the eco system in decline, why is it only now that we’re questioning whose responsibility it is to fix it? 666 more words

Produce Delivery, Friday 4/19

Kale, Green Curly — Lancaster County, PA (LOCAL)
Lettuce, Red Romaine — Lancaster County, PA (LOCAL)
Mâche (Lamb’s Lettuce) — Lancaster County, PA (LOCAL)
Pineapple — Mexico… 58 more words

Produce Delivery Announcements

Around 22 million pieces of furniture are discarded per year in the UK and fewer than 1 in 10 people consider repairs to extend the lifespan of their furnishings.For the sake of the environment and to avoid perfectly good pieces of furniture going to waste – a change of attitude to becoming more mindful of eco-friendly options is necessary, and it’s crucial that we aren’t compromising on this for the sake of chasing an interior design bargain.Mattress Online have created a guide to upcycling and sustainability including what we can do to reuse, renovate and recycle.

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad

I’ve been craving brussels sprouts a lot lately.  My favorite way to eat them is by roasting them in oven, waiting for the leaves to crisp up on the edges, drizzling the sprouts with a balsamic glaze when they’re warm from the oven and devouring them like sprouts are going out of style. 377 more words