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Asparagus and Crushed Potatoes

I enjoy the wait for the start of the British asparagus season. Not being tempted by the imported asparagus from Peru shows certain strength, though it is perhaps unnecessary. 299 more words


Produce Delivery, Monday 4/27

Asparagus — California
Avocados, Hass — California
Bananas, Fair Trade — Ecuador/Peru
Fava Beans — California
Blueberries — USA 101 more words

Produce Delivery Announcements

Buy a Scarf, Support a Nepalese Family

My heart goes out to all those affected by the earthquake in Nepal. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to do in response to such a terrible tragedy, but Elegantees has created a tangible opportunity to help. 38 more words

Week 4 Prompt: Target's role in Corporate Social Responsiblity

For this week’s prompt, we had to look up a company in which we had brand equity in and research their role in Corporate Social Responsibility and answer the following questions: how invested are they in CSR and what are they doing? 279 more words


Homemade Plant Food Ideas

Hopefully you watched the video on Nitrogen and phosphorus that was posted.

If you did, awesome! Now you know what plants need to eat, and we can move on to what plant food would be best to have. 370 more words

Sustainable Ag: Elections Held Daily

Sustainable Agriculture, ahhhhhhh, just saying it gives me the feel goods.

So, how do we define sustainable ag? um…. well…..funny you should ask….ahh…you see… that’s, ahhh….. 401 more words