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The Eden Project

The establishment of a flourishing garden in an enormous clay pit, with NO ability to sustain plant life, seemed preposterous. But, as far back as 1995, Tim Smit had an idea for such an ambitious project as this. 325 more words

The Two Major Challenges Facing Today's Circular Economy Start-ups

people slowly start to participate in the circular economy. They set up an
increasing amount of new ‘circular’ initiatives. However, only 2% of these… 582 more words

How to do Veganuary in London

It’s so often suggested that eating vegan, especially eating out, is challenging or difficult. However, that is definitely a myth, especially if you live in London, the new Vegan Capital of the World! 1,003 more words


Creating a Sustainable Workspace

Last year, I really focused on how you can start to live sustainably in simple and effective ways. That will still be my focus, however I want to bring sustainability into other aspects of your life. 480 more words

Sustainable Living: Treasures From My Backyard Part 1

Organic food is harder to come by as compared to the commercially mass-produced food options in the market – those that are most likely clad in chemicals. 567 more words

About Me

The Africa Healing Exchange

While cruising through the AmericasMart temporary booths, we had the pleasure of stumbling across Tima Tea, a brand of 3 Mountains, LLC. While the packaging struck our eye, the mission behind the brand struck our hearts. 199 more words

Why a Sustainable Diet is Both Complicated and Easy

Eating sustainably can be complicated, because it is hard to define what makes something sustainable or not, especially when it comes to food. Eating sustainably is also not a hot topic in our society, so it is something that people know very little about. 1,310 more words

Low Impact Ideas