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GLASS as a Sustainable Material

“Glass is considered to be the only “cradle-to-cradle” recyclable package—this means it can be recycled an infinite number of times without ever jeopardizing the quality, purity and clarity of the glass.”

Cradle To Cradle

Take Out, Put Back

The goal this year is to compost all garden debris, keep the pile hot this Winter and have a nutritious finished compost for the upcoming year.   510 more words

Simple Morning

Being a traveller’s don’t need you to do big and long expeditions. It can start just at the corner of your home and everyday can be a discovery. 219 more words


Produce Delivery, Monday 10/23

Apples, York — Biglerville, PA (LOCAL)
Bananas, Fair Trade — Ecuador/Mexico/Peru
Carrots — California
Collard Greens — California
Garlic — Spain 96 more words

Produce Delivery Announcements

Bijoux: Eco Friendly Accessories and the People Who Make Them w/ Giftworldz

Hi everyone – If you’ve missed my features in the past few weeks on Sea Glass Designs,   BaoLyfe or  Seattle Siren Designs take a peek, but be sure to come back to check out this week’s feature on… 738 more words

We Buy the Type of World We Want to Live In

Its quite simple really. If you always buy from the donut shop, the apple shop next door is going to have to shut down. But it isn’t this easy to see in our every day lives as we are flooded with so many different choices, the scale of it all is massive and a lot of truth is hidden from us. 595 more words