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First Glimpse: Sustainer - Taps

We’ve taken delivery of most of the packaging materials here at Tessellate HQ and so we’re almost ready for this one to go up for pre-order. 322 more words

Motivation from qadriyyaong

Allah (God) will make a way~ O Allah, You are the Provider, Sustainer, Creator of all creation.. O Allah, please ease the path, please ease this journey.. 38 more words


Coming soon: Sustainer - Taps

For the first time ever, we’re about to manage two physical releases in one year! Next up is a beautiful short record from Spanish artist Sustainer which features hand made packaging and a white vinyl effect CDr. 275 more words


Who is JESUS, Really?

Hebrews 1:1-3 (Amplified Bible):

IN MANY separate revelations and in different ways God spoke of old to forefathers in and by the prophets. 1,791 more words

God's Word

Is God more like our Lord or our landlord?

When I went to college I rented an apartment with a classmate. We paid our rent every month to our landlord. She provided our shelter and we paid for the privilege of living in her apartment. 235 more words


The Flash 17 & The Bee 68

The Flash 17: See how the All-Wise One of Glory has written on a receipt the amount concerning the bee’s duties, from the principles of the Clear Book, and placed it in the coffer in the bee’s head. 56 more words


the sustainers :: reformation.

Big and exciting life moves are happening, or at least in the works. My busy life could be getting busier, my short days getting even shorter. 318 more words