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I Know You Know 

How we,

sit in silence

and beg the question.

Beg, to question

what we are.

Effective Use of the Sales Funnel: Sustaining Customer Satisfaction

The marketing funnel automation was developed and utilized by online marketing companies, such as 5 Star Brand, as a way to use powerful technologies and optimization strategies to propel the sales funnel process, which needs minimal changes or intervention, to follow through an account with some measure of success. 104 more words

fighting the mundane monster

Inspiration is within

“Are you here because of inspiration?” was the graffiti on the pathology desk. Below it was neatly scratched, “No out of expiration, and dad’s perspiration.” That graffiti I always found funny. 376 more words

Write Over Weekend.

The Women

Once again the women gathered. This past weekend my mother’s two sisters, their best friend, and several more of us gathered for dinner and laughs. There were four generations represented. 339 more words


Before Happiness The 5 Hidden Keys to Achieving Success

all when we are committed to ourselves one hundred%. Our

jobs, partners, houses etc. We have even thought

couldn’t quite understand this, that the feeling … 272 more words

Before Happiness The 5 Hidden Keys to Achieving Success

attracting the identical into our life. We tend to go in and

Before I share with you what the happiness Button

The reality is that when your basic desires are taken care then money will not have a significant impact on your happiness. 384 more words