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–excerpt form Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Do you see love as a thing that stays, or a thing that flits away?  How much does habit have to do with sustaining love and our determinations to get well?


Graduation Wisdom

About this time of year I hear well worn comments like these: “High school is the best time of your life; better make the most of it.” I’m glad that for many of us that is not true or we’d just end it right now. 230 more words


Cheerful, Self Sowing Bachelor's Buttons

I planted several different varieties of Bachelor’s Buttons last year. The seed heads shattered and self sowed a naturalized planting for this spring and summer. I love the colorful display and the added benefit of sustaining beneficial insects. 22 more words


Appropriate Ship Repair Services Needed for Sustaining Vital Standards

Industrial millwright services play an important role in ensuring the continuation of essential standards on a large scale across different industries. In industrial applications, one of the most important components is logistics. 34 more words


Day 20: sustaining sounds

When at times
The ground, moist with dew,
I hear a sound that proclaims
A new seed’s ascension.
I hear murmurings
Around of glories. 16 more words



The student asked a simple enough question:

Are you overwhelmed by life or overwhelmed by God? 149 more words