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Day 20: sustaining sounds

When at times
The ground, moist with dew,
I hear a sound that proclaims
A new seed’s ascension.
I hear murmurings
Around of glories. 16 more words



The student asked a simple enough question:

Are you overwhelmed by life or overwhelmed by God? 149 more words



it wasn’t as I imagined, sorrowed

by the pinched ocean grimacing into my hunchbacked

foot, which crept over the overarching swivel, this quiver

of sand, quality of leeching moss quake, 244 more words

Closing The Loop

Take a moment to think about the life of any object. It could be a water bottle, a pen, computer, etc… For the most part, the life of an object goes from “extraction to production to distribution to consumption to disposal” (“Story Of Stuff, Referenced and Annotated Script” 1). 553 more words


The Gospel Train

Over thirty years ago, while serving as a missionary in Brazil I had occasion to travel by train from Sao Paulo all the way across the country to the boarder with Paraguay. 1,025 more words


A Weaned Child

Saturday, December 21, 2002  4:30 a.m.

Dear Diary,

In Amy Carmichael’s book “A Chance to Die” she talks about the time when a close friend of hers died, and then, soon after that a child she loved very much died. 199 more words

A Daily Diary

Ebenezer Visits

A pastor friend of mine put this quote on Facebook that he had read from Tim Keller: “For most of us, God hasn’t become our happiness. 656 more words