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Substance of Prosperity 4/5

In other words, the entire ministry of Jesus proved that since I Am the way, the life, and the truth, that I is the principle of existence, the substance of supply, the substance of health, the substance and activity of life. 981 more words


Winning Team

I only surround myself with authentic winners

I’d rather struggle to eat, than eat with rudimentary sinners

The only time you see me in the city is when I’m making… 288 more words


I Know You Know 

How we,

sit in silence

and beg the question.

Beg, to question

what we are.

Effective Use of the Sales Funnel: Sustaining Customer Satisfaction

The marketing funnel automation was developed and utilized by online marketing companies, such as 5 Star Brand, as a way to use powerful technologies and optimization strategies to propel the sales funnel process, which needs minimal changes or intervention, to follow through an account with some measure of success. 104 more words