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Daniel 101

The book of Daniel and the character Daniel have been my favorite since seriously reading the Bible as a pre-teen. By God’s grace he, along with his three friends, overcame the temptations of this world and exhibited God’s character to amazed, pagan, hostile, and adoring onlookers. 443 more words


Boring Breakfast #1

So it isn’t exactly carbohydrate-free, it is carbohydrate-rich really.


This small bowl of porridge oats and weetabix are probably as low sugar as one can go with breakfast cereals. 133 more words



I have always struggled to get a handle on the essential essence of integrity. It is far more than honesty and deeper than mere examples. While studying Daniel 6 I was struck with new force by Daniel’s faithfulness, trustworthiness, moral uprightness, whole and undivided spirit that resulted in him being the same in public as he was in private. 639 more words


Inovasi Disruptif: Kenapa Perusahaan Mapan Seperti Buta

Salah satu pola yang paling sering terjadi pada perusahaan yang sudah mapan adalah dia seringkali gagal menyadari perubahan pasar dan teknologi pada industrinya. Pernah dengar Wang Laboratories atau Digital Equipment Corporation? 544 more words


Life is Good

Yeah, man, my life motto, “Life is Good”, “livin’ the dream!” Good vibes, positive outlook, need plenty of that, right? Not so fast. What about when you are sick and you just lost your job and the dog got run over and taxes went up and there is another war and…you get the idea. 488 more words