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New Coloring Book Range For Imagination Books, And A New Creative Direction For ONCO

Imagination Books, a division of the ONCO publishing group, has launched a brand new initiative designed to bring two fantastic new product lines in front of the reading public. 384 more words

Judy Mastrangelo

Meet Dandy Dash, our latest creation!

Talk about wild gourmet seasonings….this one is just as versatile and nutritious as our Nettle Me, but with a totally unique flavor profile.

Dandy Dash is equal parts Dandelion Leaves & Nutritional Yeast, and half part mineral salt. 354 more words


Press Release

Brand New Inspirational Card Deck From Judy Mastrangelo And Frances Munro Available Now

Artist and Author Judy Mastrangelo, and Spiritual Healer Frances Munro, announce a new “Joyful Inspirations” card deck and booklet, published by U.S. 427 more words

Judy Mastrangelo

My Daily Infusion

One of the simplest ways in which I bring alternative healing practices into my life is through the casual use of herbs. I use herbal remedies more in the way a housewife might use them, to alleviate simple, annoying maladies, without using them to avoid seeing a doctor for the big stuff. 334 more words