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The greatest welfare

Phuṭṭhassa lokadhammehi,
cittaṃ yassa na kampati,
asokaṃ virajaṃ khemaṃ;
etaṃ maṅgalamuttamaṃ.

When faced with the vicissitudes of life,
one's mind remains unshaken,
sorrowless, stainless, secure;
this is the greatest welfare. 10 more words

Be strong enough to help others

Yathā naro āpagamotaritvā,
mahodakaṃ salilaṃ sīghasotaṃ,
so vuyhamāno anusotagāmī --
kiṃ so pare sakkhati tārayetuṃ?

If one going down into a river,
swollen and swiftly flowing,
is carried away by the current --
how can one help others across? 18 more words

Generosity of Spirit

An audience of two makes for quiet applause, but the spirit of our praise was not diminished by our number. It was indeed a lovely performance, a rendition of a favorite song – Sam Cooke’s “Cupid” – played with skill and charm by a lovely, sweet-singing musician, but as it ended, it was not him on whom I focused, but his friend, my listening compatriot. 967 more words


Do not injure any being

Pāṇaṃ na hane na ca ghātayeyya,
na cānujaññā hanataṃ paresaṃ,
sabbesu bhūtesu nidhāya daṇḍaṃ.
Ye thāvarā ye ca tasā santi loke.

One should not kill a living being,
nor cause it to be killed,
nor should one incite another to kill. 30 more words

Happiness in Solitude, by Beopjeong Sunim

Human existence is fundamentally about being alone. We’re born alone, live life as long as we can, and then eventually die alone. Although we may live our lives connected with others, we all maintain our own individual views and belief systems. 628 more words


Support always your parents

Yo mātaraṃ pitaraṃ vā,
jiṇṇakaṃ gatayobbanaṃ --
pahu santo na bharati
taṃ parābhavato mukhaṃ.

Though being well-to-do,
not to support father and mother
who are old and past their youth --
this is a cause of one's downfall. 15 more words

Remember, life is very short

Appaṃ vata jīvitaṃ idaṃ!
Oraṃ vassasatāpi miyyati,
yo cepi aticca jīvati,
atha kho so jarasāpi miyyati.

How short this life!
You die this side of a century,
but even if you live past,
you die of old age. 10 more words