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A Sea of Troubles

“Yaṃ pubbe taṃ visosehi, pacchā te māhu kiñcanaṃ.
Majjhe ce no gahessasi, upasanto carissasi.

“Sabbaso nāmarūpasmiṃ, yassa natthi mamāyitaṃ.
Asatā ca na socati, sa ve loke na jīyati. 100 more words

Pali Translations

Consider the world as empty

Consider the world as empty, Mogharaja, always mindful.
Having removed Self-view , you would be one who overcomes death.
When you consider the world that way, the King of Death can’t find you.
SN 5:15.

Pali Translations


Lea sat criss-cross in front of the bookcase staring down at the Persian rug underneath her.

The small round rug was in the alley behind Roe’s apartment the night Roe cut his wrists.

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