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The Oldest Buddhist Scripture

The Philosophy of No Philosophy
Arhant and Bodhisattva
The Deathless
The Way of the Trans-dual
The World Is Void
Planes of Existence… 8,652 more words

Pali Canon

the Natural Born Cynic + Buddha

As I wake, I pull my right leg up, smooth it and calm it with the placement of rough, but well intention-ed, work hands.  I bend it to a 85 degree angle.   323 more words


A Sea of Troubles

“Yaṃ pubbe taṃ visosehi, pacchā te māhu kiñcanaṃ.
Majjhe ce no gahessasi, upasanto carissasi.

“Sabbaso nāmarūpasmiṃ, yassa natthi mamāyitaṃ.
Asatā ca na socati, sa ve loke na jīyati. 100 more words

Pali Translations