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Catgut and Cobwebs

Catgut and cobwebs: Medical science has always looked to nature for inspiration.

In Shakespeare’s comedy, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, he names four fairy characters after folk remedies of the time. 150 more words

Wrath of the Righteous #65 + 66: Victory, Justice, Damnation

After defeating Threshold’s guardians, the heroes plumbed into the mage prison that straddled the City of Locusts (Iz) on their world and Deskari’s Abyssal realm. 1,284 more words



But masochism is not only about pain; it is one of the roads to intense pleasure and renewal. ~Anita Phillips, “A Defence of Masochism”

Imagine this: sewn vagina, bleeding asshole, pricked fingers — they all have one thing in common, flowing blood… 218 more words


Poetry - Wound and suture

Can the distance between two people

Be closed by situational needle?

Opposing views brought crashing together

By careless stitches closing the wound

Stitches do break in time… 26 more words


Kensington Effect - Strings 4.1

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Marina walked down the hallways of the House’s Infirmary, tugging on the ends of the sleeves of her costume. A sharp black jacket, with traces of copper colored thread running in pin stripe patterns covered a dark gray top that fit like a surgeon’s scrubs. 3,397 more words

Kensington Effect

Wrath of the Righteous #60 + 61: Out of the Wormhole, Into the Worm

When we last left our heroes, they had just obtained the Suture, a key to closing the Worldwound, and we licking their wounds their Magnificent Mansion. 682 more words