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Domestic Extremist

By Mike Small

Welcome to Powellite Britain (2015), where old men write of rivers of blood and BBC presenters talk of niggers and slopes, where people can’t make up their minds whether immigrants are here to steal jobs or loll around on benefits. 1,281 more words


another circus of the elite - or, the whitewashing of a nation's culture

“I asked myself if it’s fair to ask the arts to deliver more on the diversity front than business or politics or journalism – sectors where the situation is still pretty grim.  126 more words


Recommended reading: Suzanne Moore on ectopic pregnancy

The journalist Suzanne Moore has written about her experience of ectopic pregnancy in the New Statesman. Here’s an excerpt:

I woke up crying, full of tubes and in a mixed ward.

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The Green Party: Left of what exactly Suzanne Moore?

After reading your article, sorry Suzanne I just don’t buy it. If you want real change from the left then you’re going to have to support any change towards it even if it is in the form of the middle class ‘watermelon’ Greens, because sadly in Britain, this is progression in politics. 1,049 more words

CHED EVANS: Not the account you're being given by the mainstream media


Every now and then, campaigners lay themselves open to the wrath of those who are so tribal on certain subjects, it seems necessary to file them under deranged. 2,405 more words

Ched Evans


I had a mental health check with a nurse today. This is an unhelpful process whereby she attempts to cheer me up by telling me I am overweight and drink too much.(Actually, when I think about it, she tells me no such things, its just the judgement I… 1,246 more words


Wannabe UKIP Candidate Says "There is Nothing Wrong with Wanting to Punch " Alabhai-Brown

Some of you might know the name James Delingpole.

Vocal UKIP supporter Delingpole is an English columnist and novelist who has written for The Times, The Daily Telegraph, and The Spectator and is also executive editor for the London branch of the right wing Breitbart.com. 244 more words