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Is Social Media All There is to Life?

This comment from Suzanne Moore at the Guardian caught my eye today

All media is social media and everyone is a critic. We live in constant TripAdvisor mode. 161 more words


Friday Links

Happy Friday! This week’s links…

Women who have to travel to England for abortions. I support the right of women to have abortions but I’m reluctant to wade into the rights and wrongs of access to abortion in the Republic. 279 more words


Guardian on the wrong side of history over Corbyn

Guardian on the wrong side of history over Corbyn
by Ian Sinclair
Morning Star
19 October 2015

Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide election to the Labour Party leadership was that he thrashed the other three candidates despite being opposed by almost the entire national press. 1,154 more words


Jeremy Corbyn's Women Problem

Attacks on Corbyn were obviously going to redouble the very minute he won the leadership contest on Saturday. And they will come from many different places but, so far, it seems to be the Labour leader’s stance on women that’s coming under sustained attack. 498 more words


Revealed! How Jeremy Corbyn is wiping out humanity! An essay

‘Comment is free, but facts are sacred’—C.P. Scott, former editor of the Manchester Guardian

The propaganda model developed by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman suggests that media discussions of politics and foreign policy broadly reflect elite discourses and corporate interests, irrespective of whether elite opinions are in agreement over details or not.

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The Gordon Burn Prize Shortlist 2015

Sometimes it seems like it is another week and another book prize, however there are some quite different and unusual ones and for that reason (along with the fact that we all love a list of books don’t we?) I wanted to mention the announcement of The Gordon Burn Prize shortlist for 2015. 405 more words

Book Thoughts

Friday Links

Happy Friday! Happy last day of July!

Today I am not at work, I’m having a haircut, which I really need, but here are this week’s links… 558 more words