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When your give a fuck goes away!

Some days the give-a-fuck has gone the fuck away. Everyone has these days, maybe they aren’t as crass about saying so but oh well. On days like this it is good to have a contingency plan, one that will lure your give-a-fuck out of hiding. 592 more words


Everyone likes flowers...even pirates

Yep…I did it again. I am a glutton for punishment. I can’t help it…the orchids were on sale and I just had to buy one. Though this time I think I have a winner…I think I can raise this one without killing it. 1,019 more words


Making a lot from a little, PPM and what to do with a bare bones cupboard.

Some times in life there is a lot, sometimes there is a little. It is this way with everything. I remember, when I was a child, the things my mom would do to make things stretch so even when there was a little there was more than enough to go around. 761 more words


Book Review: "The Pleasure is All Mine: Selfish Food for Modern Life" by Suzanne Pirret

Cooking for one or two has always been a bit of a challenge, namely because many older recipes were copied down when families were serving a lot more people (Well that is my theory). 308 more words

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Cooking for Yourself Means Never Having to Let Someone Else Have the Last Bite of Chocolate Cake

Hands up, ladies, if you have had enough of the Valentine’s Day marketing machine. I am not going to market to you. Nope, instead I am just going to hold up the gorgeous and happy… 187 more words

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Creamy Stove Top Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is all the rage now. There is a really good place in Faneuil Hall that is called Mmmac and Cheese. The owner has created a creamy macĀ  and cheese that is great on its own but is a good base for some great add ins like tomatoes, pesto, shrimp, ham, chicken, etc. 412 more words