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No-One Wants To Let The Side Down…

I don’t know about you, but I was a huge fan of Ayrton Senna and the 1988 Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka was one of the most terrific drives of his career. 699 more words

One:1 marca nuevo récord en Suzuka

La última creación de Koenigsegg, el bestial One:1 fue le centro de atención hace unos días en el circuito japones de Suzuka, donde el piloto de pruebas de la marca sueca Robert Serwansk y tras 20 giros en este súper bólido logró romper el récord de la vuelta más rápido de un auto a producción, desbancando a Gotzilla, el Nissan GT-R que tenía un tiempo de 2:18.36. 113 more words


I've Been Placed! 場所が決まりました!

I woke up one fine spring morning and found a JET email in my inbox. As I get closer and closer to my departure date, August 1st, I’ve started periodically receiving emails from JET about various things. 680 more words




#033 – SEN-GA-DAKE


At the southern end of the Suzuka Mountains, a range straddling the border of Shiga and Mie Prefectures, rose a number of peaks included on our KINKAN hiking hitlist.  1,356 more words


How Modern Circuit Layouts Affect Racing

Brought to you by TheJudge13 contributor Anil Parmar (editor in chief  – Formula E Diary)

Formula 1 cars may have been slower in past eras but they looked quicker, and the work that the drivers did behind the wheel was clearly beyond mere mortals like you and I. 1,209 more words

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Asian Races : Rafid Topan dikontrak team Suzuki diARRC

Sobat Bikers, jika ada yang memperhatikan balapan Moto2 dimusim 2013 lalu, pasti Sobat Bikers semua kenal dong sama sosok Rafid Topan, walau performanya dimusim itu kurang begitu bersinar namun Rafid engga cepat putus asa nih, melainkan doi tetap mengasah skillnya dan bergabung dengan team Suzuki Indonesia untuk balapan dikelas sport 150cc dan berhasil menang dikejuaraan indoprix Sob. 114 more words