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How to setup a SVM DR in CDOT 8.3.1 including all configuration and data

With Data ONTAP 8.3.1 NetApp introduced the long expected SVM-DR. With the new feature you can easily build up a disaster recovery solution for your SVMs. 917 more words


UPDATE! Do you hear what I hear

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Yes, this is the last chapter for my Holiday story.

Thank you so much to Kleannhouse who is a terrific BETA! 164 more words

NSWF! Do you hear what I hear-Chapter 5!!!

Good evening and/or morning lovely readers!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Thank you all for the warm thoughts and prayers. My daughter is all healed up and toddling around as usual. 138 more words


Finally! Update Chapter 4! Do you hear what I hear!

First of all Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a magical evening and happy day with the ones you love. I apologize for not getting this chapter to you on Christmas Eve. 166 more words


Chapter 3 !UPDATE! Do you hear what I hear

I’m sorry I’m running late tonight.

What can I say Santa is a woman and has no elves to assist. You ladies out there hear me! 78 more words


Trolls, Liars and Krampus

Not here!

Thank you very much!

This is a: NO Trolls, Liars or Krampus zone. If you are any of those things….especially Krampus, beat it! 199 more words


Predictive Analytics: Decision Tree, Random Forest and SVM

I’ll be taking statistical learning class next semester. So I just wanted to get a head start on some of the algorithms.  I’m currently enrolled in an online class called Predictive Analytics offered through coursera and this is pretty much my “partial” answers to one of the assignments. 220 more words