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Configure NetApp ONTAP 9.1 SVM Data LIF

SVM required a data lif in order to communicate with client. During early configuration, I skip the data lif configuration. In this post, I will show you how to configure data lif. 134 more words


SVM EXPORTS INDIA Moringa Tea Bags Exporters

Moringa Tea Bags with String : single chamber / double chamber
Containing rich contents of Vitamin C, & A, Potassium, Protein, Antioxidants, Calcium, etc., our Moringa Tea Bag gives a refreshing cup of tea. 56 more words


Create NetApp ONTAP 9.1 SVM

SVM is stand for Storage Virtual Machine. Purpose of SVM is to provide an isolated data serving. This is to secure the data that present to the client. 147 more words


Basic SVM in Python

In Python we can build SVM model for classification with sklearn library. We can use basic linearsvc or svc with more parameters to tune.
We use the data from sklearn library, and the IDE is sublime text3. 307 more words

Machine Learning

Derive hinge loss from SVM

What is hinge loss

The hinge loss is a loss function used to train the machine learning classifier, which is


where =  -1 or 1  indicating two classes and   represents the output from our classifier. 318 more words


Last Call for Our Last Night and a sneak peek

Hi peeps! Long time, no see. Sorry about that! I have been so swamped between my kiddo getting ready to graduate high school and the self publishing circus. 2,098 more words

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