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Support Vector Machines - Kernel Explained

In the last post we saw what actually an SVM is and what it does. Please follow the link below to catch up with the happenings. 399 more words

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Pewter - Data Visualization and Analysis

What is Pewter

Pewter is an open-source project for Acquisition, Analysis and Visualisation of raw data from Myo and conduct experiments on it. I developed this application when I started working on the project… 1,118 more words

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Turkish Gerunds as Features

Gerunds are derived from the verbs but used as nouns in a sentence. Gerunds are created by adding derivational suffixes to verbs in Turkish language. According to derivational suffix, the gerunds can be used as nouns, adjectives or adverbs in the sentence. 289 more words

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Porting Support Vector Machine Models from R to Another Language - Part 2

This second part of “Porting Support Vector Machine Models…” explains the algorithm for prediction of new data by nonlinear support vector machines (SVM) and Gaussian radial basis kernel. 509 more words

Support Vector Machines

Mathematically convenient

MIT’s OCW has some amazing courses on its site and over the years I’ve often found myself watching one of their videos for reference.

I just wanted to make a note of a few which stand out (from the Machine Learning space): 89 more words


SVM mirror disk replacement process

1) First check disk status using
# echo | format {A failed drive will be showing “drive not available” message}
# cfgadm -al 342 more words


Support Vector Machines (SVM)

In the last post we understood about Decision Tree classifiers, how it is build and about choosing the best split for building the classifier. Please visit the link below to catch up with the happening. 569 more words

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