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Review for A Brush With Death by FairyTale Amber

Ok!  I got this ready to go early, and I am doing a bunch of newer stories for a little bit.  Then I will go back to some older stories.   623 more words

Story Review

Interview for jc52185

Ok, You know how well meaning attempts and so on?  I had this ready to go earlier, but I forgot to hit publish.  So.. it didn’t go out, it didn’t save it didn’t do anything.   2,509 more words


Support Vector Machine - SVM for analysis of car acceptability

Scikit-learn is great open-source python library for Machine Learning analysis.
I will use SVM – Support Vector Machine to find car acceptability using car evaluation dataset at UCI ML repository, … 280 more words

New/Old Story

Way back in 2012 I wrote my first story, Final Death, over on fanfiction.net. For some reason it never made the transition over to WordPress so here it is, finally, in all its glory.


Review for My Wish by jc52185

Sorry about last week, I didn’t realize that all the stocked up reviews were done!!!

I am going to try to mix up some new ongoing stories in here.   492 more words

Story Review

A 2nd Part-Of-Speech Order Classification Tagger

In corpus linguistics, part-of-speech tagging (POS tagging or POST), also called grammatical tagging or word-category disambiguation, is the process of marking up a word in a text (corpus) as corresponding to a particular…

1,535 more words
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And they are done! | Kittyinaz

And they are done! | Kittyinaz.

The Kittyinaz Fairy Tales contest!

The banners are done which means, guess what? The stories are up for reading and voting on!

So please. Go. Read. Vote!

True Blood