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2016 08 23. Neuro Nets I

Hello again!

Today’s 3S’TECH Activity

I’ve been all the morning in the office of 3S’TECH preparing documents in order to get the sensing and monitoring material properly stocked in the warehouse. 151 more words


SVM - Plotting the Hyperplane

In the last post we saw about the kernels and visualized the working of an SVM kernel function. To catch up with the happenings visit : … 358 more words

Machine Learning


Science exhibition was successfully condented for lower class student a week while ago.For higher class student(9-12) the exibition date is expecting after the first semester. Please try to ready any science project model and show it to science HOD.


When you don't use neural networks, SVM, random forest etc.

A couple of years ago when I presented some statistical analysis results using logistic regression, one of the audience asked: why don’t use neural networks? Recently when I chatted with another “data scientist” and she asked similar question. 1,015 more words


Bertie Bott's Superhero Contest

Many thanks go out to Bertie Bott for probably the awesomest contest ever! Fifteen entries, fifteen awesome stories!

I didn’t place, but that’s fine since the competition was so stiff I’m sure you all had a hard time picking a winner anyway :D. 17 more words


SVM - Visualizing the kernel function

In the last post we saw about SVM Kernels and what it actually does. To catch up with the rest of the article on this topic, look at the link below: 465 more words

Machine Learning

Support Vector Machines - Kernel Explained

In the last post we saw what actually an SVM is and what it does. Please follow the link below to catch up with the happenings. 399 more words

Machine Learning