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Review for Saint and Sinners by EricIzMine

So I told you guys I would do this one.  the only problem is by the time I was done, I was so sad that I needed to walk away for a little bit. 955 more words

Story Review

Expanding your machine learning toolkit: Randomized search, computational budgets, and new algorithms


Previously, we wrote about some common trade-offs in machine learning and the importance of tuning models to your specific dataset. We demonstrated how to tune a… 3,173 more words


CS231n - Assignment 1 Tutorial - Q2: Training a Support Vector Machine

This is part of a series of tutorials I’m writing for CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition. Go to this page to see the full listing… 1,272 more words


[DajSięPoznać#15] Estymacja cen: Machine Learning i Accord.NET


Pomysł na tego posta pojawił się podczas tegorocznej edycji 4developers i prezentacji “Holistyczne ujęcie machine learning”. Skoro ML jest tak popularny jako narzędzie do rozwiązywania różnej klasy problemów, to dlaczego nie spróbować użyć go do estymacji cen mieszkań na podstawie pobranej próbki danych. 538 more words


Gabor Wavelet Based Features Extraction for RGB Objects Recognition

Gabor features, a well-researched topic, widely used in image processing applications such as object and faces recognition, also pattern recognition applications such as fingerprint recognition, character recognition, and texture segmentation etc. 950 more words


Review for Belong to You by RandomDarkness

I had read this one before I got sick, and it has been sitting on my iPad all this time for me to come back and read it. 662 more words

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