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Sentiment Analysis using Tf-Idf weighting: Python/Scikit-learn

Sentiment analysis in text mining is the process of categorizing opinions expressed in a piece of text. A basic form of such analysis would be to predict whether the opinion about something is positive or negative (polarity). 2,111 more words


Why use SVM?

@tachyeonz : Support Vector Machine has become an extremely popular algorithm. In this post I try to give a simple explanation for how it works and give a few examples using the the Python Scikits libraries. 25 more words


Email Spam Filtering : A python implementation with scikit-learn

Text mining (deriving information from text) is a wide field which has gained popularity with the huge text data being generated. Automation of a number of applications like sentiment analysis, document classification, topic classification, text summarization, machine translation, etc has been done using machine learning models. 1,844 more words


A New Year and A New Me

Happy New Year everyone!

What a year it’s been. Personally and professionally, it’s been a wild ride. Babies, hospital stays and school. Thank the good Lord my hubby will be out of school come May. 168 more words

The Kernel Cookbook:

@tachyeonz : If you’ve ever asked yourself: “How do I choose the covariance function for a Gaussian process?” this is the page for you. Here you’ll find concrete advice on how to choose a covariance function for your problem, or better yet, make your own. 6 more words



Our solar system consists of an average star we call the Sun, the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, … 747 more words