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The Not Beerathon Challenge

So yesterday I arrived at SVN race HQ an hour early for an eagerly anticipated race I’d booked ages ago- the Beerathon. Basically everyone was given a bottle opener and when the timer started everyone had to down a bottle of beer then do the first lap of 3.75 miles and a beer every lap after (of course it was voluntary) This all was right up my street until I got offered some freelance work that night that basically would pay for about 8 races so worth the time but it meant I couldn’t drink… bugger. 974 more words


Cleaning up unversioned files in Subversion

svn status | grep ^\? | cut -c9- | xargs -d \\n rm -r

’nuff said.


WebHooks - Getting hooked on intergations

I in the world that is project management systems to be simple and easy to use, a secondary importance is the automation of some tasks to make the developers and the project managers life easier. 245 more words

Who IS this vet nurse anyway?

Let’s start from the beginning – veterinary nurses are exactly what it says on the tin – nurses that look after, well, everything that doesn’t fit into a “human” category. 424 more words


Get SVN diff between revisions


svn diff -r <REVISION>:HEAD --summarize <SVN_REPO_ADDRESS>

[SVN] SVN Notifier

In windows OS, I use TortoiseSVN to control the code reversion with my colleagues.

But, if they modify and update a file, I can’t know that the file has changed immediately. 22 more words

Revision Control

Arrests Made in Armed Robbery Incident

Franconia District Police – Around 4:49 a.m. on Thursday, July 28, an officer responded to the 5900 block of Dungeness Lane, Alexandria, for a report of a robbery. 235 more words