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Creating a SVN Repo with TortoiseSVN

Right click empty folder which is going to be used for the local repository and go to:

TortoiseSVN >  Create Repository Here

A dialog box will appear click the following and create the structure.

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MAVEN RELEASE - despliegue en repositorios remotos

Para ejecutar los comandos de maven mvn release:clean y mvn release:prepare para los releases en repositorios remotos debemos tener en cuenta que deben, obligatoriamente coincidir el repositorio local con el repositorio remoto, caso contrario podrán obtener un error parecido a: 317 more words

Quick Tips

SVN2GIT - An easy guide of migration


I have recently spent some time trying to migrate several SVN repositories to GIT. The tool that I used was called SVN2GIT and the detailed steps can be found below: 487 more words


Moved permanently SVN repo error

Tip 1: Comment Alias line in /etc/httpd/conf.modules.d/10-subversion.conf
Installation guide: http://www.linuxtechi.com/install-apache-subversion-svn-centos-7/
Apache SVN FAQ: http://subversion.apache.org/faq.html#http-301-error

I can see my repository in a web browser, but ‘svn checkout’ gives me an error about “301 Moved Permanently”. 203 more words


Subversion Edge CPU 100% (httpd.conf service)

The Scenario

I have Subversion Edge 1.8.15-4313.35 running on a Windows Server 2012 R2 server. It is configured to user Microsoft LDAP for user authentication. 180 more words


The Not Beerathon Challenge

So yesterday I arrived at SVN race HQ an hour early for an eagerly anticipated race I’d booked ages ago- the Beerathon. Basically everyone was given a bottle opener and when the timer started everyone had to down a bottle of beer then do the first lap of 3.75 miles and a beer every lap after (of course it was voluntary) This all was right up my street until I got offered some freelance work that night that basically would pay for about 8 races so worth the time but it meant I couldn’t drink… bugger. 974 more words


Cleaning up unversioned files in Subversion

svn status | grep ^\? | cut -c9- | xargs -d \\n rm -r

’nuff said.