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Git vs SVN

The most widely cited difference between the two version control systems is probably that Git is distributed and decentralized. In other words, every developer has a copy of the repository on their local machine and can make commits offline. 760 more words


What is SVN?

SVN or Subversion is one of the popular source control system used in Java world for source code management. There are lot of source control system available e.g. 363 more words


how to exclude files from svn exactly like we do with .gitignore

cd to your directiry where svn is checked out

create a file .svnignore

add there the things you want to ignore for example:


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Tips And Tricks

Subversion repository mirror

Creating a mirror of your Subversion repository means you have an up to date copy of your repository in a safe place. This guide shows how to set up a mirror and configure it for synchronisation. 390 more words


Add, Edit and View file without svn checkout

No need to checkout a folder/file to view a file and make changes and commit. You may try below steps.

  1. Go to Run or do super+R / windows key+R…
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Brief Intro about Hook Scripts


Subversion hook script?

In a nutshell, it’s a program that performs an action which is triggered by a specified repository event. 392 more words

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