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Visualizing PowerShell pipeline

A picture1 is worth a thousand words.

Occasionally, I see people having issues while trying to understand how PowerShell pipeline is executed. Most of them have no problems when… 475 more words


Subversion in nutshell

A widely used open source version control system. Subversion manages both files and directories with changes made to them over a period or time. This is a sort of “TIME MACHINE”. 427 more words


Ranscombe Winter Challenge

Saxons, Vikings & Norman Challenges run a quarterly event at the Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve. I ran this last year in April as something to do near my birthday. 1,010 more words


Everything I Wish I Knew When I Started Using GitHub

@tachyeonz : GitHub Sales Engineer, Brent Beer, speaking at OSCON in Portland, OR, July 2015.

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Change of (training) plans

I had it in mind that I would run another marathon this spring, possibly on the anniversary of my first (end-May). All my friends were to be running London or Brighton, and I thought I would join them in the pain of training and do one again myself. 543 more words


TortoiseSVN Externals

I know that I’m going to forget this within the next couple of weeks, but it’s worth remembering. When adding dependencies to your SVN projects, use externals. 141 more words


Non-standard transition from SVN to Git

To keep your history of commits and tags of SVN, you need to use a migration tool. But It can be complex if your SVN is not a standard repository. 447 more words