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Cleanup failed to process the following paths


One fine day, while doing SVN Cleanup. We faced following error:
Cleanup failed to process the following paths:
Previous operation has not finished. If it was interrupted… 32 more words


SVN Export file/folder using java

Export/Checkout   file/folder  from svn  using java. SVNKIT api which is used to acheive export/checkout file/folder  from the svn.

Required jars

  • 1.svnkit-1.8.8.jar
  • 2.sqljet-1.1.10.jar
  • 3.sequence-library-1.0.3.jar

Download the above jar from the path  :  414 more words


Git Quick Start – 6

Remote Repositories

Everything we do using Git, such as commits, HEAD pointer etc. is managed in the local repository. So the developers can work offline. But what if we want to keep the local repo sysnced with a remote repo. 508 more words


Git Quick Start - 5

Git Branches

Let’s say we wanna try a new feature or work on a release or a bug fix, it’s not good to commit everything to the master branch. 591 more words


Tricks & Tips: gitignore.io - A `.gitignore` generator

A very, very quick tip for using Git, specifically gitignore.

I recently have been semi-forced into developing in VisualStudio which comes with a ton of extra files that I was sure I didn’t need. 76 more words


Install and Configure SVN Plugin to Eclipse

Procedure 1: Click on Help -> Install New Software
Luna Software Repository is http://download.eclipse.org/releases/luna/
Place the URL in the blank space available next to the “Work with:” label. 333 more words


Import Git repo with history log into Subversion repo

Many thanks to http://eikke.com/importing-a-git-tree-into-a-subversion-repository/

When typing git svn init exclude /trunk at the end (I failed with this), because .git/config in the svn section defines the fetch path and appends the… 236 more words