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Microsoft Team Explorer Vs TortoiseSVN - part 8

Simultaneous Editing

SVN: While simultaneous edits can create problems that can lead to a lot of issues during merging, it is possible for multiple people to edit the same document at the same time and commit the changes to repository. 28 more words


Dojo - SVN

Dojo sobre alguns conceitos de SVN, comandos, funções avançadas e gerenciamento de diretórios: Trunk, Branches e Tags, com versionamento.  Apresentado por Alisson Vieira e Felipe Stroff no dia 30/07/2015.


Micorsoft Team Explorer Vs TortoiseSVN - part 7

In-place Editing

SVN: It is possible to perform ‘in-place’ editing of artifacts. To reflect changes back to the repository, we have to commit the changes. 43 more words


Git vs SVN: Diffs

In Git, if you want to see what files changed in one commit, you type
git show abc123
and to see what the actual changes were you use… 24 more words


My Eclipse shortcuts

Eclipse shortcuts

ctrl+M (maximize/minimize the window)
ctrl+E recently open tabs
ctrl+O – outline methods/fields
alt+shift+Q,P – switch to package explorer
alt+shift+left/right – collapse/expand projects or packages… 376 more words


SVN sucks

How do you do a hard reset to the last commit (i.e., remove the last commit entirely)?

How do you amend the last commit message? 72 more words


Merging in SVN

— First off, Git is better than SVN. —

Okay, here we go.

I branched off of trunk onto my own feature branch, kevin-trunk. 316 more words