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Install and Configure SVN Plugin to Eclipse

Procedure 1: Click on Help -> Install New Software
Luna Software Repository is http://download.eclipse.org/releases/luna/
Place the URL in the blank space available next to the “Work with:” label. 333 more words


Import Git repo with history log into Subversion repo

Many thanks to http://eikke.com/importing-a-git-tree-into-a-subversion-repository/

When typing git svn init exclude /trunk at the end (I failed with this), because .git/config in the svn section defines the fetch path and appends the… 236 more words


Remember SVN password

Finally found the solution at http://stackoverflow.com/a/17330250/289404

After first successful authentication edit $HOME/.subversion/servers

store-passwords = yes
store-plaintext-passwords = yes

Than $HOME/.subversion/config

password-stores =

Delete old auth data: 24 more words


Git Quick Start - 4

Ignoring Files

Sometimes we want to ignore files like compiled files,logs, compressed files, OS specific files etc. We’ll see how to make Git ignore such files. 123 more words

Cloud Computing

Components of Hadoop

In our previous blog we learned that the platform that processes and organizes Big Data is  Hadoop. Here we will learn more about Hadoop which is a core platform for structuring Big Data and solves the problems of utilizing it for analytic purposes. 225 more words

Importando Projeto no Tortoise SVN

De início o projeto em que vamos trabalhar já existe uma URL de repositório svn, caso ainda não tenha, acesse meu post que mostra como configurar um servidor local SVN… 220 more words


Configurando um repositório local SVN

Primeiramente crie uma pasta que será utilizada para armazenar os códigos que serão compartilhados.
No meu caso: “E:\Servidor\Projeto\Fonte”
Depois de criada a pasta, clique com o botão direito sobre a pasta e em seguida Tortoise SVN, será exibido a opção “Create repository here”: 238 more words