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Change of (training) plans

I had it in mind that I would run another marathon this spring, possibly on the anniversary of my first (end-May). All my friends were to be running London or Brighton, and I thought I would join them in the pain of training and do one again myself. 543 more words


TortoiseSVN Externals

I know that I’m going to forget this within the next couple of weeks, but it’s worth remembering. When adding dependencies to your SVN projects, use externals. 141 more words


Pain-free transition from SVN to Git

Most of time you can do a migration out-of-the-box from SVN to Git at least if your SVN repository follow the standard layout (/branches, /trunk and /tags). 384 more words


How to create a DacPac

Over coffee with friends we got talking about dacpacs and other stuff.

Later, Friend1 still had questions over skype about how to install it and such. 376 more words

SQL Server

Last day of unpaid leave & updates

Friday was my last day of unpaid leave = :(

I spent the morning running some errands, and then by meeting up with a friend at Bluewater shopping centre for some last minute Christmas pressie purchases and lunch = :) 878 more words


RapidSVN - change language

Hello dear visitor,

Earlier this week, I was installing RapidSVN, which is a tool for managing SVN repositories. But when the installation was finished and I opened the tool, the whole interface language was set in French – and not in English… This was a problem, since English is my preferred language for such tools. 154 more words

Quick Tip: Subversion Change Logs For Files

Yesterday I needed to determine who last edited portions of a file with subversion, and came across a couple great suggestions on stack overflow which I’d like to share here. 84 more words