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Subversion with Apache Web Server: Tips

Apache Subversion is an open source version control system and distributed as free software under the Apache License. It is often abbreviated as SVN. Subversion offers many ways to connect to your repositories. 324 more words

Visualizing PowerShell pipeline

A picture1 is worth a thousand words.

Occasionally, I see people having issues while trying to understand how PowerShell pipeline is executed. Most of them have no problems when… 475 more words


Subversion in nutshell

A widely used open source version control system. Subversion manages both files and directories with changes made to them over a period or time. This is a sort of “TIME MACHINE”. 427 more words


Ranscombe Winter Challenge

Saxons, Vikings & Norman Challenges run a quarterly event at the Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve. I ran this last year in April as something to do near my birthday. 1,010 more words


Everything I Wish I Knew When I Started Using GitHub

@tachyeonz : GitHub Sales Engineer, Brent Beer, speaking at OSCON in Portland, OR, July 2015.

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Change of (training) plans

I had it in mind that I would run another marathon this spring, possibly on the anniversary of my first (end-May). All my friends were to be running London or Brighton, and I thought I would join them in the pain of training and do one again myself. 543 more words