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Südtirol-Autonomie in Gefahr


Im italienischen Parlament wurde soeben die Sonderregelung für Süd-Tirol bei Parlamentswahlen gestrichen. De facto würde dies bedeuten, dass Süd-Tirol zukünftig keine eigenen Vertreter mehr ins italienische Parlament schicken kann, da die staatliche 4% Hürde in Süd-Tirol nicht erreicht werden kann. 127 more words


EY1 Evening Class: How We Express Ourselves

Under the unit How The World Works, EY1 students are learning about the interpretation of objects that may be changed by lights. 396 more words


“Guard Yourself....” Women’s Health – Cervical Cancer Prevention

Guarding ourselves from diseases is our personal responsibilities, especially from the diseases that can be easily prevented. Cervical Cancer is one of them, as it is the second highest killer of women in the world, caused by a virus called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and can be easily prevented. 517 more words


Grade 12 Live in

Sekolah Victory Plus believes that learning not only happens at school, but outside our walls, as well. In addition to academic skills, the school also focuses on the development of social and personal skills. 192 more words


Japan Immersion Programme

Taking a chance and leaving our comfort zone always takes courage, even for young people who generally have an adventurous spirit. Some Grade 8 students chose to take a chance and go on an adventure far from their parents, far from their home, and far from their country. 990 more words