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It’s strange enough having a platform to express your thoughts, and it’s even stranger connecting with awesome people that make me think, feel┬ámotivated, and of course confuse me. 42 more words

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XCV: Cheating Up or Down?

Can you tell if a person has cheated up or down? We can’t tell because we can’t see from their vantage point. But Let me take a stab at it. 534 more words


XCIV: Relationship Real Estate

I can’t love you how you would love you. I can only love you how I love you. What is friendship when two people relate? We can only be us. 418 more words


Return from RT: A Lesson in Swag

Baaaaaack from the lovely Dallas, TX . . . lovely because it did NOT have any of the apocalyptic weather my weather app foretold. Each day we saw sunny/clear-ish skies, I could not help but feel both relieved and betrayed. 472 more words

Pearl swag bar brooch, vintage 1940s ~ Cabinet22

Isn’t this a great piece of vintage jewelry?