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Christmas Characters in the Kitchen

July 2015 – 27th November 2015

The sewing was done over a two month period between mending and more creative stuff … then put aside until December got a bit closer, when I added the string ties, and hung it in the kitchen window. 88 more words


Updated: Swag successes

So if we’re measuring the most popular swag so far, I have to say that my new stickers are far out-stripping the bookmarks and the postcards I’ve created in the past. 50 more words



Got my race swag for the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot! This year, they are dividing runners into two groups: The Pilgrims and The Turkeys. I’m a Pilgrim. 90 more words

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The Talking Handbag

Can you fight the Dark Side of spending this Black Friday? He can’t lie to you about your chances…

Give AUDIOBOOKS this Christmas. Or send codes to download them as gifts. 6 more words