Stumped by Trump

The classroom bully rarely swaggers into adult life. Like Biff in Back to the Future his strategies succeed in the playground and fail in later life. 468 more words

Swagger UI Setup in node express for API


  • node
  • npm
  • express generator cli

Project Setup

$ express myapp
$ cd myapp && npm install
$ npm i swagger-node-express --save

Creating swagger instance… 407 more words


How To Build a Prediction API in 10 Minutes with Flask, Swagger, and SciPy

I’ve seen a lot of hype around Prediction APIs, recently. This is obviously a byproduct of the current data science fad.

As a public service, I’m going to show you how you can build your own prediction API … and I’ll do it by creating a very basic version in 10 minutes. 657 more words

Software Development

An Introduction to using Swagger with your Django app : A Tutorial

Hi people,

Today i will be discussing about baby steps involved in setting up your Django app with swagger and will demonstrate a working API which we will make by DJANGO REST FRAMEWORK. 1,626 more words


Like a Boss

This is a picture of Pierre Elliot Trudeau. He was the Prime Minister of Canada from 1968-1979 and 1980-1984, and was the father of our newly elected Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. 31 more words


Not Your Ordinary COACH

 Before you start to think “that’s so 90’s”, hold that thought.

COACH just caught my attention, like never before. See for yourself!

With the new Creative Director, Stuart Vevers on board- Coach has totally transformed and reinvented itself.. 141 more words

Mikaela Lagdameo