REST API documentation via Swagger

Why Swagger?

Swagger is an open source framework for designing and describing APIs. Swagger has become the de-facto standard for designing and describing RESTful APIs used by millions of developers and organisations for developing their APIs, be it internal or client facing. 391 more words


Sinful Shine- Fall In Line mani

It’s getting harder and harder to find Sinful Colors collections in my neck of the woods. It helps when I have the bar code and know that collection should be found at Walgreens. 292 more words

Drugstore Polish

The U Just Re-Invented Swagger

As a kid, I was always entertained by the University of Miami (FL) football team. Whether it was seeing NFL players introduce themselves by saying they attended college at “The U”, or seeing those bright green and orange uniforms, something has always caught my eye about the University of Miami football team. 971 more words

Daily Prompt: Strut


Hi Everyone!

What a strut! Look at that girl swagger back and forth down the path.

Everyone is just watching her pompous movement as she steps up to the winner’s circle to receive her trophy, winning the “Proud Derby”.  17 more words

Blogging Blogger


Oh, Glory, Glory
You wonderful red devils
You’ve got your swagger back
And so I’ve got my joy
As the goals flow the right direction… 26 more words


Web API Documentation With Swagger

DownLoad Complete Project: WebApiDocumentationWithSwagger

“If it is not documented, it doesn’t exist. As long as information is retained in someone’s head, it is vulnerable to loss.”

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How to create RESTful API in PHP? Few tips for beginners.

Today on StackOverflow I found a question from developer asking for best practices and few tips for him to create API using PHP. The question was closed and removed because it was violating  platform rules. 358 more words