Triple Play Weekend, pt. 1

Spring 2014.

As the days began to heat up, so did my desire. The warmth of sun during the day and the longer evenings at night seemed to ignite my curiosity. 927 more words


You Got Game

Dear friends,

Do you have game? Do you even know what the game is?

To succeed in life, to recover from a bad situation, to thrive, you need to have game. 274 more words


Swagger and confidence makes for a winning character

The very sight of Vivian Richards walking up to bat, chewing a gum and swaying his big square chest sent a chill down the spine of  bowlers all over the world. 378 more words

Hello Ladies

“Oh I do like a man with a bit of swagger and a big hat!”

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Swag - Don't it Make You Feel Old?

Do you have swag? Of course you do. You’re with it, you’re hip, you’re cool. You’re well aware that swag is the latest cool word among fashionable young people like yourself, and you know that it’s an uncountable noun that refers to a fashionable manner and accompanying manner. 263 more words

English Language

How To Build a Prediction API in 10 Minutes with Flask, Swagger, and SciPy

I’ve seen a lot of hype around Prediction APIs, recently. This is obviously a byproduct of the current data science fad. As a public service, I’m going to show you how you can build your own predic… 14 more words

Machine Learning