Using Swagger in Sitecore solution as a helix feature

Lets say your Sitecore solution needs to have some API services. The obvious thing is to implement them using .net Web API. Sometimes the understanding of various methods of an API can be a challenge for a developer when building a consuming app. 1,060 more words


Versioning REST API with Spring Boot and Swagger

One thing’s for sure. If you don’t have to version your API, do not try to do that. However, sometimes you have to. A large part of the most popular services like Twitter, Facebook, Netflix or PayPal is versioning their REST APIs. 1,713 more words

Adding swagger through VSCode

In the last couple of days, I was checking a few developers are facing some issues while adding swagger to their web API’s when they are creating it from the VS Code environment. 284 more words

Web Api

Have a drink on me - Swagger clients

Time to get our clients involved. What’s the point of brewing our excellent HelloBeerTM crafts when no one’s drinkin’ ’em, right?!

In this post we’ll generate a client for our Swagger API and build a small Spring MVC client on top of it. 1,174 more words

Spring Boot

Sugar Pea Meets Bitty Bee

Many are familiar with the George and Ginger Swagger Sweater. The women’s version is still over at G&G, and the girls’ version is now rebranded at Goober Pea Designs as the… 289 more words

Kevin Durant Gets his own Series

We just recently found out that NBA star Kevin Durant will be getting his own series titled  “Swagger”. The series will be based on his early life and career.  121 more words