Purpose Blur

Out and about for a few days in London and wandering about in the early evening found a group of guys skateboarding at the Undercroft on the South Bank, The light was very low so found it hard to get any really clear images especially as was rushing but had to try and capture this guy cause loved his look and his swagger. 44 more words


Swagger with ASP.NET WEB API !!

Have you ever wondered if there was an quick alternative to the Fiddler and the Advanced Rest Client /Postman for that matter.Something that would be pretty close to code that can be helpful in documentation and help you quickly get up to speed on testing your restful API’s? 441 more words


Knot Your Typical Necktie

Making a lasting impression with the “Eldredge Knot”.

Wearing a shirt and tie has become so second nature to me due to the professional based career or a fancy night out on the town. 165 more words


Collaboration: Creativity is my Weapon - SWAGGER- Kenta Matsui (NSFW)

Photography: Kenta Matsui
Styling: Kenta Matsui
HMUA: average-eye-con
Model: average-eye-con

There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance. As a girl you inadvertently learn to tread this line carefully. 63 more words


PUM, Swagger, C# and Gemstone

Same procedure as yesterday … take the runtime of swagger for C# and produce support files for this language … within a day I have a binding for our REST system in C#. 93 more words