Old Spice Red Zone Collection Swagger Scent Men's Deodorant Twin Pack 6 Oz

The Red Zone is a bleak, maze-like environment where lasers fire in random directions and the sky is always filled with lightning. Odor never dares enter the Red Zone. 28 more words

Swagger is genetic. 

A lesson from Niger.
While on the Mission to Niger last month, we saw thousands of young men walking the streets daily. To me, there was something familiar in the way they carried themselves. 338 more words


JavaEE and Swagger: TomEE example

More and more applications are composed of REST services. In JavaEE land it means you develop and expose JAX-RS services.

Once developped and well tested with TomEE the first thing you will realize is that to make an API useful you need to document it. 1,902 more words


11 days old

All gals decided to open their eyes ytd except for the boy . Boy decided not to see the world first before he know how to stand or balance himself 10 more words


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The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Shawn Avery

We meet again… Smokencanvas has had the pleasure of working with this fine gentleman a couple years ago, when we were slaving away at a regional newspaper company.

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