I decide to post the Mongo Explorer API project to Heroku.

Here is what had to do:

  1. Create an account on Heroku
  2. Installed Heroku Command Line Interface (CLI) with homebrew: …
  3. 164 more words
Mongo Explorer

OSS Spotlight: Swagger

There have been a few approaches to make sharing and consuming Web Services easier over the years. Many developers have worked with WSDL and SOAP services, as they were extremely popular in the early 2000’s and the beginnings of the .NET Framework. 260 more words


Especial Universitarias

Hoy quiero hablaros de algo tan común en los chats y en las citas amorosas como es la mala educación, y acompañaros en una ruta virtual por la universidad con mayor número de matriculaciones entre las usuarias de Tinder: La  446 more words



Time to add some UI.

Fortunately, I know pretty easy and cool way to visualize API – my old friend Swagger. I used Swagger in one of my projects in ASP.NET and decided to use it for my Node.JS project. 38 more words

Mongo Explorer

Microservices API Documentation with Swagger2

Swagger is the most popular tool for designing, building and documenting RESTful APIs. It has nice integration with Spring Boot. To use it in conjunction with Spring we need to add following two dependencies to Maven… 776 more words

Swagger docs for Spring Boot

Spring boot is becoming famous and famous due to microservice architecture and advantage of spring framework support in it.As REST services are playing a huge role in microservice architecture, swagger introduces a better way to publish these REST services so that they can be tested, published as living documents. 59 more words


My Happy Day!

And so I’m feeling happy and upbeat. And that is a good (and unusual for me) thing. I was invited to consult to a company in Adelaide for 8 weeks, starting mid-April. 243 more words