1st show for puppy

Missing out puppy 3 update from our previous blog …. She will be staying with me and had her first show last weekend.

Before the show , i was in Netherlands for dog agility competition with my border collie . 99 more words

Show Conformation

New trending GIF tagged swag prince deal with...

New trending GIF tagged swag, prince, deal with it, flirt, swagger via http://ift.tt/1r0mQJv

Miles Ahead

The man, a fair bit of myth and a whole lotta legend

It what may be my favourite bit of description from the year so far director/co-writer/lead  447 more words

Film Review

So Prince died today - what the f*&k?

This news, for some reason, is really getting me in the feels today. I didn’t know him. Never even went to his concert. But I felt like he knew me. 243 more words

Chløë Black and Halsey

just fuckin listen, virtually identical in what is being attempted, intro’s and all, painfully transparent