Uncover The Advantages Of Using Body Gestures To Draw In Women

Body gestures is exactly what we talk to first. It’s also what we should talk to constantly, even if our mouths are closed. What we should have to say is important but it’s a significantly smaller sized number of our total communication than is our body gestures. 428 more words


Recent Japanese Pokémon Tournament Full Of Monsters You Rarely See

(Source: kotaku.com)

This weekend’s Japanese National Championships proves that competitive Pokémon plays almost like an entirely different game in the franchise’s home country. While every Japanese top eight team had some common picks you might spot at other tournaments around the world, players made plenty of choices that are almost never seen anywhere else. 872 more words


Finatra-swagger: Making the api documentation awesome and easy

Apart from speed, high-performance, fault-tolerance and concurrency, one more most important feature for an api is a clean, precise, interactive and user friendly documentation. Documentation plays a very important role in a rest api. 693 more words


Azure Functions with Swagger

Azure Functions Team has recently announced the Swagger support as a preview. If we use Azure Functions as APIs, this will be very useful. In this post, we will have a look how to enable Swagger support on Azure Functions. 793 more words

Application Development And Integration

ESP8266: Adding Swagger UI to REST API

The objective of this post is to explain how to add a Swagger UI to a ESP8266 REST API. 3,156 more words


101 for REST API with Swagger, ASP.NET and C#

Short summary about my lessons learned for a REST API with Swagger, ASP.NET and C#.


Open the file SwaggerConfig.cs. For the first demo, we name our app and enable the UI: 375 more words


Revisting Swagger

Lately, I am getting a few 'how to do' inquiries on my last Swagger posting. Most questions involve either renaming or sorting REST controllers. I also ran into a few interesting Swagger challenges in the last couple of months. 298 more words