Beyond Words

Fear dons the red mask of anger, fooling everyone else but you

Shrill night terrors-I valiantly attempt to drown in coffee brew

Incipient paralysis-I cover with much mustered swagger…

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Explore SwaggerHub for OpenAPI Specification

Introduction and Dashboard

Smartbear is the company that maintains and develops the open source Swagger tooling (Swagger EditorSwagger UISwagger Codegen… 1,949 more words


50. Beaufort

Thursday 31 MAY 2018 – Beaufort, NC

This morning in bed, my eyes not yet opened, I turn my head to the right and feel the pierce of a knifey headache I can tell will be with me all day.

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Generate Swagger Specification for Web API from Visual Studio

Generate Swagger Specification for Web API from Visual Studio

  1. Open Visual Studio. Go to File -> New -> New Project
  2. Select ASP. Net Web Application under Web Tab and click on OK…
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WCF vs WEB API, OPEN API, OPEN API Benifits and Drawbacks && OPEN API Specification Vs Swagger


API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a way for applications and platforms to connect with other applications and platforms via a common communication method. 533 more words

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