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Tadpole: amphibians (toads, frogs, salamanders and their friends and relations) start as a head and grow bodies and legs and arms and hands and toes from there. 84 more words

Word Origin

My 41st post

I’m pretty proud that I’ve posted this many pictures. I wasn’t even sure if photography was just a phase when I first started, but I havent stopped yet.


Rainy Day Story.

As thunder shakes the world, I sip on dark tea. The sky ignites, confirming my cup requires more honey. A little cream would be nice too.

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Another Fine Mess

The water was dark and murky, nearly black in the dense shade. The surface, nearly still, slightly rippled by unseen small fish or insects, and vegetation crept out from the muddy shore. 876 more words




Back yard

Dogs gleefully hunting

Digging for tree frogs

From the swamp


High pitched screaming

Unidentifiable animal

Expecting the dogs to bark

I see that they silently… 70 more words


Dream of traversing swamps on overhead Wires

There are others who know who are showing us ‘students’ how to traverse the swamplands on overhead wires.  Cables hooked onto the men’s harnesses, but women were invited to sit in gondola buckets.  262 more words

Holy Spirit