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The canoe seemed stable enough. I hoped it was, because I really didn’t want to end up in the drink. My wife Kim didn’t either for obvious reasons. 1,282 more words


Class I Designation: Extra Protection for Vermont’s Wetland Gems

Did you know that the Vermont Wetland Rules offer extra protection to some of the state’s most important and valuable wetlands? This extra protection comes in the form of a Class I designation – bestowed only on the most exemplary of the wetlands in the state. 208 more words


Alligator Photo

Last year, I was in Mississippi and rode an airboat through the swamps.  It was a ton of fun, even though I got drenched.

I spotted some alligators, but I wasn’t able to get any really good photos.   20 more words

Lead the Wings

As the cold rain drops fell all around me they made thousands of ticking sounds as they hit natural objects and finally the mud below, some drops managed to flow into my balaclava and drip into my eyes, I slowly raised my fingers and wiped them clear. 1,144 more words



Nature is ruthless in all of its beauty. There exists a place on earth for everyone where you are free of judgement and the negative energies of the world. 49 more words

Thoughts On Hunting

Blood Brigade: Zartan's Swamp R.A.T.T. (custom vehicle)

I mentioned this before, but Blood Brigade makes factory fresh looking custom vehicles.  His latest, Zartan’s Swamp R.A.T.T., is amazing.  I have never cared for Overlord’s Dictator, and at first glance, that is what I see.   27 more words


October 15, 2016 | Where Is Lily?

There was a lot more to this dream from last night that I can not remember unfortunately, and so this dream will not make as much sense without all of those missing details. 1,411 more words