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Black-crowned Night Heron, Little Rookery

As we head into May another spot is starting to get a few residents. This Night Heron may be the first to begin nesting in the ‘Little Rookery’. 74 more words


Wood Duck Reflections

There seems to be more Wood Ducks around this spring.

Now that I have written that, where are the usual Teals ? 12 more words


Iris, Leaning Into A Swamp

A single flower, in a place no one expects, has been found and photographed by any number of photographers.

I don’t know how long it balanced over the water. 25 more words


Barred Owl, Reflections In A Swamp

Hunting in a swamp.

This owl hunts crayfish and frogs in the shallows here. 9 more words


Great Blue Back, Release The Other To Hunt Now

A changing of the guard here. The adults were taking turns with the young.

Some nests have juveniles old enough to be left alone while both adults hunt. 24 more words


Photos: Central Florida

Well I recently returned from a week-long vacation in Central Florida — home of the elegant sand hill crane, among other things.

Here are some other pictures from the journey: 62 more words