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Sounds: Barataria Preserve (Get Swamped)

Bye, You

I am leaving New Orleans.  Of the friends I’ve made in my time here, perhaps none were closer to me than the swamp. (Though I could not invite the swamp to my house for dinner like normal friends.) Before hitting the road, I wanted to say goodbye to the cypress trees, alligators, orb-weaver spiders, armadillos, and other swamp-things that have kept me company over the last 3 years. 567 more words


New Orleans : Swamp

Toward the end of our trip, Peter arranged for us to take a swamp tour. I figured it would b neat, but hot, sticky and full of mosquito. 320 more words


Conceptual Self Portrait - Wasteland

Driving about the city last week, I chanced upon these dead trees in a swamp not far from where I live.  The swamp is slowly reclaiming areas around the wetlands that had been set aside as native bird habitat as a result of the earthquakes.  475 more words


A fractal Polish 

In the last patch we had an overhaul on how the fractal system worked – changing the way the entry window works, so you more easily see what are daily, how much AR you need and what mistlock will be thrown into the mix. 648 more words

Patch, Leaks, Spoilers & Teasers

Chasing a Cripple

A few nights ago on a dark and raining evening I sat down and began to browse the Internet, I was looking up vintage hunting paintings and sketches as well as black and white photos. 221 more words

Thoughts On Hunting