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To Mount Dingo: Heading Up

We continued on our way but it wasn’t long before we stopped once more.
This time it was due to coming across a transmission tower that we had to walk under. 705 more words


White Ibis Watching Below

I liked these because the scene is very stark and simple. And the bird was watching all the chaos below as if enjoying it.

Click, or double tap, any image below to view the gallery. 28 more words


He Is In My Spot, Alligator

That little piece of asphalt under his chin is a trail I walk, many times each week. Now I think we are coming to a ‘battle of wills’. 92 more words


Drippy Day Landscapes

I’m not a big fan of walking in the rain. It was a light drizzle off and on, so we managed to stay dry and get a walk near the old Santee Canal. 111 more words


Anhinga Takes Over New Platform

The Anhinga is the only local to like the new construction.

One of the local swamps is getting some much needed water flow repair. It is part of a hundreds year old rice plantation and who knows when the ditches and pipes were last fixed. 92 more words


Bestie Chronicles: Try Bestie Diary Exchange With Your Bestie

Do you think you know everything about your bestie? Is your best friend secretive? Or do you have your bestie all figured out? No matter what the answer is, there is still time to figure out more about your best friend! 206 more words