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One Woman Book Club: Swamplandia!

Swamplandia! first caught my attention when I heard about it on NPR (or here). If you’d asked me, I would have said the book came out in 2014, but apparently it was 2011. 702 more words


Travel reading: Swamplandia! in southern Florida

One of my favorite ways to deepen the experience of a new destination is to immerse myself in a book set in that place while I visit. 588 more words


Top Gun, It's Friday

Every week, we the contributors of SuperGlooze are going to round up some things that we have been really enjoying this week and share them with anyone willing to give it a try. 277 more words

Friday Recommendations

Favorite Book Characters of 2015

Merry Christmas Eve!! I’m currently listening to Christmas music because I actually don’t feel especially festive yet but that’s going to be remedied. Anyways, yesterday I posted up my favorite OTPs of 2015, now it’s on to my top characters of 2015. 120 more words

Swamplandia!, Karen Russell

Swamplandia! by Karen Russell

First Published: 2011

Pages: 316 (Paperback)
Form: Novel

In the Florida Everglades, gator-park Swamplandia! is in trouble. Its star performer, the great beauty and champion alligator-wrestler Hilola Bigtree, has succumbed to cancer, and Ava, her resourceful but terrified 13-year-old daughter, is left in charge with her two siblings.

720 more words

Swamplandia! by Karen Russell


I really wanted to love this book. I eyed it at B&N for over a year before I bought it. … 279 more words


Writing to a Rhythm

At the moment, I’m halfway through reading a new fantasy/romance novel. I won’t mention the title or author because I want to reserve judgement until I’m finished, but the book has made me think a great deal about rhythm in writing. 656 more words