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Cute as a buttonbush

In late June through late July, white floral bursts pepper the heavy green monolith of the summer swamp. Bees and butterflies hasten from bloom to bloom, gently lighting upon the yellow-tipped coronae of the radiant blossoms. 624 more words


Embarrased Pauline Hanson Admits To Self-Plagarisism

In an embarrassing admission after days of speculation, Senator Pauline Hanson has finally acknowledged that her maiden speech was accidentally plagiarised from her own earlier maiden speech delivered in 1996. 207 more words

The UnAustralian

Anarchy, Swamp, and Utopia - Jesse Walker

Archeologists offer a new look at a secretive settlement of runaway slaves.

In Seeing Like a State and The Art of Not Being Governed, the anthropologist and political scientist James C. 144 more words


Cleaning Service - Free Story

Cleaning Service

I smelt like the swamp. That’s what I remember the clearest about that night. A smell like bad eggs, mud and that organic rotting smell like a vegetable crisper drawer you forgot to clean out. 2,544 more words


Black Swan Meditation

In head to toe black evening attire,

and regal demeanour, 41 more words


Aguntaug Swamp - Westerly

At the end of Pound Road is one of the newest trails in the state. 69 more words

Nature Walks

Finzel Swamp: A brief stop at an ancient place

As an enthusiast of unique ecosystems, I maintain a running list of seemingly obscure destinations. Some places I travel to specifically, others I hope to visit as I pass. 677 more words