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Travel Guide 2017: Swamps – Putrid Holidaying Bliss!

The idea behind a holiday is to head off on your dream trip to your dream location and live in a dream for a good few days. 643 more words


A Tale of Two Swamps - Where is the boat?

We were met with a scene from the Marie Celeste.  The tents were there and we saw the guys’ personal belongings strewn around; we saw fisheries and boat gear everywhere; upturned pirogues and a small metal boat in the swollen waters of the lagoon below us.  533 more words


A Tale of Two Swamps - Lochinvar

So with the delays Ian was already thinking we were well behind schedule – but there was much worse to come.  The road to the west comes off at Monze very near to the  hotel.  392 more words


A Tale of Two Swamps - Kafue

This is where I came in.  One of these swamplands occurs just south west of Lusaka in Zambia.  The Kafue River rises in the industrial Copperbelt in the centre of Zambia – the first thing I ever remember seeing in Africa when I was heading to Zimbabwe on a jumbo jet in 1993.  311 more words


The Swamp

When I got into the car, he told me to call him Teddy Bear. It was 3:00 a.m. and I was hitchhiking. I was grateful when I saw the brake lights come on and the car stop about thirty feet from where I was standing. 2,771 more words

Navigating the burning Blue

So today, I let it all out at the beach. Alone. Expecting I’d feel better afterwards. I didn’t. It’s been some time coming. And If I were honest, I… 464 more words


#8 He Who Would Not Coach, 3rd of 3

Part V

And So He Laughs

2006, June

When Shane pulled in Monday morning, Marty was sitting in the screen tent waiting. While Marty spent the day with the kids, Adele spent the day alone reading, except for their shared lunch time. 6,424 more words