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Hunt for Falls: Snowy Edition

December 31, 2017

To close my Nikko trip, I went up north to just walk around. While looking at the map, I saw that there’s Yudaki falls and Ryuzu falls near each other, so I decided to stop at Yudaki and walk to Ryuzu. 141 more words


We picked up the new boat on Saturday in Baton Rouge and drove it home (carefully… South Louisiana roads aren’t in the best condition) with a UHaul. 381 more words

Leave sleeping gators be...

Or maybe not…

Local pond gator doin’ his thing. He’s started to get interested in my presence.

Here’s Wally out of the pond.

Pond gators (what I call the local boys) are quite common around my neighborhood – but they are still gators, wild and unpredictable. 71 more words


In Anticipation of Summer...

Just a short post for now to share some exciting news and a bit of a new direction for this blog.

For the past two days the weather has been¬†perfect here in New Orleans, almost unbearably so because we know what’s in store for us.¬† 710 more words

May 10, 2017/Morning in the Swamp

My father-in-law used to use the same phrase when he greeted people in the morning: “Morning in the swamp,” he’d say whenever we stayed overnight. Growing up in Minnosota as part of a farming family, he was used to getting up pretty early and dealing with the highs and lows of all sorts of weather and morning conditions. 334 more words

Returning the Water

Each month the Native Orchid Society of South Australia has a special speaker. April’s speaker was Mark Bachmann from Glenelg Nature Trust. He spoke on the… 218 more words

Australian Orchids