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Three Gorgeous (2015)

1. Swamps.
2. Cypress trees.
3. The rest of Louisiana.
To cause a stir-
Recently elected DEM Governor.


Whew...I think I am going to explode!

I know, I know – you’re thinking, “Jacque, why has it been so very long since your last post?” Well, I am here to tell you….because SO MUCH HAS BEEN GOING ON!! 476 more words


Gratitude Friday

It’s been a week y’all. I have definitely been burning the candle at both ends and my patience has been tested to the max this week. 331 more words


Great Egrets

Great Egrets are wonderful big white wading birds.  These regal-looking birds live and hunt around bodies of water such as ponds, lakes, marshes, and rivers.  They hunt for fish, frogs, tadpoles, crayfish, turtles, aquatic snails, ducklings, duck and goose eggs and sometimes land-based animals such as mice, lizards, and the occasional small snake. 71 more words

Bird Watching

Flood & Bullwinkle Pictures

Y’know, floods can actually be a really good time to take pictures, if you have tall enough boots. So, I took some pretty good pictures today, post almost-record-breaking-flood for our town. 98 more words


A Little Blue Heron

This Little Blue Heron was hunting for its dinner in the shallow waters on the marshland edge of Lake Sumter in The Villages, Florida at “Sunrise Point”. 147 more words

Bird Watching

No one notices the redness of certain flames.

He rounds the corner and
she is waiting, telling her
friend about the night
that she saw lightening, but
it was, truly, only a lightening… 33 more words